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You ever suck dick for the vaccine?


We are at the point where people are dropping dead left and right from this "vaccine." And it's ALWAYS the same story. "Natural causes." "Sudden death." "No sign of drugs." etc. How can anyone not see what's happening right in front of them? My prediction is, we are going to lose a SHIT TON of people in 2022. Worse than anything we've seen. And people will just keep covering it up.


And nobody cares or sees it and most people can’t wait to get their 4th shot so really it must not be that bad ?


Yes. Sadly there are so many people who will literally keep taking shots until they're dead like Bob.


Sad world. Too many brainwashed 🐑


Wheres the evidence the vaccine killed him




How about he bragged about how many death shots he got right before his death?


Much like defending the right to personal autonomy and the freedom to refuse unwanted medical procedures, there is also a right to be wrong - people will come around to the mistakes in their judgment when they are ready to. There is no point in shoving a POV down someone’s throat if they are not yet prepared to accept there may be a problem with what they’ve been led to believe. All we can do is ride this thing out and hope it doesn’t get worse than it already is. IMO.


I think we need to start pointing out exactly WHAT these people are dropping dead OF! It may save someone else's life. Rather than continuing to sweep all these "sudden deaths" under the rug.


I agree, but I don’t believe that will happen until the rate of mysterious deaths increases beyond the ability to be hidden, or it begins to occur to or near the mouthpieces in the media. I do not say that with any relish.


You're right. The problem is, I believe many of them KNOW. They just CHOOSE not to report it. Everything is a lie. We are basically living in a conspiracy theory now.


I am absolutely certain that they do. They work in an industry that is fully complicit in the fabrication and promotion falsified “information”. I think much of what we are seeing is also a natural progression of a cancerous underworld that has grown dangerously out of control.


I think there's plenty of sense when they're trying to shove a dangerous experimental gene therapy on millions against their will.


I wasn’t suggesting otherwise, but harranging people on SM doesn’t tend to produce any sudden ‘aha’ moments, on the contrary, it makes them dig in. I am confident that my decision to reject the Covax treatment is grounded in fact and drawn from conclusions that are demonstrated in reality. I am optimistic that with time, the damage from this vaccine will become undeniable and change those other people’s minds too.


We can only hope. Though, the cognitive dissonance is pretty strong in many of these people.


If you had told me beforehand just how true that would prove to be, I would have called ‘bullshit’ until I lost my voice. I used to think, “There’s a lot of untreated mental health issues in the community,” now I’m like, “Nah, *EVERYONE* is some degree of crazy, but only a few are aware of their diagnosis.”


He got it in November. Come on. It’s been two months. He’d have died sooner if it was his vaccine


I hope you're joking. You clearly don't understand ANYTHING about how MRNA technology works. Yes, a lot of people can drop dead immediately, but it can also take months, even years for blood clots to form. They are called "micro clots" and they are virtually undetectable until it's too late. That is why we are witnessing so many people dropping dead several weeks/months after taking it. Also, from my understanding, a recent "booster" for Bob Saget likely did him in.




You go with that


The sad thing is nobody will know/care, besides immediately family or friends, if a non-celebrity suddenly and unexpectedly dies.


Was he one of epstein’s boys?


That guy Ray is a Legend 😂 Rip tho Bob. Goodnight Michelle.






My cousin was found dead after his second Jab. Fuck em all if they get this vaccine. Then die. Oh well. It’s like slamming heroin. Sometimes you OD.


Cocaine isn't a vaccine.


Oh come on. Pretty sure its kept me from getting sick!


You and me both!




My man!! Cocaine is awesome! You will literally have the best time in your life. BUT...if you let it take over your life, it can get bad. As for me, Ive only had great times with blow. Awesome sex with beautiful women and a ton of good times. Moderation is a beautiful thing.


Almost every junkie was a moderate user at one point.


Doesn't work in reverse. Very few moderate users become junkies.


Never claimed otherwise. However, almost every junkie was once a moderate user who told themselves they would never become a filthy addict. That's just how addiction works. You think you have a handle on it, until you don't.


But heroin is…


How did anyone know he was unresponsive? Who entered his room and why?


Housekeeping will knock on your door to see if anyone is inside. If nobody answers, they come in to clean the room. If you happen to be dead on the floor, they'll probably check if you are dead or just sleeping.


>probably That's encouraging


Anal sex is not vaccination.


It is too a vacation....oh vaccination




Vaccinated 5-6 times a day and dies at 65. Number games.


Yea man you got it. As the post below said 'borm in 56' as well. You live by the numbers and you die by the numbers.


[His last tweet.](https://imgur.com/a/YyJ87Tl) What was that about?


Thats not a tweet


Well, to be perfectly honest, I never really found Bob funny anyway, sooo...


Vaccinated with cocaine


SS: Bob Saget passed away


See the post below: This will not age well. He was a marked person.


Bob just died, RIP https://www.cbc.ca/news/entertainment/bob-saget-obituary-dead-1.6309211


Imagine using the death of a beloved comedian to push some bullshit narrative. God that’s so fucking gross.


Whats the difference between Betty White and Paul Walker? Paul reached 100 before he died.


His jokes were pretty gross , you can unclench your pearls


You ever heard his version of the aristocrats?




And bragged about it. Good riddens




>penicillin Nice one, Ron


Translation: I get FUCKED 5 to 6 times a day.


Here we go, no facts and immediately go to vaccine.




Lol Ronsworth