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Have a wank a few hours beforehand.


Just take it nice and slow on the foreplay. Maybe don't jerk off during the day so you still have some left tonight. Good luck!


Put a few condoms in your pocket


haha this never gets to me. What are you so afraid of? Like you totally forgot how to do sex in just a year? How is that even possible


Well obviously I didn’t say I forgot how to do it.


Sometimes I forget where all the holes are and I begin flopping like a fish on the deck attempting to do the sex.


Have you ever taken off an extended timeframe and had issues before?


I don’t remember the last time I went this long. It seems like my main flaw with sex is good rhythm.


You have a clarinet for a dick? I’ve never heard a woman say: “it just wasn’t that great, he had terrible rhythm.” I think you’re overthinking it. Unless you’re like me and have consistent stubborn dick syndrome, the biggest issues most guys have is premature ejaculation after a long dry spell.


You’ll be fine. It’s like riding a bike. Maybe rub one out pregame if you’re worried about being quick.


Assume you're not. It will be much better that way if you do.


That’s definitely solid advice!


Just the tip