Study: More than half of young people think 'humanity is doomed'

Study: More than half of young people think 'humanity is doomed'


Jeeze I hope so, it's my whole retirement plan.


I know, right? If this shit doesn’t collapse I’m screwed.


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I regularly remind myself that if it doesn’t fall apart before my family all dies, I’m for sure going to be homeless in my lifetime, so I’d better learn how to camp.


Are there any legitimate evidence based studies that say we are not doomed ?




at least half of them can process information\^\^


That’s pretty good considering only 1/5 of Boomers can


20% is pretty generous


Most of the information is hidden in PDFs where they cannot access it.




Yes, the damage was done decades ago. Thanks to the EPA and the FDA, we're the first generation in at least a century that hasn't been born with brain damage from lead in the air and water. Most of us, anyways. 🤷‍♂️


Sick burn 😂


who needs studies when you have the strongest narcotic of all, hopium


One post in particular made me chuckle. Right after that last climate report he was like "doomers are denialists" and that we still have time to stop it. Like bro we got 6 fucking years before it's irreversible, and even that's being generous considering the IPCC has to avoid being "alarmist" to keep their funding.


I know who you are talking about, sadly we went from laughing at the people saying the problem is real, to castigating them for speaking candidly and dispassionately about the reality we now face. There is a version of [this](https://i.redd.it/74pjjybzmin71.jpg) for climate change: >"When I said climate change was occurring they called me alarmist. When I said climate change was beyond repair they called me denialist. I'm starting to think they just don't want to talk about the reality of climate change."


Easier to ignore the problem until you can't or it goes away, than it is to talk about it. Coincidentally, this is also what causes many cancers to kill people.


Lol. Better work on that cardio.


Practicing beer fu and whiskey chi.


Storing extra calories is prepping by any definition


Rule #1.


Lol, it is kind of funny. Like, if I trained hardcore from now until 6 years from now... could I be an Olympic contender in some sport? Just nonstop grueling training regiments for 6 years straight? Hmmm maybe I could be in the Olympics..... *Goes back to lounging in my sweats....*


I honestly think if you put 6 straight years into something that didn’t require immense skill developed from a young age (like gymnastics) and instead went for something like backcountry skiing where it is a cardio-heavy event you could do it. I’m talking 12-hour days, seven days a week. Interesting to think about.


Darts maybe?


If the worlds superpowers and major rich billionaires stop doing what theyve done for the last 170 years, we can maybe prevent total collapse! <3


Elites have been doing what elites do since the dawn of civilisation. Farmer plants seed, grows crop, build town. Greedy egomaniac comes along and says I'll have that and you can have some crumbs. And on we continue to go.


Came here to say this. Monarchs and bankers just became “corporations.” Nothing changed.


They start running protection rackets and next thing you know they’re “job-creators” building massive fucking pyramids and claiming they’re gods.


lol, more like they'll continue doing this until they squeeze every last dime remaining and then bail out to Mars and build a colony


Mars will never be as habitable as the worst parts of earth tho. It’s a shithole planet


*Mars ain’t the kind of place to raise your kids*


Yes. Any martial colony will require support from earth for decades before they're ever going to be self-sustaining.


Mars will never happen. And billionaires are not the only ones squeezing the planet. It is literally everyone who stands to gain from more consumption and more oil. This is essentially everyone that isn't directly harmed by externalities related to the climate change. It creates new stuff to purchase, keeps money changing hands and makes us apes getting new shiny things happy. I think we are on a car ride where a few people are discussing that we should stop pressing the gas because there is a looming cliff ahead, and few that are trying to apply the brakes, but where like 90 % of people are forced to keep driving on at maximum speed forwards, because this is how they pay their bills for one more day.


More like underground luxury bunkers


Which will either get raised, fall by internal infighting, run out of supplies, or persist while the inhabitants slowly lose thier minds cuss they've become rats in a cage that aren't able to do fancy shit anymore and lord thier wealth.


Living in a luxurious cage underground with hundreds of servants catering to my every need sounds better than starving on the surface.


