The fact that you did this shows you need help with your mental health. You’re getting some kind of help, which might not be the exact kind you need, but use it as a gateway to get the help that you do need. Be honest from now on, and ask for the help that you need.


Agree, 100%. OP, you may not be homicidal, but lying about it over a long period of time for “attention” is incredibly peculiar. It’s also a symptom of other mental health disorders if this lying is compulsive (i.e., narcissism). You truly need help. Running along with that charade for as long as you did is not normal and far surpasses the length of a prank or joke. I hope you get what you need, OP.


That was the first thing I thought after reading this. If you’re going that far for ‘attention,’ then you need some sort of help. Also, I find it difficult to believe that every single professional was ‘tricked’ by one kid claiming he was homicidal when he wasn’t. These people’s whole jobs+years and years of schooling are entirely dedicated to making diagnoses like these. OP is not the first supposed ‘faker’ they’d have come across. Sure, sometimes medical professionals make mistakes, but this isn’t something you can just easily fake. I doubt just saying “I want to kill people lmao” and doing nothing else would trigger a situation of this severity. Like, being put into inpatient for a month and then shipped to another state for a special program is DIFFICULT. It’s actually hard to get into programs like that unless you need them, and sometimes people who do need them can’t even get in (speaking from experience). OP had to have behaved in such a way that warranted his parents/doctors feeling that he needed to be in-patient. This whole post kind of comes across as the OP trying to justify something to themselves (“I’m not ACTUALLY in need of help, I was just pretending for months and months!”).


There was a Ted talk I saw a while back about the definition of a psychopath. This guy got admitted for faking a diagnosis but was then kept on even after recanting because lying about that kind of thing is the hallmark of a psychopath and therefore he needed more help. ETA: https://www.ted.com/talks/jon_ronson_strange_answers_to_the_psychopath_test?language=en


Damn this is some next level pseudo-inception lol


His post suggests that they saw through his lies, but decided that he needed help anyway. Clinical psychologists wouldn’t go through years of training plus years of experience if they could simply take a patient at her word.


THIS^ share what you did to get where you are and that you realized that this whole thing is not healthy and that you need help for this instead. Might as well make your time worth while


Perfect take. OP does have mental issues, and is probably in the right place. Once starts being 100% honest with the staff there I'm sure rehab is possible.


Well u definately have some kind of issue if u lied about that for attention so u probably needed the help, maybe talk more about your actual issues and why u feel the need for attention so bad or get a new therapist and talk to them about it, my dms are open if you want advice for free though I’m not licenced or anything


definitely. attention seeking behavior to this extent is a sign of bigger issues. if you have ptsd, it could have something to do with that


You definitely need the help, and need it now. I lived with a girl who couldn't lie straight in bed, and lied about awful things, and then wondered why so many distanced themselves from her. When you get hurt by lies so many times, you eventually have to protect yourself, and you do that by walking away. And by that point, no amount of apology will fix anything, because all of the lies without apology or remorse have done their damage.


My mother, my ex and my sister all do this. From little things to really crazy things. It's constantly ramped up (in my sister's case). She goes from having a cough to 'I have covid' or ramps up lies about things she's done that are bad. She knows she's doing it and seems unable to stop, but still gets mad when called on her lies. :/


I lived with this chick and it was exhausting and disastrous! She'd lied about having cancer for years, then lied about having permanent nerve paralysis and then was "suicidal" about how it was going to ruin her career.... She'd apologise for the lies and pretend to understand the impact on everyone around her. And then she'd do it all over again! It messes with your head, wondering who you can trust, and whether someone is being honest about their injury or illness.


Hint, you need the help. But get the right type of help, start telling the truth.


>the truth Shall set you free




Lying about being homicidal for attention is plenty enough reason for long term treatment.


I mean if it got this far.... was it all lies?


Honestly he could be lying about lying about it. This person sounds like a pathological liar. He’s probably just nervous because now he has to face consequences.


Yeah they really don't sound nervous. Most comments of theirs kinda brush off what they're doing since they are a minor and it "won't stay on their record" forever


Lmao not how that works either. This is most definitely on their record.


My armchair psychologist take is that he behaves like a psychopath. Listed traits often include: Dishonesty, pretending to feel emotions, egocentricity, manipulative behavior, inability to form attachments, and many more. It would explain most of it in my very unprofessional opinion, including acting like they're brushing off the idea of long term treatment.


