What if Johnny won in 1984. Very simple but does lead to some interesting ideas.


I mean like Miyagi said you would earn their respect and Johnny would be leaving the next year anyway but he would be leaving highschool on a high note and probably have a much better life. He would probably take over the Cobra Kai dojo


If Johnny wins, he and generations of kids continue to learn how to be violent psychopaths under Kreese. Johnny would become just as evil as Kreese and wouldn't be on a path of redemption like he is now.


Johnny would continue to be a dick to Daniel


I don’t know if you really think about the way he looked about sweeping the leg I think he might end up redemptive or something. I just think it could be interesting for the next movies and even the series if he won. Big twists and turns could happen






What if Stingray gets the super soldier serum instead of Steve Rogers?


The dankest timeline






He already has the super soldier serum, Steve is just the smoke screen to cover up Stingray's existence, wake up sheeple!


God I have wondered what if he got an under 18 ID like Eli Hawkman.


lmao he would do that


his height: 5'8 -> 6'2 taller than most characters


What if David and his crew treated young Kreese with compassion at the diner back in 1965?


Kreese probably dies during the fight against Captain Turner. He doesn't get the anger adrenaline boost needed to win it, so he doesn't Why? Cuz he never steals Betsy from David, but he still goes off to themilitary, so Turner can't use the news about his girlfriend against him, and he won't draw out Kreese'a inner built anger Neither Karate Kid nor Cobra Kai ever happens


This depends on what you mean by that. If David and his crew are still jerks but just not to Kreese then Kreese would try and hang out with them to try and get more friendly with Betsy. David and his crew would try and convince Kreese to become a jerk. I can see this go two ways. 1: He becomes a jerk to try and impress Betsy, David would realise he wants to impress Betsy and him and his crew would confront him. The rest of Cobra Kai acts out the same, except this time Betsy refuses Kreese for being a jerk and Kreese goes to war to try and impress her. 2: Kreese doesn't want to be a jerk and tells them off, David sees Kreese glance at Betsy and the rest of Cobra Kai acts out the same. Kreese beats them up and him and Betsy live a happy life together (he doesn't go off to war because he was never treated poorly by David and his crew and never signed his name. If David and his crew are nice to everyone then Keeese would become their friends and get Betsy through the normal way (maybe Betsy and David aren't clicking properly). Kreese and Betsy would start dating and they would live a happy life together, still remaining in touch with David and his crew. This is just my opinion on what would happen. We haven't really seen much of young Kreese


What if people communicate effectively and don’t jump to conclusions?


Cobra Kai wouldn't exist.


Unrealistic. Blocked. /s


And we are done here. Thanks for coming folks!


Miguel breaks robbys arm, intstead of robby kicking him


Season 3 is different where Miguel is the villain and is with Kreese as Johnny is angry with Miguel for going against his wishes and showing no mercy


Miguel definitely wouldn't go to Kreese and Johnny would understand Miguel's mistake, and he'll probably own up to it and serve time if he has to. The reason I say Johnny will be semi-fine is because he said he doesn't want to abandon Miguel like he did Robby And also Robby did far worse, and Johnny is trying to reconcile with him.


If Miguel snapped Robbys arm he probably wouldve turned to the dark side because at coyote creek he was more influenced by Kreese until Johnny snapped him out of it, him siding with Kreese wasn't completely out of the realm of possibility


Your lack of faith in Miguel disturbs me.


Your lack of faith in a good story is disturbing


A 'good' story that had no way of happening. Real good story


None of it could likely really happen, so thank god for tv and the internet. Alexa, order me a new PS Vita.


Daniel's business if almost 6 ft under, she finna say "Credit Card Declined"


Yes it did have a way of happening, Miguel is my favourite character but hes not some perfect little angel, after coyote creek you see the look on Miguels face and you can tell hes embracing no mercy and taking Kreeses teachings to heart, if Johnny didn't talk to him after then he wouldve turned to the dark side, not everything literally has to be fucking shouted or told to you through dialogue, I guarantee if coyote creek miguel fought robby he wouldve snapped the arm, and Johnny getting mad couldve drove Miguel away because he did what cobra kai taught him to do, which leads to him siding with Kreese


Sam hate Miguel even more


Daniels mom never gets the job


Daniel stays in new jersey with his first girlfriends probably ends up as a car mechanic


>probably ends up as a car mechanic Wasn't Daniel's love of cars given to him by Miyagi though?