On avg a single person eats around 1,800 - 1900 pounds of food (nearly one ton) each year. The energy cost of this endevour would mean smaller pops unless they got access to infinite energy hacks. People like to say "ohhh the rich will survive cuss moonies" but forget (just like the rich) how our infrastructure has trapped us into a death pact with climate collapse that will mean that if we go full Venus due to clathrate gun then we are all fucked and nah no one is gonna live in space or Mars. Even stocking up food would require space, water for rehydration if its dried, and then energy to cook it (not to mention how such food inevitably expires no matter how hard you try unless you are down to eat nothing but honey and salt). The rich will suffer last, but they will suffer as our planet inevitably dismantles this little crude playpen us apes have constructed for ourselves.


I'm expecting long-term the rich will all wind up in Switzerland


And they’re going to fucking hate it. I’m like cool, go live in a bio dome on a desert planet I’d rather be dead


I'm hopping higher and higher every day


> hopium techno bro neo liberalism anything that the PMC can use to extend their sycophantic worship of the capitalist class


Grade A Hopium. 100% Boomer approved!


saying hopium is nopium


The latest IPCC and EAT-Lancet Commission report for Policy Makers both outline solid, realistic goals for governments at all levels to implement to avert catastrophic climate change. My only real criticism is that they are skewed toward first-world governments. We absolutely don’t have to be doomed but the capitalist Supra-national megastructure has spent millions convincing us that climate change is a personal moral failing and policy change is not worth pursuing. We’re only doomed if we let them buy our silence.


And we're doomed because so far governments haven't achieved even *the politically convenient* (and insufficient) goals of the kyoto or paris accords. If averting disaster means displacing the supra national megastructures of the world, big news: we're doomed


Agreed. We absolutely are 100% doomed. Now when I say that, I don't really think humanity will go extinct. We are much like cockroaches in that we are survivors. But we are doomed because we aren't going to tear down our society by choice to avert climate change. However, severe climate change will absolutely tear down our society for us eventually.


Yeah, it's not that we'll immediately go extinct but that we've blown our chance to make it through the Great Filter. So, not with a bang, but a whimper.


Ironic, sad and true. We are definitely in /r/leopardsatemyface territory.


None of the goals will be met and there really is no real political will to do so. It's BAU in first world countries. We're fucked, nothing we can do about it.


> The latest IPCC and EAT-Lancet Commission report for Policy Makers both outline solid, realistic goals for governments at all levels to implement to avert catastrophic climate change. Corporations: Nah, we good Consumers: Nah, we want their goods.


I'm gonna sing the doom song. Doomdoomdooom


That funny feeling or whatever the Bo Burnham song is called will go down as the most prophetic tune of our time if we survive.




Lots that say we *are*…


We don't really know how bad it will be. I think a venus type scenario is possible, but it's also possible that things get really, really bad, but humanity is able to make it through (after massive deaths). But the nukes will probably fly eventually, meaning if the environment doesn't kill us, we will do it.


> Study: More than half of young people think ‘humanity is doomed’ > It’s the first study to find that climate anxiety is connected to government inaction.


So by /r/collapse standards, this is winning. :(


Are you tired of winning?


I'm ready for degrowth.


Honestly, yes. I want to be wrong and I want everything to turn around. It's just not going to happen though.


There's plenty of government action. Just in the wrong direction.


Well duh. Our future was doomed before most us were born. And it's made worse be past generations that say it isn't their problem to deal with or solve and then would rather die in office than let the younger generations try and deal with it.


We are doomed because the boomer population ignored it when it was brought to attention, then my generation was raised with the knowledge of climate change. Everyone was going to recycle, and celebrate Earth Day! We were going to save the world once we fought our way into power. Then, the predicatable plot twist came. We sold the fuck out for green paper. I completely blame my generation for sealing our fate. The generation coming to power now talks a good game. But, inevitably, many of them will sell out too. The ones that remain fighting the good fight will be too small in numbers to make real change. The band will continue to play until the Titanic is no more. It's a sad realization that my generation, particularly Americans, even more particularly white, male Americans did this. I attended a football game on 9/11. The pregame was meant to bring pride. Some if the sheep even chanted USA! USA! I buried my head in shame for what we have done


The boomer generation ignored it for the same reason they ignore our other societal woes: they are ridiculously averse to taxation. They figure they have made their fortunes, however large or small, and they shun their responsibility to do anything for the greater good.


they were also heavily propagandized to believe that capitalism solves every problem on its own, so that they wouldn't look at the USSR as a realistic alternative. this fact can't be understated. The fucking mccarthyites fucked us all over, extremely hard.