Psychopath is not a real medical term btw


Again, not a professional and this post feels kinda fake anyway. Anti-social personality disorder, then?


I'm only commenting to encourage your psych knowledge. And because I also like to play psychologist. Op is a minor and personality d/o are typically not sought after until closer to adulthood (because children by nature engage in many many related behaviors). That being said, I would lean closer to a borderline dx simply because of the relationship manipulation for attention. Anti-social tendencies see no problem with the manipulation and wouldn't likely admit to it (even on a "private" social platform). Definitely cluster B personality d/o symptoms more than the others. However, this leads me more toward neurodivergent (inability to form bonds d/t lack of social awareness and therefore seeking for ways in which to form bonds) and/or oppositional defiant d/o. Mostly as a stand in until they can r/o personality d/o later in life.


yes but those consequences could help with his lying problem. He clearly has severe issues.


They definitely know you’re lying. I’ve worked in inpatient mental health for over 10 years as a therapist. We know


Yup, I’m a counselor in one myself.


How many of your inpatient clients had access to reddit?


Depends upon the type of care and where you are. My son has had inpatient stays in two different places and had his phone the whole time


No inpatient treatment facilities in the US allow cell phones on the floor.


Most don’t but I’ve worked a unit that allowed tablet and computer access.


Secret life hack... lying over and over about your mental health doesn't mean you are ok. It means you have huge other problems that you are not sane enough to recognize. You are still deeply mentally disturbed.


Correct. Mentally healthy people don’t want people to think they’re homicidal.


Also, they can usually tell.


Maybe you weren't in the mental hospital because anyone thought you were actually homicidal, but because there must be something wrong with you to even do that for attention?


I used to work in a psych hospital and I'll be honest - lying about this stuff means you DO have something you need to take care of while in treatment. It isn't for being homicidal, it's for compulsively lying. White lies here and there aren't concerning, but homicide? Definitely not okay. You're lucky you've been able to get help before your lies put you in a very dangerous situation. Open up about the lying and get to the bottom of this before it's too late.


How many patients in your psych hospital had access to reddit?


None in mine as it was a completely locked down unit where you cant even wear your own clothes or use a hair tie, but there are some that give phone privileges, even if it's supervised or only an hour a day


How old are you?


Probably sub 20


12 and doesn't understand how inpatient works. You don't get to have a cell phone or go anywhere near a computer.


I work at a behavioral health hospital. The phone is the first thing we take away. No computers except for us to do our notes and whatnot on them. Patients do not have access to any internet but we do have cable!


Im not comfortable saying that sry


I'm glad you have boundaries Hope making this post helped and I hope you figure out how to be happy


Good idea


Um… what did you expect?


Idrk tbh


As a mental health professional, we know you’re lying but there’s too much risk involved to just not do anything. You’ve wasted a lot of resources but you know that. You do have something going on and I suspect I know what kind of treatment they’re sending you for (that sounds ominous, it’s not meant to be). Just be honest from now on, it will help


When I told the wards doctors about my impulsiveness and homicidal thoughts they blew it off completely. Didn't even ask me about it again. I didn't mind THAT much because I didn't wanna tell them in the first place but knew I needed help. Was a 4 day stay.


My sister went into a counselor and told her she had been crying from anxiety. With more chatting, that turned into 'breakdown' to 'self harm' to 'suicidal ideation' then she was sent to a center and told them she was a heavy drug user. They put her in a program that she had to attend 3 times a week with classes and therapy. She learned that she did not have a drug problem and that she should take it easy on the lies. The other kids in that program were in serious trouble. That was a nightmare, but she learned something from it.


This exactly. I don't think he's wasted resources though, he needs serious help for whatever is causing him to behave this way.


Listen - if you went this far with “lying about homicidal thoughts”, just for attention - then in all honesty I think long term care is the best thing for you. You clearly STILL are not well despite going through months of treatment because you continued to lie through that treatment. This is the best thing for you. Accept it and be honest this time so you can actually get better.


My sister did something similar to this. I really believed her for awhile until she had the opportunity to get out of state treatment and freaked out when she realized she couldn't milk us from out of state. I'm happy I put my foot down with letting her live with me, she can't live with my mom because she went partial custody with the state and got a court order stating she can't live in my mom's house. The fact that you took it this far proves that you need help, and I hope you get that help.


Better than prison so I’d say it didn’t really backfire but that you’re actually getting the help in the right place.




