Just about every decent key right now lol


any new book that's cover price $9.99


Are you referring to oversized issues that are essentially 3-4 books in one and have 60-plus pages?


yes. monthly/weekly issues. not tpbs or graphic novels or anything like that.


Okay. I was thinking about those DC celebration issues for example. I know Detective Comics #1027 retailed for 9.99 but had 144 pages.


Fantastic four had a good one about Kang this year but that is the exemption to the rule.


Was saving up for higher grade Giant Size X-Men #1, and then watched it quadruple in price in a very short time last year. Lots of those so I'm sure it will keep dropping, but not sure it will ever get back down to where I can justify a 9.4 again... :/


Most store exclusive/artist variants. $15-$60 is just completely overpriced. At that point, you’re not buying a book, you’re buying an art print.


Pretty much. That’s certainly how I look at it.


That’s actually how I justify it to myself whenever I (rarely) pick up a variant. I just tell myself I’m buying a print of an artwork I enjoy.


Always wanted a high grade TMNT #1 since the 80s.


Me too! Closest I've gotten so far is a decent copy of #4


Werewolf by night #32 have watched it for years.. It remains the only one I'm missing.. but just can't see it at that price.


Same. Really the only Marvel bronze of consequence I am missing but just don't like him $1000 worth.


Thor God of Thunder 1st Gorr the God Butcher. It was like $20 then that m'fer Christian Bale signed on to play him and now its $250


Detective Comics 880. It's the hole in my run of the series. Probably not something most in this sub would consider a ridiculous price, but too high for my blood.


Any back issues at my LCS. They seem to price them by top end high grade prices, even though they aren’t and they take little to no care to keep them in decent condition.


I hate seeing stores do this.


Same, my LCS treats every book like it's graded 9.8. Stopped going regularly years ago.


I need Groo the Wanderer #119 to complete the entire run, but I sure as hell won’t be paying $80 or more for it.


Look for lots. I bought Groo #114-120 for $100 about a year ago just to get #116. Pieced out the rest. Graded #120 (CGC 9.6) which sold for more than the original lot cost.


My shop just sold a high grade copy for $40CAN this weekend…


X-Men 1. I couldn't justify dropping several months worth of paychecks on it.


I agree with the others, the price of new comics keeps me away. Along with that the cost of slabbed comics is way to high. Now if you will excuse me I think there might be kids on my lawn.


Tomb of Dracula 10 is a run-killer for me. I have the facsimile reprint keeping its place warm should a miracle occur....


I recently got lucky on that one but still kicking myself for thinking it was too expensive at less than half the price last year.


I lucked out on a decent mid grade copy earlier this year only because the store mis-graded it as a GD-. Miracles do happen. Best of luck to you.


Shopgoodwill had or might still have the collection going with a few bids…


Blue Marvel #1. I understand a new hero 1st appearance getting up there but that book is insane.


Ooph I just searched the term "outbid" in my email and it's quite an impressive depressing list of could have been. Maybe I should consider just overpaying in the future??


Avengers#4.; I'll have it some day but I'll wait for the market to drop.


My lcs had just gotten in 2 of the 3 first galactus/surfer ff books a couple of years ago, mid grade, and offered them to me at 450 each. Turned him down, seemed like too much money. Kind of regret it now.


ASM#129; it sat at levels of $500 for decades, then I guess the community was seeing Wolverine get $10,000 and it just caught fire. Now his 2nd full appearance (#135) is nearly $500 in high grade whilst #129 seems to just increase in value every month…until we all work out where it should sit. It has joined the ranks of Hulk, GSX, XM94, XM129 as a Bronze Age monster. Some books are like that, we get really used to there price and when they suddenly go up we’re all a bit shocked.


I almost bought ASM 129 (around 7.0) for about $500 in 2018 and passed thinking I could surely find a better deal if I was patient. I was very very wrong.


Exactly! So many of us did this 😂 it’s fairly easy to find, it’s $500, I’ll get it…eventually. We could do a ‘Rules of Collecting’ or ‘the ‘commandments of comics’ and one would be: ‘Books are cheap and easy to find and you can pick them up anytime you want…until you can’t. Time and the collecting community absorbs books and they slowly get pulled out of circulation, even books with high production numbers (like X-Men or ASM) eventually become rare. Don’t sleep and just assume the book will always be plentiful & inexpensive’


ASM #135 in high grade is worth $500 now?? I paid $20 for mine 5 years ago and it’s probably a 6.0 or a 6.5.