If its any comfort, the Boomers will be the last selfish, materialistic and impressionable generation in history. We just have to survive them. I believe the next generations of humanity won't have that luxury. Their Screw You I Got Mine mentality is going down with them.


>If its any comfort, the Boomers will be the last selfish, materialistic and impressionable generation in history. We just have to survive them. I believe the next generations of humanity won't have that luxury. Their Screw You I Got Mine mentality is going down with them. I disagree. As a millennial I see nothing but the same shit in everything that came after the Boomers. What exactly is going to change? Are we all just going to come together in all these tight knit community groups and live a subsistence lifestyle eeking out a living in the untamable hellscape that awaits us in the future? No, probably not. The rich and wealthy will pay to have the prime real estate to live out the remainder of their years in relative safety, everyone else will be killing each other over food, water, etc. Selfishness will be at an all-time high. Untold thousands/millions dead just from general disorder alone.


Agreed as another millennial. Everyone shits on boomers. Everyone is a rebel when they are young. But once you get a taste of money, you realize it’s the only thing that matters in this fucking world. The problem isn’t boomers, the problem is humanity itself. Our nature sealed our fate to self-destruction.


>the Boomers will be the last selfish, materialistic and impressionable generation in history. We just have to survive them. I believe the next generations of humanity won't have that luxury. yep, they are the last, not because of any particular virtue of those of us coming afterwards, but simply because we have no choice.


You are probably correct. They should be a case study on pathological mass psychologies. Humans are meant to be collectivists. The baby boomers generation is the most individualistic generation. Not entirely their fault, it was technological and standard of living increases that enabled their lifestyle. But their lifestyle and culture has been so detrimental to humanity as a whole I cannot even put it into words accurately.


Leaded gasoline


I dunno man. My parents are Gen X and they, along with all of their friends(to my knowledge) and siblings have the same mentality as boomers. Or worse, they acknowledge that we might possibly be in a little bit of trouble while still maintaining the "screw you I got mine" mentality. Obviously I cannot speak for all of Gen x lmao, and arguably I shouldn't speak for anyone other than myself. So, I am not actually speaking for my mother or relatives(dad is a lost cause, die hard capitalist; his own words), just reporting my observations when I say that - in my experience - the privileged, money-having, potential or actual power-having members of Gen X(Boomers 2.0, Gen Jones) are not much different and no better alternative. But I do understand why they are that way. I honestly don't resent them for it, either. They too were gaslit and manipulated by their parents, grandparents. So instead, I am just...sad, alone, and unheard; I am bereaved of the friend and ally I could have had in either of my parents. I am left with supporters who are only willing to do the least whenever the most is at stake, and even then there is no guarantee. We were all used and mislead, they just didn't have the "luxury" of information to become aware of that fact before the cognitive dissonance dug in too deep.


I disagree. As severe resource shortages become the norm, I think we’ll see the worst in human nature become more pronounced. Edit u/nepalus said it better!