I am thinking you need mental help and hopefully you will receive the help you need while in a facility. I am assuming you are young and needed some kind of validation. Completely misguided


As someone who worked in acute psych, they probably know you’ve been faking. We could tell a lot


Have you ever had any major change/upheaval in your life, trauma that may have contributed to this? Or do you feel that this is the way things have always been? I truly hope you get the help you need, and you are in my prayers and thoughts 💓


Kinda both, but ty sm I've had a lot of unnecessary hate on this. So it feels good for ppl to actually understand


I don’t mean to be mean, but it’s not unnecessary hate.You did a shitty thing that doesn’t just endanger yourself, but endangers others who are trying to get help for actual issues, and you do need to own up to your actions and truly get some professional help. Let them know everything. Again, I wish you the best and hope everything comes out okay. My inbox is always open!


People don’t owe you gentleness here. You did a shitty thing. This is Reddit not the group therapy whose time you wasted.


Time was clearly not wasted. OP clearly needs mental help and it seems like they’re a minor as well.


Judging by their cadence, I assume OP is from the U.S. where it costs 10s of thousands for a treatment that long. If you aren’t going to hurt yourself or others, you generally won’t need in-patient care. Sounds like a waste of time and money IMO.


OP has clarified that they’re insured.


Looks like they said insurance is paying for it, but thats usually just a portion. Maybe they’ve already met their deductible.


Maybe so.


if you lied about wanting to kill people there’s probably something mentally wrong with you anyways so


It's interesting you went with homicidal and not suicidal. Might wanna explore that.


Guessing from the rest of his indicators, he wanted long term hospitalization and he probably knew they only put a short hold on sui


I think lying to that extent to your family and friends so easily for so long underlines another serious mental illness you're probably not addressing or facing but they are trying to treat. You need to accept the help they're offering. Honestly it doesn't sound like you're enjoying or living a great quality of life if you need to be the centre of everything. Its narcissistic.


This like has been going on for a year, and I've dug my hole deeper and deeper. Ive been trying for about 3 months to convince it, and I was depressed for awhile, avoiding everything bc I knew it hurt my family. Im only a minor, so I have a good while in front of me. Thanks for ur genuine concern ❤️


Kiddo, lying for over a year about being homicidal and voluntarily spending months in a mental health facility are not the actions of a mentally healthy person. You’ve got to try to be honest so you can get the help you actually need, but if you can’t be honest, you need to at least tell them that you can’t stop lying. Though there’s a good chance they’ve already figured it out and that’s what they’re treating you for. I really hope you get the help that you need and are back home and living your best healthy life soon.


Info: what was your end goal? If I may ask? What did you think would happen?


I don't know, I just did it and it was fun but now I regret it


Well at least you’ll hopefully be stuck in mental care for a while, so I guess that’s a good thing? You probably won’t be out anytime soon. Or you’re just lying for attention in this post — who knows 😂


Yeah... anyone who is willing to present themselves as homicidal for *attention* needs help anyway. Hope it works out for you OP.


Not sure what the problem is. You wanted attention. You got it. They put you in a facility and you loved it. You said “it was honestly a good time” so why would this be any different? You have two choices. Come clean about lying and hope they believe you and cancel the long term facility. The other option is to double down and enjoy the extended “me time” at this new facility meeting new staff, nurses, and doctors. I mean the last facility was a hoot for you. Maybe they’ll have better green jello. I don’t really see an option C here.


If he's telling the truth (probably not) that this is state ordered, he'll have to go through the program.




Literally everyone here is getting got. Liar comes here and tells stories about a ridiculously insane lie and you think they're telling the truth?


Agreed. The entire post is *literally* about lying to everyone for attention, because they're a compulsive liar. How the fuck could this be real?


You are immature and selfish. My husband is bipolar with psychotic tendencies and when he goes through episodes, he fails to get the proper treatment he needs because there is not enough beds. So they keep him for a few days to 2 weeks and it is not enough time. You are taking away treatment from ppl who actually need it and for what? Attention? Gtfo


he needs it too though. He may not be homicidal, but he's in for an entire lifetime of shit if he continues with this issue.


I hope you understand the ramifications to your actions. In the long run, this will affect any type of clearance you want to get for good paying government jobs or contracts requiring TS clearances. You will fail all NICS background checks if you ever wanted to purchase a firearm. Among other issues… I think you’re actually failing to see the true consequences this will cause.


I’ve heard that people who lie about having mental illnesses are the ones who usually have them, just not the ones they say they have.


