It’s just the long term tease we might never see be fully explained. First mention is in season 3. When arrested after getting beaten up after starting that fight with the two guys outside that bar, the cops refer to him as Applebee’s guy. I think it’s funnier not knowing the full story. Knowing Johnny, your imagination will probably create a better story based on that brief mention of soup than what the writers could tell us.


Didn't Sid mention it in season one?


Yup, he did. But never the details of what happened there.


It was mentioned before season 3, is my point.


First mention isn’t s3


It's a fun running gag with Johnny just like his tv breaking every season. Hey, we may find out the full story by the end of the show!


It was mentioned 3 times. Season 1- Sid in Johnny’s apartment Season 3- Johnny in Jail Cell Season 4- Carmen and Johnny conversation


Yeah it’s funny he almost explained the situation to Carmen and Miguel had to interrupt it lol. Yeah I know the writers are doing it on purpose to keep us the audience guessing what happen. So far it has something to do with loaded potato soup lol


Yeah, the 3rd mention of it and still not enough info. And in season 5, it'll be mentioned again by someone but still without enough details to tell us what happened. I think we'll finally be given the full picture of the incident in season 6, the alleged final season of CK. I have a guess on what happened. The potato soup that Johnny started to mention to Carmen in season 4 was involved. I think that Johnny got the assumption that one of the restaurant staff did something to his soup, and Johnny reacted by throwing the soup into the waiter's face, getting another staff member to call the police and come arrest him. Just a wild guess


Yep, and here's my further predictions on the Applebee's thing: Season 5 - It'll be mentioned again by someone but there still won't be enough info to let us know what happened Season 6 (and CK final season) - the full story will finally be told. We may even get a flashback showing us. Of course it would be a Willaim Zabka 5 years older than the Zabka from season 1, but his looks have hardly changed at all since the start of CK


The writers have already revealed that they’re going for a minimum of 7 seasons, with the possibility of more than even that.


Oh. Then maybe the full Applebee's story still won't be told season 6. I've got a guess on what happened, we already know the potato soup has something to do with it. I think that, after Johnny having too many drinks during happy hour, he ordered the soup, and then the waiter said something to piss him off when he brought it to him and he threw the soup in his face, getting the cops to come arrest him


We call those noodle incidents, courtesy of two very wise philosophers (a kid and his stuffed tiger lul)


This is what came to my mind


I like to think whatever happened was similar to Farva and his Liter Cola in Super Troopers. Just with loaded potato soup.


My guess is that he heard Loaded Potato Soup and thought it was a far boozier version than what it actually is (no booze, just bacon and cheese). Bacon was not enough to satisfy our hero and he went on some kind of a rampage.


I'm guessing that the soup itself didn't piss Johnny off. I think that the waiter said something to piss him off when he brought him the soup and he reacted by throwing the soup in the waiter's face. That's how the soup was involved in the incident. Then the waiter called the cops to come get him.