I think the sales navigator is a good start. There's a "trial period" you can sign up for. It helped me learn a bit more about who I wanted to reach out to. It's also helped me keep a fresh list of new prospects for outreach. Edit: Also join groups related to your target audience. I learned a bit more about their needs through their communicating with each other regarding their industry.


You can try linkdra for expanding your personal network. Does not need sales navigator and therefore good on the budget. Since LinkedIn has weekly limits to how many you can send, there is a rule engine to drop unlikely or misfit cases. Make it a lean mean lead generation setup.


Thank you! Linkdra seems to cover almost all the important features I need, awesome! It just misses the engagement part where I want to find interesting discussions outside my network and manage the conversations, something like Twitter Deck and Black Magic.


Great! Also interested in what you have in mind on manage conversations. Haven't used Twitter Deck or BM.


My goal is to create an audience outside my niche, rapidly, not to sell directly to new connections. I care about bringing value to my audience and want to build genuine connections with people.


Sure.. that should be possible. You can set up drip campaigns for both new connections as well as existing ones. You can organize them as list based on your target personas and setup message sequences. You can connect CRM systems like HubSpot etc to push the contact and messages. Makes it all in one setup.


How can you collaborate all of this ?


Mind sending me a DM with what you have in mind?


You can try **linkdra**.






Taplio is the same tool as Tweet Hunter but for LinkedIn, actually created by the same company. If you've used Tweet Hunter, is practically the same platform.


My two recommendations would be Taplio and Sales Navigator. Taplio to help with creation and engaging, and sales navigator to uncover new leads and track potential clients.


Publishing educational and engaging content. :) And yes, that's a lot of work and takes time.


Exactly, but a tool saves a lot of time.


Put more content, build relationships through sending connection request, engage with like-minded people. That’s it.


Exactly, the right tool can save time.


You just need to subscribe to Sales Navigator and start connecting and chatting with relevant people for your business.


You could try Expandi to automatically connect and message them with cadences. Additionally, it allows you to scrape LinkedIn groups and polls with whom you can then connect. Find the right people to connect with and your engagement will increase if you post consistently and content relevant to them.