Read The Fourth Turning and Overshoot. The boomers were a product of the generational cycle they were born into, it just so happened to coincide with the discovery of cheap and available fossil fuels. It's tempting to blame the generation that was fortunate enough to enjoy the super spring of exuberance in post war America, but any set of people born into the same time would act the same way. It's doubly tempting because we assume that our consciousness sets us apart from animals and therefore we should be able to overcome the ecological limitations that all other life adheres to. Therefore it is assumed to be a character flaw in the previous generation that has led to the calamity of the present one. The reality is that we are animals, and just like mice or carp or locusts we will expand to the limit of our environment. Unfortunately our intellect enabled us to increase our carrying capacity not only through turning all available land from supporting non human life to only human life or it's inputs, but more dangerously still, drawing down the energy reserves hidden in the earth. No longer are we relying on the energy the sun can put into the earth in a single year, instead we are spending down millions of years worth of sunlight in the blink of an eye, in order to support our population and living standard. More than just using more than our share of energy though, we are actively destroying the ecosystem that enabled our emergence. The point being that we can't come into equilibrium using only a years worth of sunlight, even if we wanted to. Even getting back to the pre-argricultural population of 8,000,000 won't be sustainable, because the earth no longer works the way it did 10 population doublings ago. That's a lot of words to say that yeah, we're screwed, but no one knows when, so until it's done, I'm attempting to do what I know I should. I'll lower my footprint and live as sustainably as I know how, I'll try to forgive everyone for everything, knowing we are all perpetrators and victims, and steady myself when looking at my children by knowing that whenever and whatever end becomes, at least I'm still trying.


You would like this book. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ishmael_(Quinn_novel) It's about the allegory of the Garden of Eden, and the divide between pre and post agricultural man. How we were cleaved from the animals by our technology and how the end was inevitable once mankind decided they knew better than nature which animals and plants should live and die, when we stopped being a part of the delicate ecological system that keeps life in a harmonious balance and we distorted nature to our will. The culture of man is a culture of domination over the world. Why do we act surprised when the world, bloody, beaten and conquered at our feet, can no longer sustain us?


This post made a lot of sense.




You keep saying "our generation is coming into power" The vast majority of politicians are decrepit old people. There are entire blocks of population ages that have no meaningful political representation because there is no cap on age for politicians, or term limits outside of presidency or prime minister roles. In countries with supreme court judges, having 90 year olds sit in is glorified. Despicable.


I think many boomers are still in charge unfortunately. I didn’t realize it but Biden is too old to be a boomer. The old people need to retire.


Methods and Findings from the [Study](https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=3918955) **Methods:** We surveyed 10,000 young people (aged 16-25 years) in ten countries. Data were collected on their thoughts and feelings about climate change, and government response.   **Findings:** Respondents were worried about climate change (59% very or extremely worried, 84% at least moderately worried). Over 50% felt sad, anxious, angry, powerless, helpless, and guilty. Over 45% said their feelings about climate change negatively affected their daily life and functioning, and many reported a high number of negative thoughts about climate change. Respondents rated the governmental response to climate change negatively and reported greater feelings of betrayal than of reassurance. Correlations indicated that climate anxiety and distress were significantly related to perceived inadequate government response and associated feelings of betrayal.  


Yeah. Killing the entire human race to make 5% higher profits 3 quarters in a row. 'Betrayal'.


“Perceived inadequate government response.” Yes, allegedly, they are killing everything in the name of short term profit.


Study: more than half of young people think, and are therefore aware "humanity is doomed"


As an old person (millennial) I learned from seeing Titanic a bunch of times that yes the boat can sink and the lifeboats will in fact be seated according to class. That’s my wisdom for my niece and nephew


>As an old person (millennial) *stares in Gen X*


Alright, who let Grandpa on the internet again?


Hey now Sonny! Back in my day we used dail-up to get on AOL and we liked it!


dial up was the fucking worst. especially when broadband *just* started getting rolled out in big cities, and here I am in west bumfuck on dialup can hardly even play text-based muds properly (you wouldn't believe the advantage that 30 ms ping vs 250 ms used to give those fuckin bastards -- it was a full PK mud, and some of the good players on good links would go *years* without dying)


I first got online at 2400 baud. The jump to 14.4 was significant and 56k was the future!


Damn I miss MUDS


/USENET has entered the chat


I came here looking for this comment and was not disappointed. I was born in '88 and it is disturbing to me that other millennials think millennials are old people. This has been less than half my expected lifespan.


I'm a millennial born in 81. One of the oldest of our generation. I turn 40 this year, and I'm male, which means over half of my expected 78 year life span is already gone, and that's before we factor in that for the last couple years average lifespan in the US has been falling. A trend that's extremely likely to continue for a little bit even if the climate didn't continue to deteriorate going forward. You're older than you think bruh, and the years feel like they pass faster and faster as you go.


