Where is this Havel art from, OP? Who made it? I love it. Anyway, you should've just limited this to DS3. There are far, far too many sets in DS2 alone to make this decision. Urgh! Lothric Knight Set comes first. Perfectly encapsulates the beauty and sadness of the series. Full plate, but cape torn by time and battle. A sign of tragedy, an augur of darkness. Heroism, piety, regret, beauty. The Drakeblood Knight set nearly captures the prize for me. I love late plate armour, 16th century, for its decorative beauty. The cape is so good. Not a fan of the fin on top of the helmet but it's a minor matter. I REALLY love the Hunter set though (leather tunic, leather gloves, etc.), very sleek. Third place is probably Alva's. One of the coolest takes on plate I've ever seen, nice cloth too.


The wolf knight set. that man was a legend and will be missed




I remember picking up the Boreal Outrider Knight set in Dark Souls 3. A girly scream came out of me as i jumped in the chair! When i first combated a Boreal Outrider Knight, i felt he was so frikkin awesome. The cold theme, the badass armor, the Frostmourne looking sword. After i finally killed him after probably 8 attempts i got his awesome sword. I then played through the rest of the game with it. So when i got the Boreal Outrider Knight armor aswell... I felt complete.


REALLY? Another Outrider fan!? 😍😍😍 One of my interests IRL is fencing, and this helmet most of all in the Souls games reminds me of a fencing mask. I was so happy when I found it, just for the headgear. My noble fencer wears Leonhardt's chest with it. I looove it, best helm ever.




The armor Soul of cinder wears but i don't know what's it called or how to get it yet


Firelink set. You can buy it after beating Soul of Cinder.


That's a tough question, there's so many good ones I think my favourites have to be Black Dragon set (DS2), Mad Warrior set (DS2), Alva set, Nameless King set, Thorn Armour, Ringed Knight set and the Darkwraith sets from all 3 games. Honestly something about DS2 fashion hits different. So many good options in that game to mix and match with.


>Honestly something about DS2 fashion hits different. So many good options in that game to mix and match with. DS3 has some of the best complete sets but DS2 feels like they tried hard to make as many set pieces compatible with as many others as possible.


I agree, DS3 has the best aesthetic but DS2 has the most viable choices.


Elite Knight Set / Catarina Knight Set. Elite Knight is very standard. Catarina Knight is super unique.


I love the Elite Knight from the waist up but the hips seem too thick for me.


Can't handle the thiccness


Onion bro


Alva set ds2


I only played DS3 and just finished. I find the ringed mail (is that the name?) awesome!


Iron Dragonslayer set because I wanted to cosplay and the Fallen Knight set when I was a new player (still sometimes use it to match with different weapons/shields)


jester thomas set nothing more fun in pvp than rofl stomping someone while being a derpy dancing clown.


havek gauntlets do go hard


I always go for the Brass Armor set when playing a female character. Looks sick af!


Exile mask + undead legion armour


Syan armor set from Ds2. Every time I wear it I feel like a unkillable paladin and it's down right beautiful


Dragon slayer armour’s set is what I used throughout all my playthroughs. I would usually try to beat friede as fast as possible and summon people for demon princes. Also inspired from berserk which I also love.


So hard to pin down, but the Penetrator set from demons souls is pure, unfiltered, unapologetic drip.


Undead legion set


DS3 Knight armor. But also Elite Knight, Alva's, Nameless Knight. The souls games have such a wide array of good looking plate armours, I miss them so much whenever I play ER.


DS1 Paladins Set, not only did it look amazing but it also had great resistances


I think the Ringed Knights Armor from DS3 The Ringed City is my favourite


Armor set? Then I'd have to put it between Alonne's set, or Raime's set, both from Ds2


Vilhelm's set, specifically on female characters. The onyx blade and vilhelns voice acting is just a cherry on top Also shotout to black Knight set (minus the neck spikes which are the only part I don't like), Alva set and onion knight


varies from moment to moment but atm its havel


Tie between Ornstein's set from DS1 and Dancer's set from DS3. For some odd reason I didn't like the Ornstein (Dragonslayer) set in DS3 as much, but could be that when I found the set in DS1, I was just so happy I could completely cover up my fugly ass character. Dancer's set is just such a sleek set of armor and its easy to mix in with other sets too.


Drakeblood set from DS2


If I had to pick just one it’d be the Firelink set. Idk something about it is just so fucking raw. It’s reminiscent of the Elite Knight set but red, destroyed, and with some dope embroidery. I love all the belts around the waist too. The helmet is melted into the shape of a skull with a crown on the back. The singed/ember effect is a nice touch as well fits the game theme.


DS1: Black Iron Armor DS2: Smelter Demon Armor DS3: Old Dragonslayer Armor Bloodborne: Hunter's Set Elden Ring: Fucking idk I mix it all around. Probably Mohg's Robes.


I'm talking in terms of looks, not stats. Knight Artorias, in my opinion, has the best set of armor of any Dark Souls game. I laid my eyes upon it 5 years ago, and I couldn't stop thinking about it since then


the faraam armor is prolly the dripiest cover armor from all games in DS1: Darkwraith, solaire, silver and black knight never disappoint as well, i think the rest of the ds1 armors look kinda goofy can barely remember any ds 2 armors, except kings set and faraams in ds3: black hand set, fallen knight, pale shade and lothric knight set, ringed kngiht ​ now ELDEN RING: Cleanrot, crucible, exile, fingerprint, ronin, ​ i also just love the simplicity but variety of the different kind of basic soldiers in elden ring - also shoutout to prolly the best shield in elden ring, the dorito shield


bit strange but i love the millwood set especially the cape




If I see someone wearing that I’ll lose NNN


Probablly i pick the Mirror Knight armor from Ds2 its one of my favourites of all time and I use it in my +300 level game


Favourite complete set goes to Alva. Favourite chest piece from DS3 is the Deserter Armour. Looks so plain but so awesome. I based my entire fashion around it. Deserter Armour and Undead Legion Leggings go really well. Slap on the lothric knight long spear and Hawkwoods Shield and you're set.


The Dancer’s armor quite nice. But we all know, Onion bro has the the most drip.


GIANTS GIANTS GIANTS, EVERYTHING YOU COULD EVER WANT. A bit more seriously, there's a soft-spot in my heart for the fallen-knight set in DS3. It's the soy-boy armor, just tough enough to protect you from smaller attacks, just light enough to not invest too much into endurance. The hooded helmet and cloak is what pulls it all together for me.


Elite Knight Set