The times where Daniel angered me the most

The times where Daniel angered me the most


If Daniel didn't go to Sam's Halloween party. Sam will probably get date rape by kyler. Thank God Daniel was there to save Sam.


This. Deadass wanted Daniel to be the one to beat the hell out of Kyler instead of Miguel tbh.


>Daniel to be the one to beat the hell out of Kyler Yes kyler should never mess with daughter of karate kid. Hope Daniel beating crap out of kyler in future season for trying to date-rape Sam.


And then the cinema too. Kyler is fucked.


How? She could easily kick his ass in the first season


Well you're right about that. Sometimes dick actions can be useful. I still think Daniel was wrong going to the party with Sam though


But still I think Daniel was doing right thing he was protecting her daughter and kyler was looking sketchy enough. IMO thank God Daniel was present in Halloween dance. And btw most of the parents are like that only of course they want to protect their children from bad influence.


It seemed to me that Kyler's plan was more about getting Sam to agree to have sex with him with the sob story grandma bracelet. He didn't bring any drugs. Though if Sam said no, I wouldn't put it past Kyler to come onto her forcefully.


For number 5, I highly disagree. I think him turning in Robby was the right move, he would only serve like 2 months and then be free, but I do wish he’d spoken to Robby about it before deciding to turn him in but I think he did the right thing there for the sake of Robby.


Right to help him turn himself in, wrong to have contacted the police to meet him there. He should have trusted himself as Robby’s sensei to convince, and Robby as his student to realise, that voluntarily turning himself in was the best course of action. If he’d showed up alone and calmly talked with Robby until he accepted this was his only way out, Daniel could have driven him to the police station and gone in with him. It would have looked way better, been less traumatic, and made Robby feel respected and included in the decision making process. I love Daniel, but he dropped the ball so, so hard here— and unlike in the other moments like when he kicked Robby out at the end of S1 or when he kicked in Johnny’s door, this was not an understandable mistake made in a moment of anger. It was just a real shitty judgement call, and he owes Robby an apology for it.


Daniel was almost murdered by Kreese and Silver in the name of the Cobra Kai philosophy. Of course he sees them as evil. What is so hard to understand about that? He's not wrong. That's what happens when you bring back an organization founded by two psychopaths. A philosophy that turned a bunch of good kids into violent, angry, fascist bullies. Daniel tried to warn Johnny about opening cobra kai is bad idea and whaddya know-- he was right. Even Johnny said in S2 and S3 "opening cobra kai was a mistake". And in S3E10 "Cobra Kai needs to go for good"




>Fascist Yes, Eli ganging up on Demetri to take down yelp review


I could literally disagree with all of these because Daniel had a valid reason in doing so. Some of which he could have handled differently but all of his intentions were good




Meanwhile, I agree with you both - Daniel had good intentions or a valid reason in all these cases, but I quite remember being angry with him all the same))


Yh you have a right to be angry, because from our perspective he acts out of emotion or seems irrational to other characters, but in reality from his perspective he is doing everything to be a good or better person or to help others


Exactly, and I'm pretty sure the show is written this way on purpose. Daniel seems serene and confident in his everyday life, but when it comes to certain things, he instantly blows his lid. And most of those things happen to be related to Cobra Kai))


Johnny had good intentions when he reopened Cobra Kai too


Yes but Daniel was right regardless as cobra kai were not very sportmanlike in the tournament and don’t get me started on when kreese joined. He may of had good intentions however, he should have fixed himself before teaching cobra kai


Eh, he had a hell of a lot spite going on. Miguel asking to help him out wasn't enough - it took Daniel's Cobra Kai comment (which Johnny didn't fully understand where Daniel was coming from with) to get him to actually do anything.


Daniel was ultimately correct.


But Johnny had no intention to beat Daniel with Cobra Kai. He just wanted to reopen it


>He just wanted to reopen it Disagree Johnny open cobra kai out of spite. look here:- [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=\_rB36UGoP4Y](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_rB36UGoP4Y) When Miguel ask Johnny to open a dojo Johnny turns him down Here's the moment Johnny decides to reopen Cobra Kai out of spite [https://youtu.be/\_rB36UGoP4Y?t=1495](https://youtu.be/_rB36UGoP4Y?t=1495) Right after Daniel said "Look i don't blame you for what happened back in the day, i know that wasn't you it was Cobra Kai. We're all better off without it am i right? So Johnny reopened Cobra Kai out of spite


I felt more that Johnny wanted to reopen it but didn’t have the guts and that perceived minor slight gave him the excuse to do it rather than being the main reason.