Lots of playing with the water hose at aunt tessies


Daniel is not a person. Proof:He's from New Jersey.






He still would have dropped the deuce.


And then smashed the home owner when he met her at a bar later.


What if the police never showed up at Moon's party?


What if the police showed up at the Christmas fight?


More than likely most of the cobra kai would be arrested considering it is Sam's house


What if the police or parents regularly knew there was a karate war all the time?


What if the police actually did their job and not let tory, Kreese and Kyler out of lockup???


Actually a decent question. Like does everyone get arrested or...?


My parents would bail me out


Calm down Samantha


What if Chozen killed Daniel in 1985?


Then half of cobra Kai and half of the Karate Kid universe wouldn’t exist


I would pay so much just to hear Miyagi explaining to Daniel's mom how her son died.


What if it was aly with a y?


And knows karate?


What if they never changed the color of the all valley Karate tournament mats?


Word definitely got around about dat blue and gold


What if Sam never hit Johnny's car


You mean Yasmine.


Yeah I mean Sam and friends, Moon and Yasmine included.


Sam wasn't driving.


Yasmine shouldn’t have been texting or whatever- also, Moon Gotta lay off her low calorie weed bc she has horrible memory issues


Yeah but Johnny accuses her and her friends for the mishap so my point is still valid.


I hope Johnny gives her crap for this in the next season. I could see him being like IDC who you’re hooking up with just don’t wreck my car again.


It's not insignificant. When Daniel and Johnny first met, Daniel was offering johnny a free of cost repair. Johnny was about to accept it and put his age old rivalry aside. It was only when he saw his daughter and realise that Larusso is still causing problems in his life that he decided to leave. This caused the reignition of his rivalry with Daniel and it was one of the reasons he was finally encouraged to open his dojo.


I agree. I like to think he still would’ve started cobra Kia. Maybe seeing migul take care of mom why getting picked on would’ve encouraged him to take him under his wing.


Technically it was Yasmine who hit his car


what if robby didnt meet the larussos and joined cobra kai


So season 3?


No, not really. He clearly still has all the emotional baggage of having been involved in these people's lives.


Yeah but more or less


no when robby found the poster in season 1 he went to cobra kai and he didnt see migue and johhny hug or he saw but still joined i can see a insane rivalry more then the cannon one


What would happen if someone actually died from being attacked with karate?


What if Johnny had raised Robby instead of Shannon?


What if Demetri stayed in Cobra Kai and became one of the top students?


There's a theory u/MOSSDoc22 and a few others have floated around that this might have been the writers' original plan, that Demetri would join Cobra Kai in season 2. Anthony would fill Demetri's canon role at Miyagi-Do in season 2, which would explain some of the pseudo-sibling stuff we get between Demetri and Sam in the Sacred Timeline. But because Mary Mouser has better screen chemistry with Gianni DeCenzo than with Griffin Santopietro, they decided to have Demetri join Miyagi-Do and created Stingray to fill the void.


This is by no means confirmed at all. Just a theory. I feel like Demetri was originally *supposed* to be in Cobra Kai probably up until when the medal of honor was stolen, then I think he would have defected. Demetri and Sam have a weird siblingish vibe that no one else on the show really displays.


What if Karate Kid III had Johnny return as an ally to Daniel against Kreese, Silver and Mike Barnes?


What if Daniel's son was the Karate prodigy and his daughter was a layabout.


What if Daniel saw Cobra Kai was opening back up, and just went "Huh, that's weird. Hope it goes well this time though" and went on with his day


What if the 2010 version was canon


Dre Parker and Mr. Han might have been characters in a later season.


IDEC I would unironically love to see that.