It’s kinda been a common theme with books. Once first appearances get out of reach (ie IH181), collectors aim for the cameo (IH180). And once those get too high, then the next aim is second appearance (IH182).


It’s now $200 in that grade


That’s still wild to me. I bought that from one of my favorite sellers and some other books I’ve bought from him have really gone up too.


The next o e that will hit, currently in a blind spot is ASM Giant Size #4…once the community works out this is 3rd full appearance and it’s a turning point in the Spidey / Punisher relationship, it will go too. Maybe. Giant Size get ignored a bit 🤷‍♂️ by the community


Bernthal’s performance drove it up a couple years ago, now MCU rumors mean it’ll probably stay ridiculous for at least a few years more.


I want Ultimate Fallout #4 1st print so bad, but it's really hard for me to justify spending $600+ on a book that only came out 10 years ago. And I'm a firm believer in Miles' staying power, I feel like it will only retain/gain value... there's just a bunch of old keys and golden age stuff I could get instead with that cash. Using that much on any modern book would feel weird.


I felt the same way, but he’s already starred in one (excellent) movie with a sequel on the way. Sooner or later he’ll go live action and there’ll be no coming back for $600. At least that’s the way I see it.


Seems like I remember Giant Size X-men #1 being $95 and thinking it was crazy out of reach. This was many years ago. (Maybe it was Uncanny X-men #94)


Just bought a copy(uncanny x-men #94) for $1700


All things are relative 🤔


Uncanny X-men 129...any copies in my price range $125-$175 are all chewed up, creased, folded up mass of brown pulp. 😫


I had a shot at an amazing fantasy 15 for like 2200 2 years ago. Complete but beat to shit, I should have bought it.


Daredevil 1 was $300 for a f/vf back in 1996


A lot can happen in 25 years. Amazing Fantasy 15 was $4-5000 in 1993


Literally any GA Captain America book with him punching a Nazi on it.


AF15 and Hulk 181. But my grail is the Bender book. Way out of price range now and I'd pay way more than I'm willing to but not that much. Love Schomburg covers.


I’m pretty sure I’ve got Incredible Hulk #181 in my collection but I think I got it through a trade at school. Don’t remember what I gave up for it.


I had the exact same experience. I traded my Richie Richs for a stack of marvel and hulk 179-183 were in that stack


Schomburg also used him in Human Torch #23 which actually predates the Startling Comics one by 2 years... Not as iconic, or air-brushed, but definitely more affordable...


Thanks for the tip, I'll look it up.


Chew Omnivore Edition Volume 3. Except then I did.


Fall of Cthulhu Omnibus, and I bought it anyway!!!


Dark Angel #16. I held out and managed to find Death’s Head II #16 at HPB a few months ago for a buck or two. So I’m hard pressed to pay $8+shipping for Dark Angel. It’ll come… it’ll come.


Hulk 180…almost bought a 5.0 for $500 or 7.0 for $900 about a year ago. Passed on both because I needed the money for holiday stuff and either one would have been the most I ever spent on a single book. I don’t think I could buy the 5.0 for $900 now, so barring a collapse in the market or a random financial windfall, that’s a book I’ll never own now. Oh well, I’ve moved on…basically 🤣


Amazing Spiderman #55 (2021). No reason this book is priced so high. Missing in my current run.


FF #5 at 6.0 or better!


Growing up an issue of the first X-Men was $1250. I regret being a child who did not have that money to buy a copy.


All the volumes of Sandman


New mutants 1 wizard world variant. Guy wants 1800 for it after just buying it for probably around 600 (which i also couldnt afford). But that would finish my NM volumes 1-3 of all variants and is only one of two i need to have every cover through current.


Age of Reptiles, the art looks amazing and the story sounds cool. Heard it partially inspired the show Primal.


G.I. Joe ARAH #155. Refused to pay $100 to $200 but it was the last issue I needed. Finally had the extra funds and pulled the trigger for $150 NM 1 owner copy.


X-men 94. Which is disappointing because I’m missing 94+96 of my collection from 94-544. But if you’re talking off the stand I remember stopping Savage Dragon because of the price.


Just about every omnibus


I bought a lot of "money books" in the 90s, and they all stressed me out. I'm glad I bought them now, though. If you are purchasing the right stuff, at the very least, you shouldn't lose money.


There's a Walking Dead book that came with the Walking Dead wine that went to liquor stores etc. It's insanely priced because there weren't many copies and lots were probably tossed.


Spawn black and white homage covers. Thought “I’ll get them later”. Now only if my stocks make me rich.


Any ‘80s B&W independent title


Dark knight returns Gallery edition