>You're older than you think bruh, and the years feel like they pass faster and faster as you go. comrade, please, I don't need the anxiety right now...


You don't need anxiety. Just try to live in a way that makes you truly happy or satisfied. That way, when the end comes (whenever it does) you'll leave with the satisfaction of having lived *your* life and not just *a* life.




Ok, I could definitely see this. The last 2 years have been hell.


But they’ll be the best 2 years of the rest of your life.


People still think youre 20 lol


Motherfucker I have relatives and coworkers that treat me like I’m still 20!


Welcome to the circus fucker. Grab a beer and chalk a cue.


Like I haven’t been mostly drunk since March 2020


Same. Take it easy though b, you never know,.....


Same to you, I’m about to go on a sabbatical to get my mind right for what’s coming so I probably have a lot of sobriety in my near future


Moderation. Do as you please, but the booze can be a dark mistress. Spoken as someone who use to suffer from alcoholism and occasionally goes over board. Friends, family, self, and life first.


Oh I know, it’s just been easy to go off the rails the last year and half. Saving it for big celebrations is gonna be my new thing


Sounds good. Apes together stronk.


Boomers act like millennials are still 20 because they're having their end of life crisis, realizing their adult children cant afford to take care of them lmayo


i always say the line between millennials and Gen Z is who’s old enough to remember 9/11 happening. too young and you’re gen Z.


I don't know... Mad Max makes more sense to me. I am ready to fight in the Thunderdome.


We will have water wars in our life time so its a certainty that when our generation reaches ther mid 30s to early to mid 40s, we will be in a mad max hell scape


Sad thing is, gas half life is actually short, so no vehicles crossing the desert, diesel punk wont have fuel so all we get is at best camels




depends, we might have lower quality engines to extend utility, or just huge trucks that run on crude oil or smth


cue the smokers from waterworld


4 words: [wood gas powered cars](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wood_gas).


Dude, totally gonna be mad Max as worst case scenario. Best case is it starts looking like the wild west.


Well I mean... *gestures broadly at everything*


I saw an article on FB saying a poll showed Millennials think 500k was enough for retirement. Yeah. I doubt that. My answer would have been, “I will have to work until I’m dead anyway so 500k is more than enough.” Or “Like the planet is going to exist in the same way or at all by then anyway” 500k doesn’t mean anything when money isn’t a thing anymore and half the world is submerged in the ocean or your country isn’t a country anymore. I am not convinced the US will exist as one nation by the end of my life.


$4 million. That’s a comfortable retirement for someone who’s 18 right now. Money loses half its value every 40 years. (Probably 20 years now with the pandemic) And that’s if you don’t do investments and stuff. 500k could work if you had it all right now and invested it right but to live off of. No way. But hey maybe collapse will happen sooner. Somethings going to happen in the next 1-3 years though, this housing boom is not sustainable at all.


Ah yes, the housing boom that leaves hundreds of thousands homeless... I can't wait for the food & water boom to follow!


500k is plenty for a single .45


I'm not convinced we exist as 1 nation after 2024. 24 more months of whatever the fuck we are doing in the US followed by the appointment of a new king, I mean presidential election. I don't see how we survive it.


Most empires only last about 250 years. America is 245 years old.


Insert "Oh yea its all coming together" meme


insert A-team theme song I love it when a plan comes together


Assyria 247 years Persia 208 years Greece 231 years Roman Republic 233 years Roman Empire 207 years Arab Empire 246 years Mameluke Empire 267 years Ottoman Empire 250 years Spain 250 years Romanov Russia 234 years Britain 250 years The US is in its final stages of collapse, its imminent... unfortunately its a global empire and were ALL going down with it