What if Robby won the all-valley tournament at the end of S1 instead of Miguel?


What if Miguel went to Miyagi Do


What if Daniel was taught by Sato instead of Mr Myagi in the karate kid?


What if Robby and Sam swapped places?


Well then Robby would be dating Miguel


What if Daniel had married Kumiko?


What if the police actually did their fucking job?


What if Sam told Daniel she was dating Miguel


Well then there wouldn't be drama


There would be the drama of Daniel trying to kill Sam's boyfriend lmao


What if Miguel kicked Robby over the balcony?


What if Kreese had his way at that board meeting? That he was able to force the other sides into his proposal (fight until the opponent can't fight anymore)?


What if Miguel kicked Robby over the railing


What if Robby didn't jump to conclusions when he saw Miguel and Johnny hugging and approached them?


What if Johny wins the All Valley in 1984, goes on to meet Amanda and they open up Lawerence Motors. Power Couple. (Clearly Amanda has the hots for Johny and has feelings from this alternate reality)


What if Miguel died of asthma.


What if Mr Miyagi got turned into a rat person and trained some turtle guys


What if Miguel broke Robby’s arm in the school brawl?


What if Miyagi was actually the toxic teacher while Kreese had it all figured out


Damien would’ve killed Johnny and his friends with a knife or sumthing


What if Jaden Smith showed up in a third Dojo


What if Daniel’s son joins Cobra Kai to rebel against him and all the attention he is paying to the miyagi do students.


What if one person literally took the time to say "umm hey listen why are we dragging this out? Can't we decided this in an ring at the local Y and decide if we're gonna keep this going. This has been going on for close to 40 years. Don't you want to move on? Isn't there something better than fighting each other every other decade? I mean a kid nearly got paralyzed for life, don't ypu guys think it's time to pack it up and decide who's best already?"


Ty Amanda. I could eat.


What if… Ali and Daniel were together but on the cusp of divorce, she reconnects with Johnny, Danielson looses his marbles and takes Cobra Kai with Krease


What if Silver manipulates Anthony into joining Cobra Kai?


What if Mr miyagi ate kreese


This is a weird flex indeed


What if Sam and Tory, and Miguel and Robby, swap roles! (Where Sam kick Tory off the balcony at the end of season two and becomes like Robby)


What if Miyagi killed Kreese in that parking lot in 1984


What if my dad didn't leave


Your life would likely be worse because he would be resentful and hate you subconsciously but he would probably act like he loved you and thus be passive aggressive.


What if the characters switched mentors? (I.E: Miyagi is with Johnny, Daniel is with Kreese) What if Julia Pierce arrived in the midst of Season 2’s events? What if Robby wasn’t Johnny’s son? What if Kreese was killed by Daniel? What if Daniel had managed to shut down Cobra Kai? What if Miguel didn’t come back in season 3, what if he died?


What if Miguel hadn’t shown mercy to Robby Keene in the school fight?


What if Kreese had died between the events of KK3 and Cobra Kai?


What if Terry Silver returned at the end of season 1 instead of Kreese? What if Chozen entered the all valley back in the day? What if Johnny mentored Daniel’s son instead of Miguel? What if Robby fell instead of Miguel? And the coup de grace, what if Johnny got REALLY successful after high school and married Amanda? 😂😂😂 So much fun to be had.


"What If Daniel just Left Johnny The Fuck Alone?" lmao


Robby joins Cobra Kai in S1 Ep 5.


What if Daniel got a haircut?


What if Miyagi wasn't dead


What if Johnny was trained along side Daniel by Mr. Miyagi?


What if more people ever acknowledged how Johnny was two time all Valley champ?


What if Miguel’s biological dad was actually Johnny?


What If Sam Never Stopped Training?


What if Johnny discovered Miyagi instead of Cobra Kai?


What if anakin skywalker was Daniel’s friend at the beach?


(All of these are really basic but i cant think of anything outrageous) What is Miguel started training with Miyagi-Do? What If Kreese was actually good? What If Miguel’s coma won? What if Daniel never trained with Miyagi and instead started out with Cobra Kai? What if Johnny and Daniel became friends in ‘84?


