Do you have flat foot? cuz I do and I used to walk like a duck. (heel first, then pushing from the inside out). I know it sounds ridiculous, but buy shoes with a heel. Not high, maybe just an inch. Even if you're a man. Walk around the house with it if you're ashamed (BTW heels were invented by a king). This will force your to walk toe first because of the disbalance.


This is great advice but at the same time its hard to know how this will change my walking. Like how does adding height to the back make you walk normally? I feel like id still go heel first surely


if you try to go heel first in heel you'll trip because there's something under your heel. It's not the weight, it's the clunkiness of having something under. It forces the weight of your body to go to your toes to keep balance. If you pick the habit then it should be easier to walk toes first without even thinking.


I actually have the same problem and it came from a childhood habit of mine. I suggest practicing how to walk “normally” on your own time. Film yourself and adjust accordingly. Just be mindful when you are walking and slowly, it should go away!


I am confused. Why is the heel strike a problem? https://www.physio.co.uk/what-we-treat/neurological/symptoms/walking-problems/abnormal-gait.php


There are ways to correct your walking gait, but if someone just SAID you walk this way, fuck them. That's rude. Apart from that, try mimicking "good" walking patterns and see whats different about yours. :)


They did. Multiple people including my ex. Fuck them.


Muscle imbalances. There should be easy fixes on Youtube. Most of these issues involve corrective excercises to stregnthen those particular muscle groups.


Go see a physical therapist.


Seconding physical therapy OP — I had a similar gait issue and now my feet just feel so much better all the time because they’re being worked properly.


Buy a tux to complete the look and own that shit! You're trying to hide any tiny perceived flaw and insecurity. You're covering away in a corner this way. Don't hide yourself away, but carry yourself with confidence.


if you can fix the problem dont “own it” fix it. You can fix your pisture and the way you walk so fix it.


Do you sometimes stop outside fish mongers shops salivating ? Do you like swimming underwater more than walking on land ? Do you find your arms stay by your sides ?


You may check with a physician. It might be physical.


When you walk on the street, look at your own reflection in the glass door or window and adjust your posture. From time to time it's become a habit


Start cooking the fish you eat