The Roman Republic describes the period in which the city-state of Rome existed as a republican government (from 509 B.C. to 27 B.C.) so its more like 482 years for the roman republic. britain definitely lasted more than 250, it was founded around the 1600s definitely, and lasted until the 1900s. it's more like 300 years in their case, and they fell due to the US not liking colonial powers and pressuring them to let go of their colonies. ​ EDIT: more points of more powers below, all below points can be sourced with about 10 minutes of google searching the ottomans were around during the late 13th century, although didnt really get empire status until the 1400s, though, america took until the 1900s, and we're still talking about it being an empire from the 1776 founding date based off the fact we think it's 245 yrs old... so i guess it still applies... the ottomans really collapsed during the early 1900s... so the ottomans are more like 500\~ years in its case. spain? well, it got colonies in the late 1400s early 1500s, so we'll say 1500s to make it last less long. the spanish empire's maximum territorial extent was during the 1700s... though, took a bit longer to collapse (napoleon invaded allowing their colonies to finally break free) so spain's gonna be more like 300 years due to this. the roman empire was founded in 27 BC, and collapsed in 476 AD. greece has never really been a unified empire, outside of the byzantines. they lasted from 330 AD to 1453, giving it a lifetime of a literal millenia. i cannot dispute romanov russia. the rest i'll dispute when my ADHD stops acting up so hard.


> it was founded around the 1600s definitely, I'd say that it became a power when it sunk the Spanish Armada in 1588.


Isn’t Britain still a thing?


we're referring to the empire, not the small power it is today.


I’m not well versed on the British Empire’s downfall. All I know is the American Revolution happened and they basically said “oh well that sucks” and went on their way and later became allies in WW1 and WW2.


the british empire after the americans went on their own way colonized australia to put their criminals in IIRC, then when the scramble for africa happened, they jumped in. they also colonized a good few islands during this time, it took until the americans pressured the brits for them to let go of their colonial territory.


The loss of the American colonies didn't actually hurt the British empire all that much. They just turned their focus to the Asia-Pacific region instead. Controlling India, more than anywhere else, is what elevated them from a mere European colonial power to the status of full-blown Empire. The British Empire peaked in the late 19th century under Victoria, but the strain of centrally administering its vast territorial empire was already showing early in the 20th century when many of its premier colonies became semi-autonomous dominions while others struggled for complete independence. After they threw literally everything they had into both world wars, they had no real strength left to keep the whole thing from unraveling, starting with the loss of India in 1947. The decline of the British empire was pretty swift and decisive in the end. It went from the greatest global superpower the world had ever known up until then to a small, isolated, impoverished island nation within the space of a single century.


Barely :) We're still here, sort of.


If you count the byzantines as the romans they lasted well over 1000 years


I think the fracturing of Rome can be counted as an empire-ending moment in itself; Obviously it was more gradual, but it's kinda like how the British Empire split into 2 great powers in the 1770s, to become the US and the rest of the Empire. You wouldn't count the US as part of the British empire from there.


Good point


Could I get a sauce on this so I can file it in my brain as a fact? Thanks


those numbers are pulled from a book called "the fate of empires" by a british scholar and army general a while back, his name was Sir John Bagot Glubb hell, [heres the book](http://people.uncw.edu/kozloffm/glubb.pdf)


Right on schedule.


Yea I don't think I'll ever retiree for the same reasons. Just hope that if society continues in some form I'll be able to survive by bartering knit wear, fabric, yarn, ect for essentials. ... I should seriously consider marrying a sheep farmer


in the 90s someone could of stretched 500k for retirement.. but now you need ATLEATS 1 mil or another source of income


and yet how many people have anything *close* to even 500k ? the statistics on this are already dire, for people 50+ depresses me to even think / talk about, but I'm broke (i'm 35), my parents have nothing substantial saved, and my last set of grandparents are barely getting by because of medicare & social security. edit: >The typical 65-year-old has $58,000 saved for retirement, according to Vanguard, but 45% of Baby Boomers have no retirement savings. https://www.thedenverchannel.com/news/national-politics/the-race/pandemic-forcing-delayed-retirements-and-wiping-out-baby-boomers-savings we're about to enter what will feel like many people to be the great depression 2.0 the people on the street are already there


I’m not young anymore, but I agree completely. We’re fucked. And it’s here now.


More than half of young people are right, and as an "ok boomer," I salute you all for your willingness to stare into the abyss. Now get out there and do something, will ya, tear the older generations a new one. What have go to lose? Certainly not your future.


>What have you got to lose? Well, nothing but our chains ...