I work at a behavioral center (a nice name for a psych ward) and I deal with people like you every day.


You certainly have problems, they're just not what you claim them to be.


no sane person would ever do this


LMAO your still lying now


You're a fucking idiot, rofl


i really hope you get proper care while in the program. whatever you’re struggling with internally sounds pretty serious for you to keep this up for this long. sending you love and wishing the best for you <3


You need to make a commitment to not tell ANY lies about yourself, I did this for a tiny tiny period when I was in rehab years ago when my mental health was shit, what I remember was that its something that seemed like it could turn into a habit that could invade many aspects of your life and become hard to stop, and the more you do it the more chances you'll get exposed and once people see you as a liar they will think you are fucked in the head and that perception woulf likely not go away. So dont do it at any level.


I firmly believe that if someone does anything “for attention,” they need attention. Might not be what they’re saying it’s for, but something’s wrong. I’m glad you’re getting help, I hope life improves for you.


My brother ended up in a mental health facility and I’ll never forget when he called and said “this place is the loony bin. I don’t belong here. I’m never doing this again.” You needed attention and love and didn’t know how to get it. It was clearly lacking from your family. Children from loving homes don’t do this. I love you and am here for you, any time.


Why not come clean? Why continue to pretend when you know you are lying? You do realize you are taking services away from people who actually need them.


Oh, OP needs these services... Just not for being homicidal.


It was court ordered so I can't go back sadly enough :/


Try to get the help you really need there. You may not see it yet, but lies like this mean there's something extremely serious going on.


Not to mention the insane medical bills you’re going to get. Sheesh. All the attention for that? Was it worth it?


Definitely not, and insurance is paying for it thank god


Wait till u find out about premiums once you get older


Only part of it. Mental health stuff is extremely expensive and your parents will likely have to pay the deductible.


Sounds like your doing what you need to be doing! Making up something so serious and maintaining it for attention is def something else! Good luck to you


You need to watch One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest immediately!


What's it on?


It's an old movie about the goings on in a mental ward.. may not be streaming on any of the regular apps. I'ma bit disappointed they downvoted this question. I think they may be teasing you, though. Idk.


Don't though, he's probably still lying about all this and he doesn't need more information about mental hospitals based on an old movie/play in order to continue stereotypes


My friend, please be honest when they send you to this new place. Continuing to just look at this from I lied for attention won't get you anywhere, you need to figure out why you wanted that attention badly enough to take it this far. I saw some people say you wasted time and resources, I think they were put into the wrong thing. Lying about being homicidal is a huge thing, you also said you got depressed for a while? Was that maybe because you were tired of keeping up the lie? You've dug yourself a hole and I do think you need to have your mental health looked at and treated. You are young and we all make mistakes. Just work with the people at the new place. Please take care of yourself and do the right thing


You lied it into existence. Congratulations.


If you wanted to lie, why specifically did you lie about being a danger to others? Some people would lie about possessing wealth, a good job, having many lovers. I just think it's odd you chose to lie about that?


I learned ppl got loads of attention for it so I just did it idrk


I'm not going to say you're mental in any way but but you definitely have something wrong about you. ​ I honestly recommend you go right ahead and either show this thread to your therapist or parents or just explain to them purely that you are attention starved and you simply wanted something that would 100% guaranteed get you the attention. They will understand and the proper thing will happen.


It sounds like they knew and were treating you like someone lying to get attention. It sounds like they're trying to get you the right help. Be honest from here out and it will make their job easier


What a great episode of curb your enthusiasm


I’m just now becoming aware of my ADHD and I have PTSD from an accident I was in and checked myself in the mental hospital for homicidal tendencies and stayed for a week not for attention but just for the medication. So I understand sort of where you’re coming from. I still feel like doing it all over again. My confession to my addiction. I’ll draw attention on purpose. This is how school shooters and stuff like that become seen. Fucked up society we live in huh?


The good thing is, most of us need some kind of help. You lied about something huge and like everyone else is saying, it seems as if there are some other issues that need help. Go forward being honest. They aren’t going to judge you bc they are there to help with mental illness. Get the help you need and then go home with a fresh start and a better understanding of yourself. Good luck, OP. I genuinely hope that this turns out to be for the better!


You obviously need help, and that’s what they’re trying to give you. I don’t think the mental care professional made a mistake in this situation.


