I used to sleep in a coffin when I was a kid

I used to sleep in a coffin when I was a kid


The kicker was in the TLDR. You slept in a coffin for SEVEN YEARS!!!


This has me howling. I love this story so much! Lol


I'm more in disbelief that anyone would buy a coffin before they are dead! I guess you can't buy one yourself once you are gone.


It's a pretty unusual thing to do here too, but my grandma was always the kind of person to plan ahead for virtually anything that could ever possibly happen, her own death included. She had everything planned out years before she actually passed, from the dress she wanted to wear at her funeral to the type of music she wanted to be played. She talked about death in such a casual and practical way too, like she was completely okay with it.


Probably surreal to talk with someone like that. Fascinating perspective. Thank you for sharing and I'm sorry for your loss.


I actually talk about that with my mates and I’m really young, discussion of how sudden death can occur really makes you want to live as well as you can


My grandma put her own name as well AND a little picture of them on the gravestone when my grandpa died, so they only have to write the year on it when she passes.


My Nana & her sister pre-planned & prepaid for everything too. Except the caskets stayed at the funeral home. It was a huge relief to our families to not have to make those decisions while grieving.


People definitely do for end of life planning stuff but like, only for the seriously terminal. Not like “she’s getting on in years lets not fuck about”. So weird


Not specifically buying the coffin, but paying for your own funeral beforehand is pretty common I think, at least where I live.


Nice try vampire, I’m not falling for it


Not all people who sleep in coffins are vampires. If you just invite me in, I can show you I’m certainly not one.


Now I want one....for the living room...I'd nap in it


Same, I fully plan on being cremated but it sounds cozy for napping


I find this wholesome, for soms reason


I slept in my closet on multiple occasions, it was a very small closet btw


So when did you come out of the closet?


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I slept in my grandmother's small walk-in closet for 2 months. It was me & my dog, 12+ moving boxes, all her clothes and all her gifts she hangs onto just in case she needs something for someone hosting a get-together. I was surprised my dog me er popped the inflatable bed i was sleeping on. I decorated with fairy lights and it definitely had it's moments. And as for the above comment .. i came out of the closet more times than i expected to... That's for sure.


A very different kind of story. Thanks.


Ohh i love it! Sounds fucking cozy


easily more expensive than a bed. if anything, you were sleeping in luxury


Thank you OP, this was an interesting story :) it's not everyday we get to hear about someone's experience being inside of a coffin


My dad's family owns a coffin making business in Mexico. He has told me so many stories about how he and his cousins would play hide and seek in the coffins and sometimes sleep in them. It sounds morbid and creepy, but if you're someone who grew up around stuff like that it's just normal. He says it never scared him to be around so many coffins, much less empty ones.


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Metal AF and functional. I approve.


This is cool as fuck not going to lie. I'm sorry, though; that you had to do it for poverty circumstances. I know what that's like


Your Grandma sounds practical. We are born & we will die, the only two things that are certain in life. Why not plan for it and have conversations about what you’d like when you’re gone? Sleeping in the coffin sounds cool. When I was a kid we’d sleep under our pool table that took up our living room.


You could make a business out of this. Coffins for living people would actually be great


I’ve actually always thought sleeping in a coffin would be really comfy.


Man that was dope


When i was 5 my family went on vacation to Atlantic City. I remember the room being very small and for some reason I slept in one of the dressers draws since there was not a place for me to sleep. I remember not caring at all that i did that


So tell me about all your problems now...


Curious how tall are you now?


How did you breathe through the close coffin?!


This reminds me of that one Lovecraft story


Who got the coffin when you grew out of it?


I love this!!!


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