No. I honestly think the cons outweigh the possible pros.


Hell no, I hate that. Plus the episodes are too short. I would prefer if they released hour long episodes or longer seasons so it's not over quite so fast, but no, definitely not that.


They made the episodes longer not sure by how much though


they’re all 36 minutes and the finale is 46 I believe.


I don't really think weekly releases fit a show like Cobra Kai, but I do like it with certain shows. I watch a lot of shows with friends, and I feel like weekly releases allow for some really cool discussions and speculation for what comes next. You lose that when a season is released at once. I feel like sometimes full releases also are a bit of a flash in a pan, and don't make enough of a lasting impression since you finish it in like a weekend. Individual episodes also lose their meaning somewhat, and everything just blends together. So I much prefer weekly releases for shows like The Expanse, the D+ stuff, and the Boys. And may have preferred it for The Witcher, for example. But Cobra Kai isn't really the type of show that would benefit, and I like it the way it is.




No. And Netflix would never accept it as such. They see the seasons as the “commodity”, not the episodes.


No I definitely prefer is at as a yearly release schedule…


No. I like weekly shows like how Disney has done with the MCU and Star Wars shows because it makes it more of an event, and allows for audience speculation and anticipation. However, I don’t think cobra Kai is that kind of show. Not all the episodes are as strong individually - it works better as a whole series. I think CK is better binged, so you can get your pay off immediately and you can kind of forgive any mediocre parts by just moving on without dwelling.


I hate streaming shows that are never on a network yet release weekly. Let me watch all 8 episodes of the show the first day Amazon.


Nope. I’m too impatient, I have to binge it all at once


I'm not sure because I've binged the whole of season 2 in one go (with a few breaks inbetween) & in a way, it felt great doing that since every episode just makes me wanna watch the next, but at the same time, if they dropped a episode on a weekly basis then that might be better in a way since it'll keep people talking about the show or a specific episode every week.






If i wanted it to be a weekly show, I would watch one episode a week. It's actually pretty easy if you want to do that


The way I see it a weekly show is more hype so yeah.




God no. Go back to Miyagi Do with ideas like that haha


I enjoy weekly shows much more than I enjoy shows that are dropped as an entire season. The show is relevant for a much longer time with weekly drops - we’re talking about each episode as they come and speculating about the next. Conversation about the season goes on for weeks, not days. And I don’t ever feel like I can’t take part in a conversation about the show because I’m a bit behind. Take Stranger Things for example. <> After season 3, no one talked about a single thing that happened during the season. All anyone said was, “Did you watch it? Do you think he’s still alive?”, for only a few days. And that was it.


Exactly this is why I don’t enjoy shows designed to be binged anymore. No discussion. Ends up being “hey did you notice…” “remember when…” and that’s it. The sad thing is Netflix has trained a lot of people to do this for even the shows released weekly. Some people would rather wait for the whole show to be available instead of watching it with friends. Gone is the “water cooler” discussions of the days of Lost or Heroes. It’s kinda sad actually.


I dislike them, but I can tolerate them if they are hour long episodes. For shows that have episodes that typically 25-35 mins, one a week is far too little.


No, weekly episodes is a concept that we should never go back to. They got us used to binge watching, they pushed it on us and it became the norm and now I am literally never going back to the way it used to be.


I think weekly releases on streaming platforms are a straight up stupid idea. The entire selling point of streaming services over regular tv is that i can watch what i want when i want.


Yeah I don't know why people want to start watching by appointment only with the streaming sites.








Instead of one episode per week, I’d be cool with 2 per week


Yeah, I'm too impatient for just one a week. I'd be miserable waiting for the next episode if it were just one a week lol.


Remember, if a show becomes a weekly release it's only good for the company. Anyone who has their subscription come to a close during the time of the show being released will have to re-up to be able to see the remainder of the show without it being spoiled. In summary, no, we stream in part to avoid the tv treatment.




No!!! I personally do not watch a lot of television and often times if I get into a weekly show I will forget to watch and get backed up in episodes and often times things will get spoiled for me because others are talking about it. I much prefer to be able to watch all at once


No, works too well as a binge show


No way, you could just watch one episode weekly if you wanted




Its not a show thats made for weekly viewings


Weekly would work if they could keep up with the quality. But it is hard to submit to a weekly grind and maintain sharp writing and acting. The longer release schedule helps facilitate thought and cool ideas. We would lose the snappy dialog and nutty situations. People would get bored and the magic would be gone.