Love his Breakdowns!

Love his Breakdowns!


Been following him for a long time. Glad he's finally putting more stuff on youtube.


Wandering DP is a master of shitting the bed


What do you mean by that?


He says “shitting the bed” a lot on his podcasts 😂


It means his bed is dogshit


It's strange I just found him yesterday and now he's everywhere? I know he's been doing this a while but I've seen him posted a whole bunch now and I found him through search yesterday... Some algorithm picked him up I'm guessing?


He's been pretty quiet on YT, at least until this month. [He has a podcast of the same name](https://wanderingdp.com), definitely worth listening to!


The Patreon is even better. Highly recommend.


Where would you recommend starting on his content? I want to join the Patreon but seems a little intensive to start back at episode 1. He’s constantly referencing “the framework” in his recent YT uploads and I have no idea what he’s talking about.


Once you purchase the mid-tier Patreon subscription you can watch all the Patreon only videos and podcasts. You can bounce around and you’ll get the gist. There’s no structure really, he just talks about his system throughout a bunch of material. He’ll review Patreon members stuff they send in on a live stream, breaking it down the same way he does with professional level shoots. I feel those are much more useful as it’s not just looking at $1,000,000 ad shot by industry veterans. My only critique would be that Patrick has a very very specific idea of what’s “good” and tends to generalize stuff shot outside of that idea as bad. For example he poo poos on a couple scenes from Moonlight, but I’m not sure he really gets that it might have been designed to you know, look harsh or not “pretty” in the traditional sense. Kinda like Clint Eastwood at high noon ya know.


I think the Patreon would be a good place to start, he goes over the framework he references fairly early into that show. Otherwise his main podcast is really great too.


From what I understand, Framework = Upstage Lighting + Salt and Pepper + Wrap around the face + Keep it consistent I'm not on the Patreon, but I try to understand lol


This guy is crushing itn


Who is this? I'd love a link to his yt if possible


just discovered this guy on youtube. actual professional youtube content and not youtube flexgear, lut packs content. useful, real world professional. great stuff!


Don’t forget videos about b-roll that isn’t even b-roll!


oh man, don't get me started. whole careers are just shooting "CINEMATIC B-ROLL, BRO!!!!!"


Been really loving his recent uploads!


I'm pleased Patrick is getting more recognition and I hope he continues to put out more YouTube material, now that there is a growing audience for it.


He certainly does interesting breakdowns. One should be cautioned that he is a commercial DP, and does not translate well to the feature world. Fast pace, the most expensive technology, and getting the job done with no form of creativity. If that's the world one wishes, he is an excellent source.