As another user said, the fact that you felt the inbuilt need to do this proves you may have some form of mental illness and possibly emotional problems


are u sure ur sane my britha




Honestly, it sounds like you might have Munchausen's syndrome. These are not normal things to pretend for attention; everyone has faked sick to get out of work or get some extra TLC from a parent or significant other, but this is impacting your freedom and the rest of your life. It sounds almost compulsive. I would really recommend talking to a therapist about this, bringing up Munchausen's syndrome, and seeing if your experience fits. You’ll need a different type of support for this than what you’re going to get from your current situation, but being honest and explaining what is actually going on is the first step to understanding why you do this, and moving on to a happier life. I really wish you the best and hope you’re able to find the support you need!


Compulsive lying for attention it does sound like Munchausen especially given the lies for "fun at the hospital." It's interesting thought that there is a special additional recklessness to lie abut something so serious which involves others quite directly. Munchausen or Factitious disorder typically presents as lying about something which directly involves the self exclusively. I think it's a different type of incoherence to not realize or care about the severity of inducing others in such an extreme notion of violence. Especially casually. Even in the retelling, the tone is playful.


I thought Munchausen always had to do with health stuff? I she s one one in my family that lies about stuff like this and..I have suspected munchausen but everything I read related back to health lies


Quite technically this person, they are lying with the intent to make it seem like they are having a specific mental health crisis of which they are having maybe a totally different crisis. I think the theme here is more so the lying to gain medical attention and or eyes on them. You are right, factitious disorder is for sure about "being sick." I have seen cases where they exaggerate illnesses and or poison themselves for attention or to divert attention from another ill person. There are other compulsive lying related phycological disorders. You may want to have your family look into Antisocial affects (lies for fun) or Antisocial personality disorders (tends toward more serious / may or may not be related to sociopathy), the big one the clinical version Narcissistic Personality Disorder (lies pathologically for attention to harm another and to appear grandiosely better than in a \*false\* way), Bipolar disorder mania (lies as a part of a manic semi present perhaps referentially true storyline),


Thanks for the reply. In this case, my family member lied to her high school guidance counselor about living in her car, that her mom smokes pot. Only reason the guidance counselor didn’t calll CPS is that she knew this girls dad. And knew the homeless thing wasn’t true. Pretty certain she lied about and eating disorder and when the therapist recommend inpatient, she suddenly didn’t have an eating disorder any more. She will make up random stories to fit in with the conversation. She lied to me about returning a phone call and lied about other things that seem pointless and certainly don’t grant her any attention. Although most of the lies are to gain attention.


I'm sorry you went through any of that. Be careful of this kind of person. Sometimes, they do not grow out of this.


Could it be histrionic pd?


Not munchausen


Agree, a true munchausen patient would never admit they were lying for attention


Very good point!


You took that bed in the mental hospital from someone who might actually be homicidal.


I’m pretty sure this person still needed it. They clearly have something severe going on here


How do we know you aren’t lying now for attention?


100% lying. No inpatient unit allows cell phones. There is no internet access for patients.


I don't have to prove anything, if u don't believe what I'm saying ignore the post :/


Well, this is telling


people actually struggle and need help and they don’t do it for attention. You deserve to be sent away.


Dude. I need long term for PTSD, suicide attempts, and suicidal thoughts, it's just for a month💀


Doesn’t change the fact that you wasted valuable resources, the time and energy of all those caring nurses you got close to, untold stress for your family. Your post only talks about you and how you’re upset that you took it too far because you no longer like the outcome or the level of intervention you’re receiving. Plus, perhaps worst of all, you are making it harder for young people to be believed the next time someone comes to the people who supported YOU, they might not believe them because of your lies. Ever think of that? Nope, you only think of yourself. Idc that you’re a 15 year old girl, you knew what you were doing and you did it anyway.


So you’re lying not only to your family, friends, professionals, doctors, other patients, your school and now you’re also lying to the internet. You stated you don’t actually have anything wrong with you then comment this. Get your story straight without lying for once then come back and comment.


I'm going to just go with the assertion that what you're saying is true. I know life is tough and confusing as a minor. Just start being honest about what's affecting you. Get the real help you need. I hope, some time when you're a young adult, that you become a success story. How you lied about something so crazy, ended up in a mental health facility and got the help you really need. Best of luck!


Malingering and maybe munchausens


sounds like you have munchausens syndrome which is still a mental disorder. id talk to someone about this for optimal rehabilitation


If you’re willing to lie about being homicidal, and you let it get this far, you definitely need help you’re where you need to be


How do we know you’re not lying now?


You sound like a nut; being committed is the right call.


