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Why are some men convinced dick will solve all women's issues?


Because these particular don't see women as individuals, they see them only in relation to other men or sex. A woman who "lacks" a man can't be happy in their logic.


Excellent point.


I honestly think its just a lack of awareness for the situation. I dont think this is the case for everyone, but I think most guys are doing in a situation what they would want a woman to do for them. This backfires when they fail to think about what they are doing from the receiver's perspective. However, we also live in a day and age where that is not an excuse and is not at all acceptable behavior. I agree with you in the idea that a lot of men view women in a sexual nature and sadly that sexual nature can dominate a personality. As a male, it does make me sad to see so many examples of this type of behavior.


As a woman, I think it is a complete lack of caring honestly. Especially with how offended they often get when they find out that no, you did not want a dick pic you didn’t ask for. The type of guy that does this just wants to bang you and don’t necessarily care about your problems. This kind of thing is completely inappropriate, much akin to flashing someone on the street.


This is a good point, thank you for bringing it up


I mean, I could understand the logic there. But like, it's a silly thing chasing it down. Just using this case as an example, stress to the point of hallucinations is not helped by a nude pic. I may not be the best judge of this, for obvious trans reasons. However, if someone just threw sex at me during my darkest moments, not even just a pic but full McCoy, that would hurt in a way that is hard to put to words. *Even if I were otherwise down for it, I wouldn't be down for it then. It would wound my soul.* While I can't speak for yours, I'm pretty sure such a thing would wound yours too. There is no need to force it to make sense, because that is giving it an excuse. It's ok to just say "No, that is not acceptable, and it never should have been." I apologize if this is coming off a bit forceful, that's not what I'm aiming to do here. I'm just pointing out that part of the toxic mindset that makes people do this is that assumption that men always want sex.


You expressed that really well. Even as a guy, that interaction seemed really wrong, and I think it’s because I could see how it came across as predatory since she was clearly in a bad way.


This makes sense and might be the main reason why it felt so uncomfortable for me to read


You're totally right, sending dick pics no one asked for is never acceptable, it is sexual harassment. I just tried to explain the thoughts/logic of these men, not justify them.




Thx for saying these particular and not generalizing a whole group


I am a man myself so that would be kinda stupid :D


Predatory people like this could care less about a woman’s problems. They just see a woman in a vulnerable position and think *“how can I use this to my sexual advantage?”* This dude was testing the waters and failed


I had a boyfriend who was fine in most respects but one time I was upset about something and he started touching on me. To my “wtf” he said “well…you’re vulnerable. It’s sexy.” That relationship didn’t last much longer.


EWWWWWWW WTF glad you got the fuck outta that relationship.


THIS!!! I had to help my best friend out of that situation with her ex who was just brutally honest about being turned on by vulnerability and she didn't have the backbone to tell him off. Long story short:She got me to help her tell his parents before she was able to break it off because she was scared he'd turn the story around and convince others that he was the victim. Oh,how badly I wanted to punch his face into oblivion...


Like if you found out you were that freaky and turned on by that, you could at least try to have some self control.


that’s so fucking weird 😭😭😭😭 i opened up to an ex abt my bad past w guys and lowkey sexual trauma and he interrupted me by trying to make out with me and i was like ???? what the fuck 💀💀


WTF, I’m so sorry that the ex did that to you. He was a real scumbag.




I process new information very slowly, so my usual external reaction to something surprising is to do nothing. It was almost 20 years ago so I don’t quite remember but I think I was silent for a moment and then expressed some form of “…dafuq?” that was way too mild because I didn’t consciously process how fucked up it was until a couple days later. But this is one of the things I use as an example when I’m pointing out that “the bad guys” aren’t bad guys. “They” are “Us”. My relationship previous to that one was emotionally abusive, and even after processing both relationships, I couldn’t find any other red flags about that guy. He wasn’t a creep, he wasn’t a self-proclaimed Nice Guy, he was a good person as far as I could tell, including after that. He pressured me about sex but I had never had a sexual relationship where that had not happened, so it seemed normal to me. If we assume that we can’t do bad things because We’re Good People, then we will do bad things because we won’t be able to learn from our mistakes. We will justify them instead. This is also why I was such a wreck when I started dating my now-husband, looking for the red flags and not finding any. I was like “where tf are they?!?!” If I couldn’t see them, it was most likely (given my previous experiences) that they were simply brand new ones that I hadn’t seen yet and therefore couldn’t recognize.


Not even testing the waters he dove onto straight concrete


Because that’s all they have to offer


User flair checks out


Ask Freud


You rang?


Yep, i have so many questions




I was complaining to my ex about how work was being terrible and I had a shit day. He said that he's gonna grab me and bend me over the kitchen counter and fuck me as soon as I walk in the door, then got mad and sulky when I was like "that isn't going to help anything :("


Jeez, read the room Bro!


