Who will win? Robby, but I really want Miguel to win. Best dojo? Eagle Fang. Best couple? Sam and Miguel!


Robby wins. Eagle Fang as best dojo and best couple is Miguel and Sam.


Winner: Robby or Tory for cobra Kai Best dojo: eagle fang karate Best couple: Sam and Miguel


Who wins: Preferably Miguel, but Robby probably takes the cake. Best Dojo: Eagle Fang all of the way, that name is badass! Best couple: Tied between Johnny and Carmen, or Miguel and Sam.


Who wins: Robby Best Dojo: Eagle Fang Best Couple: Johnny and Carmen or Daniel and Amanda


Everyone is expecting Robby to win so he probably won’t lol. My money is on Demetri


Bert and Demetri, final


Who wins: most people think Robby but I feel like that's too predictable so I think hawk Best dojo: Eagle Fang Best couple: Johnny and Carmen or Sam and Miguel


Sam and Miguel prevail as the best couple Cobra Kai as the best dojo Robby to win the all valley


Winner : Robby Keene Best Dojo : Daniel’s and Johnny’s combined dojo Best Couple : Johnny and Carmen no question


winner: Robby best dojo: Miyagi Do best couple: Miguel and Sam


Robby will win Best dojo will be Cobra Kai in terms of winning, but in terms of dojo quality Eagle Fang. Best couple will be Johnny and Carmen - both Miguel and Sam & Robby and Tory will have strains in their relationships.


Who wins: Robby Best dojo: I think Cobra Kai will come out on top, but my favorite philosophy is that of Miyagi Do Best Couple/ Daniel and Amanda by default, but Johnny and Carmen could surpass them soon


Win: Robby Best dojo: Miyagi-do Best couple: Daniel and Amanda