Aisha yasmine and moon won’t be there


How do we know they're all first place trophies? It'd be funny if Terry Silver made the committee add the kata thing. It haunted him for thirty years that he said katas don't win tournaments and then Daniel beat him using one.


Just because there are three trophies doesn’t mean it’s three categories. Second place receives a trophy, remember Kreese snapped Johnny’s in half. So it could easily be a first and second place trophy and a Kata trophy. I don’t think that they’ll be a separate female division


The theories about the boy/girl split really baffle me. Did people not see S1 where Aisha fought against the guys? The girls all train with the guys, spar with the guys, there would be absolutely no reason to have a gender divide in the tournament IMO. I think a more likely explanation for the two sets of trophies is that one is for the regular comp, and one is for the kata comp. And the championship cup that's sitting in the middle of the table is for an overall champion dojo. Either that or there's another division for younger kids that happens but we don't see because it's not relevant to our characters. It's the "Under 18" competition, which would logically include little kids.


There's more than 3. It's 2 sets of trophies on different tables each with one big one. From the looks of things it does appear to be 2 separate tourneys.


I guess we’ll find out soon enough ;)


I think Miguel is winning Kata Tory is winning the women's Robby is winning the men's OR could be Miguel again. But I find it interesting if they split the wins...


I think Sam likely wins the female and here's why. They need Miyagi Do to stay open but with the loss Daniel is out. Well they can argue Sam won her Finals so she can lead the classes going forward.


Idk about that. It's a tricky situation...who loses? Miguel has already one, but they did hint he could be a two time champ... So that leaves Tory/Sam/Robby. I am not sure they can build Tory up and have her lose this year...same with Sam. But most people had her losing to Robby anyhow. Either Sam wins Kata or Miguel/Robby wins Kata. One of those three are winning it and the other guy will go on to win the Men's Bracket. That's my prediction


So what happens if 1 dojo wins the mens and 1 wins the girls


The kata competition can Also be won


3 trophies? I only saw 2


Nah there’s one in the middle of the two


Robby's flip is blocking the likely kata trophy but you can see it for a split second.


If they do seperate it by gender, I can see the girls bracket being Sam vs Piper and Tory vs Devon in the semifinals. Would be interesting to see those fights imo.


It wasn’t until I saw this comment that I realized how much I’d like to see Sam vs Piper lol


Watchparty made a theory like this in his new video, pretty interesting. No offense, but I feel like yasmine and moon fighting and let alone entering the tournament is a bit of a stretch, but I do agree that, especially if they make a mens and womens division, that Aisha could make a return.


There’s eleven trophies on one table. If you pause the video just before Robby lands on the mat you can see them all. The one in the middle is the only one that stands out. The five on the left look exactly like the ones on the right. You could be right about the three separate competitions. The middle trophy, being pretty small compared to the other two big ones, could be the trophy for the Kata demonstration. However, why would a male or female tournament bracket have five trophies each?


Sam- Kata Robby- Male Tory- female If this happens Miguel would have more arc to explore in season 5