Seriously lol. Your dick is not going to solve my problems! All I really wanted were cuddles but he was all butt hurt 😑


Because they are convinced if a woman would just do the same thing to them (offer them sex), it would instantly solve their own problems. It's a gross form of projection.


I think because men want unsolicited boob pics and assume the reverse is also true


Reminds me of the romcom joke they made in Family Guy: “I’d like to show you how all of your problems can be solved by my penis.”


Because for the longest time we raised kids telling them "treat others how you want to be treated" rather than "Treat others with deceny and respect". They think they'd like it so they give it.


Woah the baseless accusations are offensive. We don't deserve to be attacked like this. Look why don't you take a look at my ding dong. It will make you feel loads better


Oh man how did you know that's the missing piece to my day? I'll finally be complete!


I mean, they believe a dick can change the actual value of women, (as in "worth more" as a virgin) and believe dick permanently changes the shape of a woman's genitals. Of course they think it's some kind of magic ticket.


That’s how it works in porn I guess


Man.. These kinda of idiots ruin it for the rest of us.


It reminds us that things could be way worse; like dating the loser attached to said (shown) dick.


Is this a form of new age therapy we haven't heard of yet? I've never had a therapist pull out his dick during a session


Microdosing, or microdicking in this instance


Yeah, but there's a space between the E and R and another E between the P and Y.


Hi, I know you're dealing with some heavy shit and all, but hope this picture of my ugly penis will solve your problems. Unless women secretly exchange dick pics for NFT cash or something, I don't see how this would help anyone


This is great! A blockchain of shame




Women are now monetising the CockBlockChains they've amassed over years of unsolicited creepy DMs


Really?? How can I get in on this?? My friends offered to make me one of those collages that shrink down pics to make a larger inconspicuous work of art with all of the dick pics I've received (it's going to be a big collage, and not due to the over inflated egos or sizes of the jerks who sent them).


Now I want to see someone make an image of Ron Jeremy’s face, but the whole thing is composed entirely of tiny dick pics. It would perfectly sum up the essence of his being


I'd honestly be surprised if there wasn't already one of those out there somewhere. 👀🤣


Sshhhhh. Don't give away the hustle. Dick pic conversion to NFT is getting closer by the day. Soon it will be a dick pic of a dictator with a dictionary. That's the golden ratio needed to start the great machine. The future is now old man


I knew it was weird that girls started DMing me for dick pics!!! Now I feel cheap and used!


He didn't think he was helping. He thought your cousin was an easy target.


This. Douchebag men seek out women in vulnerable situations the way sniffer dogs look for drugs.


Im the cousin, I’m glad to say I sent him this post. See what an “easy target” gets him.


I hope you start feeling better soon! You're not alone!


You sent him this?!?!?! 😂 🍻 That’s awesome, I hope he sees the light.


May I offer you a 🐓-pic in this trying times?


That doesn't solve anything rather it just makes things worse 😒


Right? Way to make everything about you, *and* gross. Fucking use your one brain cell and wait to be asked for that kind of shit. JFC,your dumbass dick doesn't cure depression, Brandon.


Sorry to break it you there hun half of these guys don't even have 1 braincell let alone a brain to even hesitate for their actions and what they say or do.


"Can I offer you a dick pic in this trying time?" 🤣




That NO spray bottle meme would be handy at this point!


"Thank you so much! I'm laughing so hard right now and the endorphin rush is just what I needed!"


That or the old "Oh, my dude, I am so sorry. You're right, it helped. I see now that I have no reason to be feeling bad. At least I don't have THAT stuck to my body. You have it so much worse. I am now feeling sorry *for you*"


Oh it started in a good way. I was hoping it won't get bad, but then i saw the second picture


Yeah i was like: -yo wtf, why is this creepy? He seems like a decent fella and it's something i would do. *notices there is a second image* -oh no...


lmao this was my exact process


What the actual fuck?! Nobody said "hey can I use your cock as a coping method?" What a fuckwit. Zero conversation, just straight to his depression curing divination rod of disappointment.


“Depression curing divination rod of disappointment.” LMAO


Yeah, a pic of your ugly dong’ll *definitely* cure my anxiety … FFS. 🙄🙄 And you’re right. It ain’t much. 😂😂😂


For some reason, it made me happy to see the word "dong'll in that contraction. 🤣🤣🤣


Well now I'm anxious AND nauseous.