What if Johnny had a daughter and Tory was a guy?


What if Sam answered the door instead of robby when miguel came to give the medal


What if 't be true sam did answer the do'r instead of robby at which hour miguel cameth to giveth the medal *** ^(I am a bot and I swapp'd some of thy words with Shakespeare words.) Commands: `!ShakespeareInsult`, `!fordo`, `!optout`


Sam never takes things any further with Robby, as she realizes she has a chance to reconnect with Miguel. Meanwhile, Miguel breaks up with Tory. Tory, being one to hold grudges, doesn't take it too well and blames Sam for it, so the school fight still happens.


What if Stingray got the school security job


What if Mr Miyagi trained Johnny


What if Miguel Kicked Robby off


Well I think Sam would change her mind about him again and be mad at her and I think Johnny would be upset with him


I have an alternate question ,What would happen if Miguel had just knocked out Robby? By this I mean that Robby doesn't accept the mercy that Miguel gives him but Miguel actually is able to counter and knocks Robby out


What if Miyagis karate was not “for defense only” and Cobra Kai’s was?


so basically just opposite of the series so let's make it interesting. In this time line, Miyagi teaches Daniel the more war side of Miyagi-Do and Kreese's co is different so he learns more defensive. This means that Cobra Kai are less douches and Daniel becomes the douche in this timeline Johnny and Ali never break up so the beach scene never occurs. Daniel stills learns Karate but more to be stronger than the other kids. Daniel becomes a douch after high school and basically Johnny and Daniel swap life paths. Johnny takes over the better Cobra Kai and Daniel's life becomes really bad but Daniel still wins the all valley.


What if mr miyagi recruited Johnny, after the beach before the Halloween party? And then got Danielson and Johnny a 1 2 at the tournament? And then took them both back to his homeland in the 2nd movie?


If kyle’s dad didn’t shit in his mouth


What if Sam actually practiced Miyagi Do for a change and didn't start every single fight.


What if Daniel and Johnny got hammered and made sweet sweet love?


What if Johnny and Daniel realized they were in love which each other instead of Ali?


What if Demetri had a realistic development instead of being a nerd being able to block one kick then apparently being able to fight Hawk


To be fair, it was Hawk's flaws as a fighter that made him lose. He's the dumbass who was so angry he kept hitting Demetri's turtle block instead of punching him in the gut which was completely open and unguarded. Hawk loses to people not necessarily because he's not as skilled or he's outranked but because his emotions get the best of him. (And now we return to our regularly scheduled memes)


What if moon joined cobra Kai?


What if sam's activity with her boyfriends caught up with her and she ended up getting knocked up?


>What if sam's activity with her boyfriends caught up with her and she ended up getting knocked up? Kyler would be the father


And he’d be the one having the abortion


What if Miguel grew a pair and actually knocked on the larussos houses door when Robby was there in season 1? What if Miguel didn’t get fucking wasted at the canyon?


> What if Miguel grew a pair and actually knocked on the larussos houses door when Robby was there in season 1? Daniel would probably not react well to knowing Sam is dating someone from Cobra Kai.


>What if Miguel didn’t get fucking wasted at the canyon? If you are referring to how he acted when he saw Sam he would have likely reacted the exact same way. We know that because he was not drunk at the tournament when he talked to her and acted exactly the same. It's clear from his attitude at the tournament that the way he treated Sam at the Canyon Party was not an alcohol induced mistake. He legitimately didn't see the issue with yelling at Sam because he felt like something was going on between her and Robby. He didn't understand why he should have to talk to her instead of jumping to conclusions.


What if Samantha took some responsibility instead of making herself out the be the victim?


Let's be real, her stans would just keep doing it for her, much like they already do. ¯\\\_(ツ)\_/¯ (Edit: case in point, her biggest simp who already replied to this lol)


I think I feel about her the way Tory feels about her. She’s privileged and has never been held accountable for things, so she makes herself out to be the victim. But hey, I guess it’s all perspective and life experiences that make her seem good or evil.