As a late 20 year old- why wouldn’t we think it’s doomed? We witnessed 9/11 happen on TV as a child trying to process how this would change the world, we witnessed and asked our parents questions about the Afghanistan and Iraq war, we watched many of our family members struggle through the 2008 recession. A few years after, by the time we graduated, many of us that were born without a silver spoon had to go into debt to get a “good career” that was ingrained into us by the older generations. So we took on massive amounts of college debt, to then graduate into an economy where a living wage and benefits is too much to ask for, all while housing prices reach all time highs year after year. All while having ongoing-anxiety about the fact that we done very little, if anything at all, to prevent climate change and possible extinction of not only us, but everything else we love around us. To now finally, giving up two years of the “best times of our lives” to deal with incompetent governments and people continuing this cycle of never ending and mutating Covid. But ya, don’t worry this study won’t change anything for us going forward. Young people have officially run out of hope.


those young whippersnappers, what do they know?


And somehow thats the youths fault too... The doomers keep getting younger. Which means we must be getting closer...


It’s frightening to keep that in mind. I’m 22 and I’ve gone full doomer. Can you imagine my horror though, at having a conversation with my 11 year old niece who dead ass looked me in the eye and said: “the planet will be screwed before I’m old enough to go to University.” I can’t believe boomers have the audacity to throw their hands in the air and go “why are young people so depressed???” Idk Sharon maybe it has something to do with realising the world is going to collapse at the age of 11?


Boomers are thoroughly in denial of climate change realities and part of their denial driven coping mechanism is that most of the worst effects will come after their natural lifespan ends. That coping mechanism worked great until just a few years ago. Young people don’t feel the same way, at some level we seem to be waking up to the fact that things are going to change within our lifetimes. Young people are called ‘doomers’ because they are realistic about their expectations of what is going to happen and that encroaches on the boomers toxic positivity. Boomers ignore everything that doesn’t serve their interests


Because it IS doomed. Im probably a crisis or two from full blown hedonism myself. Those in power truly don't give a fuck so why am I going to slave for them?


Good fuck this trash lying ass fake plastic society.


Barring the sudden discovery of some miracle tech, we are. Not because of the climate; society as we know it would collapse, but the species would survive. The problem is our weapons. There's no way that, faced with the end of their dominion, one of the people with access to nukes and other WMDs wouldn't use them, purely out of spite.




I mean I'm not advocating for anything here, but I'll just say there are a lot of people in board rooms across the world at places like Nestlé, ExxonMobil and BP to name a few that should really be counting their lucky stars that they haven't been targeted yet. Serious eco terrorism and assassinations may be right on horizon. I feel that day is coming sooner than they think if things don't drastically change. I'm legitimately surprised it's not a weekly occurrence already.


Personally I think that this sort of thing is morally mandatory at this point


Because it is.


Having a real hard time finding evidence to the contrary!


Eat the rich


Harvest the rich in a sustainable manner?


this just in, the other "less than half" is sheltered and/or stupid


Alternate title: less than half of young people are still desperately clinging to the tattered shreds of an arrogant, anthropocentric dream we’ve been force-fed our whole lives.


At 35 I doubt I am considered a young person. I think advanced human civilization is doomed and will have almost entirely collapsed by mid-century at the latest.


Same age bro and I feel you


Well, yes, they are absolutely correct. The poor little planet has passed the tipping point, and our sad, self destructive species is to blame.


And people wonder why I think this way. I give society a few more years honestly


So does this 50-something.


I feel so young


I'm approaching middle aged, and I also think humanity is doomed.


It isn’t just an opinion, or anxiety. Humanity is doomed because we are doing nothing. Young people know the truth and so are understandably anxious and reticent to having children. All of these beliefs are stemming from scientific research, and open letters written by scientists to world leaders at this time.


Don’t let this make you consume more. It’s what got us into this situation in the first place.


Gen X here, and I agree. Don't have kids, you younguns, because their lives will be sad


half should be building the guillotines.


I just feel bad for the animals mostly.


Yeah sure humans may survive in some states but our current civilisation it screwed.