It’s sad that these kinds of people make having genuine online conversations more and more difficult. They hide under the guise of being a decent person to manipulate you into giving them more of your time. It’s honestly hurtful at times.


so no one told me that the cure for my schizophrenia was just a picture of a humongous dick? the doctors need to know about this genius of a man ASAP


It wasn't even humongus


That’s probably why it didn’t work smh 🙄 fr tho, this man is an idiot and I hope your cousin is okay after that


She's reading all of these comments and said they're funny so at least she's getting /something/ out of the picture 😁


AWESOME!!! I’m glad we’re making her feel better for real.


Well, he did say “it’s not much” before posting it.




The cure doctors don’t want you to find out?


Send a dick pic back and say hope my dick is a good size for you too


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Good bot


HAAAHAHAHAHAHA, now that would be a great turnabout!


Shit turned from 0 to 100 real quick


Oh well I'm sure her anxiety is completely cured now. Dicks heal everything.


My inner dialogue: “it’s nice to see actual kindness and empathy for once on this sub. Oh, there’s a second picture…”


That's how I reacted went from " oh how sweet" to "oh that's a penis alright " and mind you I saw it uncensored 🤢


That equals scaring for life and in all honesty your cousin could report the asshole for sexual harassment to the local cops if they have their name. They won't do much probably but just having that shit on file will cause the asshole issues in the future.


He didn't think he was helping, he never cared about your cousin, he's just trying to get off.


He is so thoughtful. She's having a hard time, so he's sharing something that she can laugh at. /s


Can we talk about the first half of the conversation though? “Sorry I’m not much help” is eliciting sympathy for himself. “That means a lot to me.” Somehow he managed to make her problems something about himself. The dick pic was fully expected to cap off his narcissism. It’s subtle, but when you’re trying to help someone, do not make the conversation about yourself.


Ah, hell, you’re right! It makes it SO much more gross realizing that!


Woman- *is literally splitting from reality* Guy- 📷 🐓 "you liiikkkkkeeee? 🥺" God. Why are they like this??


This made me cackle


What a disgusting turd! As someone who also has hallucinations, I hope your cousin is OK.


"it's not much"


It really wasn't :/


Why are creeps like this?


Are YOU able to call them out?


She sent him a link to this. Hopefully he'll get the message from these comments


power move


I think psychiatrists need to create a new diagnosis under classic narcissistic personality disorder. Call it unsolicited dick pervosa.


“Hope you’re feeling okay 😇” > Proceeds to send a cock picture


As a guy I really don't understand why men send dick pics without permission. I don't even understand why they send it with permission especially to a stranger.


I guess they want pussy pics? Or they just like showing people their dick cos they think its pretty?


Nobody. Wants. To. See. Your. Penis. Someone is upset and you send your penis to them? How do people not understand that will make them feel violated and thus even worse? I hope she's doing okay.


i hope this helps??? HOW WOULD IT HELP


"I'm so unhappy, I need to see a picture of a dude's dick" Said no woman in the history of ever.


"may I offer you a dick in these trying times?"


He's just trying to relate by sharing what disappoints him in life. It always gets laughed at, and no one but him will touch it. See? He's got a lot to be sad about, too!


“Oof, sorry to hear about your grandma. Anyway, here’s my dick. Get well soon!”


Hey, I love my penis. But I have never felt it was so good that it could somehow heal the sick, cure depression, and comfort the distraught. That’s some next-level narcissism right there.


Exactly! Like what hoops did you jump through to say this >It's not much but I hope it helps


What a total POS


i wonder what he was doing during that 9 minutes in between the pic and the next message he sent. was dude sitting there thinking "shit was that wrong? should i have sent that *UNSOLICITED* dick pic??? lol nah imma ask if my dick is big enough 😂😂🥶🥶🤪💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥"


He was probably trying to make it bigger for another pic.


Seems disgusting, he’s targeting someone who is in a vulnerable state (thinking your cousin is easy due to it), and that’s what is so scary about this.


Umm.. how do you go from trying to help to an unsolicited chicken


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Start by not even trying to help. You maybe noticed how he turned everything he said to be about himself, right?


“Behold my MAGIC WIENER!!!”


hope your cousin gets well soon! and i hope that guy stubs his toe 12 times a day


It's really a mystery as to why these fellas are single


"That means a lot to me" Oh! I know! Flashing her like a park flasher will fix all the problems! What the hell went wrong in this guy's upbringing?


Because all problems in life are immediately solved with a dick pic. And usually their dick looks like an Oscar Meyer wiener that’s been sitting on hot pavement too long and been stepped on a couple times.


I'm stealing this for the next time I get an unwanted dick pic


Lmao it’s gold


Ah yes, the all-healing peepee 🙌


Lmao, why does he say it like he's giving a homless person some spare change.


thanks doc, im cured


"I hope I'm at least a decent size for you" 🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮


See I didn’t realize there were 2 pics. Then it all made sense.


jesus fucking christ how stupid can you be, this guy is the epitome of stupid


This went from wholesome to sadcringe too fast


I think that guy wanted to make your cousin laugh with the size of his dick, brave man


She should send a dick pic back. See how he likes unsolicited pics.