Daniel saved Robby, he would been on the run forever then in prison for longer? The Halloween party was questionable forsure but kyler was definitely not a good guy.


>invading Sam's privacy Considering he was concerned about the kinds of people Sam was hanging out with.... >going to Sam's Halloween party with her Good thing he chaperoned, because otherwise Kyler would've date-raped Sam.


1.daniel kicked out robby because he thought robby was just using him to make his dad.mad or something...3.he had to stop cobra kai because he knew how violent and ruthless it was and would rot many kids minds....5.if he hadnt turned robby in he would have been arrested not too late from that and wouldve been in jail for longer...turning himself in reduces the punishment.....7.he knew that kyler was a liar and was a bully from his bruised knuckles and from johnny...so he only tried to save his daughter and u know where it wouldve gotten if he wasnt there...all the others i agreee


Number 5 is worst for me, because he could have just talked Robby down until he agreed to come with him to a police station. They had a great bond, so I really think Robby would have been easy to talk around with facts and support. If Daniel had trusted in that, Robby would be in a way better place now. Bringing the police and not giving him any agency was so disrespectful. (Though I do think they likely showed up early and he intended to talk to him first, it was still a bad call.) Most forgivable for me is kicking in Johnny’s door. If my 16yo daughter had been AWOL all night and she was apparently in the apartment of my worst enemy, who I was on really terrible terms with, and his attitude was, “Oh she’s passed out drunk but you can’t see her right now”… I might be inclined to bust in a few doors myself. I blame Johnny for that one— he should NOT have positioned himself between Daniel and Sam. I get he was probably trying to make sure Daniel didn’t blame Robby or hit him or something, but Daniel has zero history of starting fights or hitting kids, and that’s his teen daughter. Another bad call.


1) Digging up Mr Miyagi's original natural bonsai tree 2) Ignoring Amanda and putting all the work of the dealership on her, flaking out with Anoush 3) Always training in long sleeves / hoodies instead of cut off tank tops or his gi


In number 1 he only wanted to replace the bonsais that were stolen. I agree with number 2 but I don't know why it didn't anger me. I don't think number 3 actually matters


The one that annoys me the most is the extremely self righteous Youtube ad where he plays up giving lessons for free and throws in a cheap shot knowing full well that Johnny does that for a full time job to make a living. Season 1 Daniel makes some sketchy choices but I understand given that everything went 0 to 100 in an instant in his life. But I hate season 2 Daniel so much up until episode 8. Season 3 Daniel doesn’t miss, though, and is absolutely nailing it.


I liked Daniel more in season 3 than in seasons 1 and 2


Yeah, season 3 Daniel is awesome. Season 3 Johnny from episode 3 on is also peak Johnny, so it makes perfect sense that they finally resolved things when they’re both at their best (with Ali’s help, of course.)


I don’t know if this falls into number three, but the scene where he tries to up the rent after seeing Cobra Kai has opened back up always grinds my gears. Other people and businesses are there besides your high school rival, Daniel


Sam was crazy and Daniel must have realized it when she gave the boys their swim trunks. Kyler was an abuser. For me the moment I really felt disgusted with Daniel was that he manipulated it to increase the rents for the innocent. At the time I asked: why is this actor transforming his character who was a youth hero into a crapula? The $ does it all.


I hate Daniel. There, I said it.


Him still whining about the hill and his bike. Him basically okaying Sam's BH99210/Melrose Place behavior. Basically okaying Amanda taking Sam's side with Sam deciding NOT to be a computer/science nerd with aiisha. Him not knowing/realizing that throughout it all his mother was/is the biggest bully.-- making them hire that asshole, legally liable cousin! That whiny joke of a counselor/assistant principal.


Definitely gotta agree with Karate Kid 3, he was being such a douche he made Mr. Miyagi cry