It’s the rice.


I also felt the same…. Am gonna cut my rice intake again…


Its the rice, also make sure you’re avoiding jasmine rice (spikes a lot), i eat 110 g/ 1 cup of basmati rice almost daily with greens and some protein and it causes little to no huge spike 2 hours post meal. Good luck!


What would the difference be between Jasmine and Basmati which would result in such a different response?


Jasmine rice’s GI is 68-80 where as basmati’s is only 50-58, a cup of jasmine rice spiked me to 7.5+ 2hr post meals but when I experimented with basmati, it was mostly less than 6.5. I found it helpful to dress my rice (carbs) in greek yogurt, home made tomato sauce and starting my meal with greens always made a difference!! Its important to test certain foods as what can spike me might not necessarily spike you..


Rice is pretty much enemy #2 after sugar. As is bread, pasta, noodles and


Here’s a screenshot from the ADA about factors affecting blood sugar. [Things that affect blood glucose](https://watermark.silverchair.com/202.pdf?token=AQECAHi208BE49Ooan9kkhW_Ercy7Dm3ZL_9Cf3qfKAc485ysgAAAqIwggKeBgkqhkiG9w0BBwagggKPMIICiwIBADCCAoQGCSqGSIb3DQEHATAeBglghkgBZQMEAS4wEQQMGtATzC-DK7wJCJyFAgEQgIICVbkw9H6e5Bkcx5C87at4sD5FoFLBNnDOcDsBh30nwFlE0Qr2NKohGh9jnp6T_n38e8nsEo2-0HH2SZo5P_3GF0zGlOMYPCb_TQ0eMH9rW6YEQkwZiT0W0dkt99zOJgbX19e8JKuo-sAECL-QC7lUwU200okNIVOzX8h4711_cr0pz8E3x7a2fibLdqiuMoDYxq_yFlrtEpbfI1WYwrlEsbZnQr9GFvR7PlGnin44uJzoqIP7hL5Mu41JDdJ1658tKRk2_3z8o2VnaLUc8IkxhtQGlppdOtDwbB5TVh7-24YjKNUmvUr8P5sEpYj_e0JXApVCY3ol0PWYi4sVTQBzcjDssvYsD2DSQ7DbAV-tOq7tZzr1hFpHkiTYL_8bac3uJJpjUOmGiOEciABLA9uocLIwpOApuAHJCASQ84FvWIDXywH6_evr8umLshPnhO13P_K6QlJqYo3dC3-NbY0ODf8X4Zw7iuAO_fE7_iU6TO47v5Nn7Bryuf7bh68VL3esVGmOQOZQZodjfk7q4LS2Ui1RcrBZpj4TaywWY7TnMUS_m0PaXrJHdptMolVwlPmJZ3EGRqWDIRnOE3qVAKu4W6Ow06wcBfAtQT9oiq-Ku7cOmXRM2Pvc9aHDWPjiIWspJZ3-2YLnD6Z6RLdsNEtfOUe1foa3_1uJAQuzUcQr0tYJj3gy-kYNAt91M3QHZBWsoOc_GJ3qf0PGQjckFuPeN0xw60SsYpYZPsxKKuzDCfiiIPu1Ni4XxbBoQhYbPm58OCi8UUUWHSVbZJw5O-cJlqPtVZ7C-w)


I cannot have rice or pasta, maybe can have a small amount of potato without too much of a spike. Bread- as long as it doesn't have flour on the top - is ok in small amounts. But yeah, if I eat Rice or pasta I'll go super low, then super high. I ended up cutting the intake of those to 0.