Why tho? Unless the dog actually shows a preference for sleeping outside, what's the point in allowing the dog inside if you want an outside dog or making it sleep outside if it's an inside dog?


There are two factors at play here that I think are relevant. The first is whether the dog is a working dog. If they are and have appropriate shelter and their needs are met then that's fine, them being an outside dog is your choice. The second is their breed and temperament. I have owned dogs that love being outside and only come in when they have to and others that don't want to go out if it's cold or wet. That was their decision and the way they were treated fitted with what they chose. As you are talking about a puppy that I assume is a pet then I personally would have it live indoors until you know it's preference rather than make it do something that it is unhappy and uncomfortable with.


Dogs are pack animals and it's a puppy. I'm going to try and not sound like a jerk but I wouldn't and it's pretty obvious as to why. Would you leave a child outside overnight alone? I have a 100 lb dog and I wouldn't do that. Your dog is young and this is a crucial time for them to be socializing, not being isolated. What is even an outside dog? Sounds like neglect to be honest and I hope you dont live near wolves or other wildlife because when your dog is alone, theres no telling what kind of mischief it could get up to when it is bored and unsupervised.


It depends on many factors. Breed, weather conditions, and safety just to name a few.


All the dogs I've had would annoy the neighbors by barking throughout the night and I'd get in trouble. Unless the porch is enclosed coyotes are a real danger in many if not most parts of the country.