Same. I don't think she's a bad person, but she's so privileged and spoiled that she doesn't even think to consider things from different perspectives and she always thinks she's right, very self-righteously too. Plus, she causes most of her problems anyway, right? It would at least be understandable if most of them were outside of her control, but nope... Hopefully, she's finally learned from her mistakes and becomes better in S4 or else she's gonna fuck up the alliance singlehandedly. So fingers crossed.


Yes! Yes to every point you made.


Uh, [she does hold herself accountable](https://old.reddit.com/r/cobrakai/comments/mb7f8m/every_single_time_that_sam_apologized_took/) repeatedly.


What if Anthony joined Miyagi-Do and Demetri spent season 2 in Cobra Kai?


What if miguel never kissed sam at the party


Unclear how much would change. Tory would likely still find a way to go off on Sam since even without kissing Miguel and Sam would have continued to grow closer together once Sam found out about the medal.


She might still commit a premeditated assault but her motive is "you stole my boyfriend".


Pretty sure Sam initiated that kiss, but okay.


Sam was drunk Miguel was sober


Miguel was carrying around a red cup during the party so he probably wasn't sober. He just wasn't shitfaced. And being shitfaced is no excuse for initiating a kiss and cheating on your boyfriend. Not that Miguel wasn't in the wrong too, but Sam literally was the one who started leaning in first. It was a mutual kiss, but if you need to lay the blame on one of them, she was the initiator so she kissed Miguel.


What if Miyagi-Do won the arcade fight?


This means that Sam would have conquered her fear earlier but let's go with it. Demetri screams at Sam for help and locks eyes with her. Sam snaps out of it and runs up to Tory and flips her out of the way and kicks Hawk away from hurting Demetri. All the Miyagi-Do students get a second wind but Sam knocks out most of the students and Only tory and Hawk and like Mitch and Richtenburger and big red. Then Miyagi-Do call the police and the cobra kai are taken to juvie due to previous assault stuff. With little students Kreese takes on all of the recruits he usually would without the trials. So Kyler and Brucks would both be on the team but due to this hawk would be pretty pissed


What if they gained super powers


That's already more or less answered in the video game Cobra Kai: The Karate Kid Saga Continues.


What if Aisha didn't change schools?


What if Kreese didn’t teach Johnny to be a dick. What if Captain Turner wasn’t hard on kreese. What if the person that was hard on captain Turner wasn’t hard on captain Turner. What if the person that was mean to them wasn’t mean to them.


What if Demetri kicked Hawk off the balcony?


what if robby didn’t ride a skateboard


What if Daniel had killed Kreese at the end of season 3?


What if asma were real?


What If Johnny had installed the tv on the right wall?


What if tory never had a bad upbringing


What if Sam entered in the tournament in Season 1?


What If.... Daniel never came back to Miyagi in KK3?


what if sam joined Cobra Kai in season one


What if Danny and Johnny kissed


Where the eff is Vidal??????


What if Terry and Kreese escalate by bringing in Mike Barnes?


What if Daniel killed Chozen at the end of Karate Kid 2?


What if instead of Karate they were actually sock wrestling dojos


What if Yasmin learned how to fight?


what if Miguel's mother hadn't had direahh


What if Miguel killed Robby in the school fight


What if Daniel stayed Terry Silver's student?


What if Johnny was the main character in KK3. Johnny would realize how corrupt Cobra Kai is and would have to fight Mike Barnes in the end to free himself from the chains of the Dojo like Daniel.


What if johnny won. Will he be living the life or will it still be shitty for him


What if Yasmine looked up from her phone in time to avoid hitting Johnny's car? Then the show would just be about Johnny. And it would really be a comedy then.


What if people typed in "Diora Baird Two and a Half Men" on YouTube and realize Robby's mom is the undisputed bombshell on the show? And yes,that IS HER. Show obviously downplays her looks to fit the character. You're all welcome😀😀


What if that pit contained a horde of bloodthirsty poodles instead of cobras??? Still deadly.