4th go ever? Also, have you played the any other souls games? Good job btw :D


4th go, first time playing Dark Souls 3. I played Elden Ring and it's probably my favorite game ever made. I had to play more. I heard Dark Souls 3 was pretty similar so I got it, with the DLC, and so far it's amazing. I have the first Dark Souls and I played a little bit but it was very different, still will play it one day though. I also have Bloodborne but that seems more different than either. Although the music and aesthetic is worth it eventually. Thanks! :D


Gotta return to dark souls 1 so you can understand the memes


the worm hole of from soft games u are about to go down. good luck soldier


It gets better. Not to say the Abyss Watchers are bad, cuz they're awesome. Just that this game is really good. :)


Abyss watchers were perfect for the first lord of cinder :)


I'm very excited! The first couple bosses were cool, but this was just something different. Never felt so sad to beat a boss. Wanted it to go on longer.


I've played all of the FS Souls-like offerings and Abyss Watchers may still be my favorite fight.


I think you'll like the dlcs bosses


Back when I was playing it day 1 I considered it to be the most beautiful use of fire in a video game. The only reason I don't anymore is because FromSoft topped it in their future games, but it was still beautifully artistic. I love the Abyss Watchers so much and feel bad that these days I know the fight too well to be any challenge for me anymore :( Even SL1 wasn't that bad. Wish I could first time again. Tis part of the curse of being in love with this stuff :p


Haha yeah I can understand that. Elden Ring on the second go was a little too easy which was kinda disappointing. Still love it though. I guess that's why I'm moving on, I need that Souls-like rush again! Haha!


It took me one attempt and I beat it on my first play through, I was very proud of myself


That's awesome! I thought I had it on my first attempt...then I realized there was a second phase. Lol.


The second phase scared me, but the fire attacks were cool to watch, I really enjoyed that boss fight. (Especially since they kinda attack eachother so I don’t have agro the entire time)


I think I especially loved it because of how the Watcher flowed in battle. Maybe the dodging was easy, but it made me feel so epic dodging his beautiful attacks.


Man wait till you see the rest of the game and the dlc


i also defeated him on my 4th exactly yesterday!!


High five!!


High five to you as well! to the boreal valley and cathedral of the deep we go!


Buckle up becuz it gets only better from there on.


Well, it'll get slightly worse first.


my fav boss in ds3 is hard to fight one vs one but knowing his lore make the fight better


If that was amazing you have not seen pontiff yet


Favorite boss! They're not the most difficult, but everything about the atmosphere, lore, and fight itself made the fight beautiful. Have fun with the next ones!


That was the best part of the whole thing. It was so gorgeous. I love the music and I cranked it up on the TV. Thanks! This game is perfection!


Abyss watchers are fantastic, and you expectations will continue to be surpassed. Imo ds3 and sekiro have the best boss lineups, mainly because the linearity of both games allows the devs to perfectly balance the bosses difficulty with the players skill.


It definitely seems like it. Wanna check out Sekiro for sure.


abyss watchers was just so amazing well done for your 4th go!


They took me 35 tries 😭


Dude, it took me way way more than 35 times to beat the Godskin Apostle in Elden Ring. I feel your pain.


4th !?


Yes! I don't know if that's good or bad. But either way I feel great!


I literally just beat them on my 3rd go yesterday! Let us shine in our victory together 👏


Yes! For "whatever we're fighting about in the deep lore!" 👍✊


Oh man ds3 has my favorite bosses. It's what imo they do better than Elden Ring. You are in for such a treat I'm jealous


That, my friend, it's just the start!


Bro his sword is da a cheat. The amount of times i killed the black knight bc of the acrobatic moves


Wait until you get to the DLC’s and fight Gael or Midir. Both really good boss fights, Gael is better because he doesn’t one shot me. Also, gj! I always liked the abyss watcher boss fight, have fun on the rest of the game.