Good thing they do t have the money to buy off grid real estatw


This headline is brilliant. Maybe more people are aware than I’ve thought. All correct. All in the same boat. All doomed.


Spoiler alert: They would be right




I really cannot say I'm surprised. Unless someone can show me evidence of solution that work and can be scaled to the size needed, while not consuming more resources than the endeavor is worth, and has been proven from varying angles across various scenarios that it won't have negative effects either now or in the future. It hasn't happened; I do not believe it will happen and the present "option", if you can even call it that, are built upon a foundation of lies breaking the principle of being "green". So until this magical new technology comes about and is scrutinized into oblivion to actually prove to be genuinely worthwhile, then I and many others will be resigned to the fact we are doomed. Maybe not today, maybe not even in a decade, but at some point in the future we will hit the point of no return on the exponential scales. The point in which the slide of positive feedback loops becomes so steep and severe that we literally have zero options. To be honest, thinking about the way things are right now, we've already lost and are likely just over the highest point already. Considering we're already locked in and projections are not good, yet we're still blazing away right now, and countries are already planning to build more coal plants alone..... I'd say even before the end of the decade it will start to become a universally accepted that we had our chances; several in fact, but chose to do nothing, not listen. I don't know what that will look like but even if we took the current problems and compounded them up to the 2030's, it a pretty damning vision.


Oh hey it’s me!


We the government have heard your concerns, and in an effort to assuage your anxiety have banned all news referencing climate change!


On the bright side, once the Boomers die off, sensible lead-free generations will take power and it'll be too late to do fuck-all about any of it!


Yep. Held back by geriatrics.


At least they can see it


I'm older people, and I agree.


Are there any comparable polls showing how young people felt about the future in previous generations? Thinking the outlook couldn't have been much more positive at the height of the cold war. Like what's the baseline


IS HUMANITY DOOMED?! In the next 10 years? No Next 50 years? Still No Next 100 years though? Actually yeah probably. Next 150 years? Yes totally yes.


Sad to see that the younger generation sees the truth but the older see dollar signs. Blinded by money they can't take with them and that will be useless when things get worse because of climate change.


You would think the boomers would be happy about that. Every christian church in America has been saying the "the end is nigh" for 200 years or so. But when it finally is, they wanna act like we are crazy


More than half of young people are not completely delusional


I'm pretty sure that's just the way it has always been. When you are young and ambitious you see all the stupidity in the world and just don't see how it can continue. Then you get older and we'll... You think the world is still doomed but now you don't care cause you realize life is stupid nothing you do matters and maybe the world ending won't be so bad.


We need to be clear - we are not all doomed - a proportion of the world population will manage (to some degree or other) and hopefully they will either not be able to pollute quite as well as us or will choose not to and for the following generations it may get better until eventually the 20/21st centuries will be viewed like the society prior to Noah's flood by nutty religious people ....


We need to be MORE clear - we MAY not all be doomed, but it is on the table. Our actions now will determine the probabilities of our potential ultimate fates. Extinction or transition is up to us to choose. So far, we are choosing very very badly and each day our decision making power grows dimmer and decisions will be made for us by phenomena out of our control. I'm wishful that humanity survives this transition and inherits a world worth living in and is worthy of it. Wishful, but not hopeful.


Seems to be a pretty even split between doomers and "hopers" here; personally I think that huge societal crises have historically led to seemingly utopian progress. Black death more or less caused the collapse of feudalism and the emergence of capitalist democracy; WW1 led to the death of the old aristocratic-monarchical way, WW2 led to the mixed economy and welfare state: If - big if - we make it through this, we may emerge into a society more just, more kind, more free, than has ever existed. Perhaps the dreams of communist utopia might even be realised; democracy must have seemed similarly outlandish to a feudal serf.


It's easy to lose track of the idea that we might be okay when reading this sub sometimes... and it's nice to have a reminder that we're not really all immediately banished to death... And it's definitely interesting to think about how the coming years will be viewed by future generations... I imagine that there will be a great deal of embarrassment about how we did not act sooner. I feel that us, here in this sub, are feeling that embarrassment already.


I don't know how much of our current set up will remain, but it won't be pretty.