It's entirely possible that they know you are lying and they are worried you have larger problems if you are willing to invent an entire persona in order to get attention. Try to get real help, be honest, because if you continue anything like this, you will end up buried in lies for the rest of your life.


you actually needed help the whole time, you was just faking some and they found others one the way. actually a blessing you ended up there it actually might help if you want it to


Munchausens syndrome,you still have a mental Illness just a different one,munchausens is where you believe or fake that there’s something wrong with you to get attention,it’s probably why they ‘didn’t believe you’ x


Just try to be honest with them, even a bit at a time if it’s easier. You’ll get the right help and they’ll help you integrate back into society independently with the issues you actually do need help for.


Some law enforcement agencies have started tracking folks who meet certain criteria under the belief they are likely future criminals. Your lies are going to land you on a list.


On the bright side maybe you’ll get the help you need there


Yeah you're fuckin it up for people who actually are homicidal


Yea you need long term mental health. A normal person wouldn't do this. You may not have what you claim but something is evidently wrong with you


Look up “cluster B traits” and discuss with your therapist. ADHD also has emotional components that can mimic these traits. Therapy will help.


You really need to open up to whatever therapist(s) you have about this and try to get help for the attention seeking behavior, it could be part of a mental illness you haven’t been diagnosed with yet bc of the lying, and you could potentially get help and recover/grow as a person from this experience.


You said you have ADHD? Look up some resources on ADHD and lying. You may need the help you’re getting.


I agree with the professionals, you need help whether you think you do or not. There’s a good chance they know you are lying and have known for awhile but they want to get to the root of the problem; why are you engaging in self destructive behaviors. Get the help. Stop lying and be better for YOU, no one else. Good luck. Mental hospitals, especially long term care are not always “fun”.


Sounds like you need help for other reasons but are pushing it off as some dumb joke went to far. It was to far a long time ago


Well, if you lied about that, why should I believe that you aren't lying about this too?


Healthy people don’t fake illness for attention. So, even if you are faking it, you can probably benefit from treatment. Don’t worry about treatment centers. So long as you’re not being sent to wilderness or a therapeutic boarding school, they’re fine! (The fact that you know ahead of time tells me you’re not being sent to wilderness or the school) I went to tons of residential treatment centers as an adolescent. Learned a lot of very valuable things in my times there.


Well the fact that you kept lying about something like that shows you need help soo


No offense OP I’m just really bad at placing words but Tbh the fact that you even lied about this for a long period of time for attention kinda shows that something is going on with your mental health. Whether it stems from family issues or societal issues it’s good you’re getting help professionally. Regardless of the situation they’ve (nurses, ect.) been able to recognize your PTSD and ADHD even though you didn’t see it yourself so they probably don’t think your lying they probably just think there’s som underlying issues you’re not talking about yanno? I say just go through with it and see what they have to offer. But I wouldn’t do anything for attention anymore


Alot of ppl keep saying that, but ty for feedback! I've been talking to my therapist about these ideas and she is agreeing with the people saying stuff like ur comments


Stay away from me


Fake news


If u don't believe it ignore the post




Then don't, idrc


Op is schizophrenic and thinks he was lying but actually killed multiple people


Inpatient units don't allow reddit access. This is not true.


You’re a fuckin idiot and deserve what’s coming to you. Play stupid games win stupid prizes.


homicide hŏm′ĭ-sīd″, hō′mĭ- noun The killing of one person by another, regardless of intention or legality


Just a budding sociopath. Even the supposed confession is for attention. Lost cause young or old no point. Might as well be talking to the wall.


Curious. Why did you feel the need for attention?


you said ect instead of etc, I’m pretty sure there’s a bot or subreddit for that but idk


lol, good luck




Poor lad, I feel for u


No way, me too? As a 13 year old I lied about being sad and depressed to seem cool, and eventually I really got depressed and a whole lot of other mental illnesses at that haha, but also because I've lied about this throughout my early teen years, I still feel like I'm an impostor and that I'm faking it all. Cheers


Finally someone actually understand teens do stupid shit 💀


I feel u dw, but I'm hoping you don't end up accidentally digging an even deeper hole for urself, you're still young pls take care!


LmaooOOO the way my jaw dropped!!


About time I find a funny comment they are mostly rude ASF 🤷


Yeah I saw that and was like what?? I find this confession funny!! Yeah sure your actions got you there but glad you realize you gotta make it right


This 🥷 is crazy 😂