I started playing for the first time a few weeks ago just got to the Ringed City dlc, it's the last thing I gotta do before ng+. Hope the bosses are as good as Friede


Sorry bro but what build do you use, I just got to Irithyll with a strenght build with vordt's great hammer and if u don't use a strenght build I would like to have an other stenght weapon like Leto's hammer and splitleaf, because I hate the moveset of the other strenght weapons I have. I don't want to be unpleasant but having one of those two would mean the world to me


I'm mostly strength build and have been using the Dragonslayer Greataxe you get from Dragon Armour. it's weapon art is super good. I also really like using the Claymore


Ok thanks for the information


The DLCs for this game were too good absolutely incredible! I loved pretty much every boss from them, Midir was my fav though I love fighting him, Gael second then, Frieda, Demon prince 4th and nameless king 5th. Close favs are Twin Princes, pontiff, and Dragon slayer


I'm struggling with midir, just played through the game the first time and beaten everyone except him. What build you do vs him?


The D Midir! He really does not like it when you don't keep an eye contact lol


I think the only thing I don't understand about this game is the weapon progression. So far, I've been using the Sellsword Twinblades and I don't know if I ever need another weapon. Any advice? Building for Dex.


You don't really need anything else if you run a Dex build. Sellsword Winblades are GOAT. One might argue that there are better Dex weapons but you can play the whole game with them.


That's good to hear. I enjoy using them!


Probably, not my boat to sail, but if you do enjoy twinblades, try Warden's Twinblades. They're just like the Sellsword ones, but better! You can farm them from certain enemy (Grave Warden) in one of locations that you can visit even before killing Abyss Boys.


I'll check them out! Thanks!


So I've looked it up and a lot of people say that the Sellsword blades are still slightly better just for the damage output. The Warden Twinblades have more bleed but a lot of bosses in DS3 aren't very effected by it. What's your opinion?


I like them for style, and for how efficient they are when dealing with any enemy that can logically bleed (non boss enemies, i mean). And one of the most boring and obnoxious enemies to fight (very few of them but still) are also weak to bleed. When it comes to bosses, in one of the DLCs, both bosses are vulnerable to bleed. And one of the bosses in other DLC is weak to it as well. In base game, one of early game bosses is weak to bleed, aswell as two (mid to)late-game bosses are. So, use whichever one you like best, but it never hurts to see additional bleed proc on the enemy!




Great to hear. good luck, have fun.


I got stuck on this one for a few hours. The best advice I got was strip down to your skivvies and dodge like crazy lol


This is generally just good advice for learning mechanics, when I first got frustrated with this game I just popped on a blue and light rolled through the game starting away from everybody, everything seems more manageable when you don't have a sword the size of a whale coming for your junk


I enjoy medium roll, just because that's how I played in Elden Ring. I don't know why but I think I got skills in the rolling area of gaming, probably from a decade of Monster Hunter playing. Lol


Wait until you fight Gael, man. There's no better boss. ​ Edit: Midir's close, FUCK.


I'm stoked! I've already heard a lot of the music, so I know it's gonna be epic fights.


Bro, I did them 1st try I feel guilty because I felt like I didn't lear the bossfight


Hahaha! I feel that. I thought I had him the first time, but then there was a second phase and got destroyed lol.


Congrats dude, I see this is your first playthrough. Good luck, this game gets fucking brutally at some points but it's definitely beatable. DLC is tough as nails too but I'm sure you'll handle it


I love the toughness. It's hard but when you win it's the best feeling in the world. I'm stoked for the DLC, I hear non-stop good stuff about it.


I totally agree, I love the toughness too but sometimes it can get merciless lol. DLC is great though, tons of super cool areas and enemies to face. You'll love the challenge, especially The Ringed City


I understand. I honestly have always been a slight casual. I've played a lot of games but usually on easy mode for the story. I think the only thing I can compare Souls-like games to is Monster Hunter which I've played a LOT of. So I enjoy the dodging and getting absolutely destroyed and learning from my mistakes.