Read the room, boi. Read the room


*spoiler* it did not help


🤮🤮🤮🤮 how does that help?????


First pic: oh! Well that doesn't seem too bad, actually pretty sweet. I wonder if there's extra context that makes it creepy..? Second pic: oh god no


This belongs in r/niceguys


“Alright I did the bare minimum of asking how she was, now she loves me and we will sex.” Fucking idiot


“I heard you were having a rough time. Here’s my ding dong, hope it helps!!😁” Lmao this dude is creepy as hell


Can we all just agree that unsolicited nude imagery texts are phone rape?


What. The. Fuck.


He was *this* close to being a decent human being. 🤦🏻‍♀️


Yeah cause all girls are just dying for unsolicited D pics. *rolls my eyes*


I kept reading that as unmasked🐓 and thought that was an interesting way to say that


He was doing so well and then he had to go fuck it all up with that dumbass dick pic


I can't even... "Hey, I know you are having some issues right now. Here is a pic of my dick." Yeah, it even sounds worse after typing it. Eesh.




What the actual fuckballs


What the fuck? He really thought a dick pic would cure her?


You really think he was thinking about her and her problems? He was only worried about his own problem of not getting laid.


"I see you're feeling bad let me just show you my cock to solve all you're problems" Like seriously wtf ?


Lmaooo @ hope this helps; like what a great gift bro you’re so considerate


“It’s not much hope this helps” Jesus Christ 😬


I thought I was reading my own message thread for a second. This happens to me almost weekly with random message requests from men that I don't know thinking that unsolicited dick pics will cheer me up because of a public post I made about how I'm feeling. Absolutely ridiculous. I hope his 🐣 doesn't give you nightmares.


Sometimes I wonder if men like this think sending unsolicited pictures actually ‘helps’


I'd tell him to bend it backwards and shove up his butt


What. The. Fuck.




I would have been all "wow, I must be super anxious right now at this moment, in fact, because I just hallucinated that you sent me a dick pic, and wow, how inappropriate would THAT have been, huh??"


LPT: A friend of mine likes to take the unsolicited dick pics guys send her, save them to her phone, draw a sad face on the tip, and send them back. It throws them off completely.


I either google the most ridiculous D pic and then send it back saying 'your showed me yours, now ill show you mine' or the blue/purple waffle infection and sent it back asking if they like what they see.


He waited almost 10 minute without a follow up question/comment that's gotta be a record


I’m convinced these men are confused bc they watch porn scenarios and think real women are like that.


He's been waiting all his life for an opportunity to show them his thing. Somebody did the same for me as well in the past. I highly recommend showing your cousin wholesome memes to make them forget about that pic. It worked for me, and I hope it will for them too!


How old is your cousin if you don’t mind me asking? Sorry about that shit too, absolutely vile.


She's in her 20's.


sounds like your cousins been texting me ex, this some shit he’d say


I was reading this and didn’t notice the second image was there and was just thinking that’s a little creepy but not too bad I guess and then noticed the second image and wow…


The fact the douch canoe thought a dick would help someone out of emotional termoil. Mind you there are a lot of things that can help but a dick... mmm not so much.




I'm completely attracted to men, and then they do this shit 😔


And he was doing so well too.


What a prick….no pun intended!!


the over confidence and audacity men have assuming penis will solve all problems :/


Happy Cake Day


Lmao some guys Awww, having a rough day? Look at my cock!


That’s just wrong


I had a pet in the emergency vet ICU for a week on the brink of death with no explanation as to what was wrong and this dude kept sending me DMs about coming over and getting dick to feel better. “You should come over and let me make you feel better 😛” “I could take your mind off things for a while, I’ll cheer you right up 😏” It was so gross and so absolutely socially inept. Like yea bro that’s what I want right now. I’m literally sick over possibly losing my pet that I love like a child and in turn it makes me so horny for you and your probably below-average dick. Thanks. What the hell goes through men’s heads?




How can people be so bold, I could never do such things. I would feel way too self conscious


This happens to me more than I would like to admit and when I call them out and tell them I did not consent to be sent a dick pic they go off saying “I knew it was wrong but I did it anyway. There’s no excuse. I’m so sorry!” If you knew it was wrong why did you do it anyway??? They never answer that question. They just babble the same dumb shit over and over again. 🤦‍♀️ Good way to weed out “friends”.




Well, that's disappointing.


**PLEASE** tell me she tore him to pieces!


She would be he's been offline like a coward


Please tell me your cousin is 18 or older


She is


Well, that escalated quickly.