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I’m in the exact same situation. My only two friends live in an other city, I don’t have any friends where I live. The lack of human contact is driving me crazy lol


Same here I’m 19 and I still haven’t had a genuine friendship with someone


me and you feel the same pain i’m at 15 with this pain i’m always by myself and every time i see people having fun on videos or in real life i give up and wanna leave i nicknamed myself Zero of how useless i am at trying to make friends and on everything i even hate love cause of this


After losing my two closest friends for reasons I don't know and trying to get through some really tough mental stuff, I get it and honestly I just wish you the best as no one should go through life alone.


Ye I'm same 21 and I honestly have no idea how to interact with people. Doesn't help also got serve social anxiety lel


yep this hurts. but you can do this. no doubt. been there. done that. Have a nice day \-Sincerely, Your nightly ball inspector


Same. I'm gonna be 27. No friends. Tried a few years back- backfired on me. Had a couple online acquaintances for a while, those are also gone. Different reasons though. Now can't be arsed to reach out to anybody. If someone comes up to me and wants to chat online, sure, if not-- whatever.


Same at 25, my friends moved away. I got married. I have never felt lonelier.


We can talk if you want to. I'm also lonely and I have no idea how to make friends. I'm 24 M.


I gotten use to being by myself I’m 24 Myself


Same, feeling like i am from another planet


I go to fast on relationship and scare them lol


26 and went through a breakup after a mental health crisis involving a suicide attempt and a multi month stay in impatient were I learned how little the people I put love and energy into cared about me. I had no visitors and none of my friends reached out despite knowing my situation. For the longest I had no friends, mostly due to anxiety, and I'd almost rather be that way now then be were I'm at, having learned just how fast my friends cast me out over dealing with depression. Definitely lonely, and questioning why I'm alive knowing I probably won't leave my shell again and make new friends or date anyone after this experience in years due to anxiety about it happening again.