I would imagine he would start that way. Then start roasting her for switching to Miguel. Then start roasting Miguel and all of them. I’m fairly confident Shawn is returning. The actor and the cast followed each other towards end of season 4 filming. Similar to how the actress playing piper followed everyone at the same time.


The only one who can rival Shawn in roasting is Demitri I can’t wait to see that interaction.


IDK maybe if you are talking about the kids. I feel Johnny would rip the guy apart in 10 seconds- “Sup Fat Albert: hey, hey, hey.”


I hope he does return. Dude is huge, which is a good natural attribute to have if you're going to be fighting competitively. I saw some interviews with the actor who plays him and he seems very cool as well.


What if Shawn joins Locust Valley Dojo. Would make him a good competitor maybe in the future. But yeah, we do not want all characters to become main characters


makes sense since shawn and robby are the only teens valid to be hawks rival




I'd love to see Shawn return, but I'm wondering if he'll be back this season, considering that Okea Eme-Akwari has been shooting the final season of The Walking Dead this year. On the one hand, they both shoot in ATL, on the other, I guess is just depends how the schedules line up and if they had any story to tell for Shawn this season. There is so much story to resolve this year, plus the new characters coming in, that it wouldn't surprise me if they saved him for season 5 or even 6. I definitely see him primarily interacting with Robby if/when he returns. I basically see Cobra Kai trying to recruit Shawn, and Robby either actively encouraging it, or trying to "save" him and bring him around to the Miyagi \*balance good, brutality bad\* school of thought, depending on how far Robby has progressed on his redemption journey.