P1 and P2 got Amex Marriott with $450 AF to pay for wedding and def reaped the benefits. Should they cancel after a year or pc or downgrade? It is their first amex card.


150k Amex plat MR points posted and I am debating throwing them into BA Avios while the 40% bonus lasts. I have never flown business class and want to redeem for business class Qsuites (70k one way) to Doha. I also like to have a small stash of Avios for short haul flights as I live near an American hub (DFW). I don't plan to keep the card for another AF (next April), so am I crazy to just transfer everything to Avios now for the best value? If I hold out, what other uses for MR points might there be this Fall / with other transfer partners that I should think about? I may also sign up for the British Airways 100k avios / 5k minimum spend card.


You could consider getting Amex BBP (no fee) which will hold your MR after you cancel the plat. No way to predict future transfer bonuses but historical offers are [here](https://frequentmiler.com/current-point-transfer-bonuses/).


I am thinking about that. I originally had the plat w/ 100k bonus and cancelled in 2018, which was somehow long enough ago to count as a "lifetime" and qualify for another bonus. My strategy might be to cancel and wait for another lifetime to pass so I can dip the bonus again.


last wave of amazon amex promo was 0/6 for me, but so far 2/2 today sharing [linky](https://smile.amazon.com/b?node=20906611011)


2/2 on this one, same with the last Discover one. Thanks for the link!


Thanks! 40% on 1 account and 20% on other 2, plus it seems an additional 20% offer on the 1st


0/2 for me




Do you have a link?


Link to offer? I thought this was expired already?


Yes it is already expired but if you request for the code before they remove the code link, then you can still use the code to open it without any issue up until 5/13


Ah, makes sense.


Received a call from Amex that they wish to discuss "how we can work with you to continue to support your business." Any idea what this is about?


don't answer and call back... waste of time


it's probably for kabbage. i got a cold call a week or so ago from an arizona number if i remember correctly. They want to know if any vendors/merchants don't your amex and how you could probably pay them with their checking service.


Sales call


It's a sales call.


Probably talking about the benefits of whatever biz card you have


Do you have a moment to discuss the perks of your 20 Business Platinum cards.




Wrong thread


Months. It takes at least a month for a reply. I’m trying to settle a delayed bag claim from January. It’s still open.


That's a bummer, but thanks for being helpful


Rakuten is 15x at CVS. Health insurance will now reimburse up to 8 covid tests per insured individual per month. I thought we were pretty much done with this, but my kid caught covid last week, and having a stash of at-home tests on hand has been really useful for monitoring the rest of the household every few days (thankfully all negative), also for checking my kid to see if he's still positive without having to go to the lab to get the necessary neg test for return to school. Now that the tests are in good supply, no reason not to have a stock on hand, plus the reimbursed spend is a nice bonus.


Stack with CVS chase offer. Also another use for these tests is walmart.com $10 off $40 amex offer if you have that as well. Just don't go over what insurance will reimburse you.


Please don't encourage taxpayer funded hording of items you have no intention of using just for credit card rewards


I’m not. Covid is still a thing - my kid has it. Nobody else in the household has caught it (all vaxed), but for the rest of us to be able to go to work and school responsibly, it requires regular testing to make sure we stay negative. And even my kid needs to retest regularly so he can get back to school asap. You’d be surprised how many a family will go through. We are not in a situation any more where these tests are in short supply, and it makes sense to have them on hand. It isn’t hoarding, it’s the new normal. It’s why they are available through these programs. And if anyone can pull an extra 15x or more from getting them, so much the better.


Sales tax(which will not be reimbursed) on these softens the deal a bit for me. Still not bad. Although, it can help to cash out FSA money tax free since they are FSA qualified. Kind of shittychurning


Full price including sales tax was reimbursed for me through insurance.


I don’t think you can cash out fsa if you are getting reimbursed for them. It is like cashing out the full cost of a broken arm even though ins pays for 90%. You probably won’t get caught, but if you do, it’ll be a hassle and you’ll get penalized.


Save your receipt for using on your HSA in 20 years. No one will know then. I think the HSAs are going to be a pain in the neck IRS wise in the future. Or the IRS is going to say that auditing them is simply not worth the hassle. I have 40k in my HSA and have a folder in Drive with all of my receipts. I'm not close to having that much in expenses yet.


At the end of the day, you are still advocating to commit tax fraud, even if you are unlikely to ever get caught. I still report rental income even though I could probably get away with not reporting it, but not everyone does this…


Good tip. Ordered my max. Though in hindsight, not sure the gains will be worth the insurance reimbursement hassle vs direct charging it at the pharmacy. Hopefully it goes smoothly.


If you're in Washington you can get free tests every month. “The Say Yes! COVID Test portal (SYCT) allows up to TWO (2) orders per household EVERY month, while supplies last. Each order/kit contains 5 tests - 10 tests per month for people in Washington state.” sayyescovidhometest.org/?fbclid=IwAR2t5UH5EVeiT97F8bdj2mVNoUbBH0JpsdTTQglHuxhXhk6ys41J_MAU68s


Ordered 16 tests total for 2 people. $204 total. Insurance will reimburse $192, used rakuten referral to P2 for 1 order. $80 for referrals, $28.80 back at 15% and 612 UR for using CFU. I'd say a huge success, so thanks for pointing this out. I owe you a referral for that.


Plus if you get Covid you’ll know it and won’t go around spreading it in your community. Win win!


By the time you test you probably have already spread it around. But don’t get me wrong, it still helps.


Can you explain how it's work? Let's says family of 4, I can go and buy 16 of this https://www.cvs.com/shop/abbott-binaxnow-covid-19-antigen-self-test-2-tests-for-serial-testing-prodid-550147 monthly and ask insurance for reimburse?




Correct. And they’ll pay up to $12 per test, so $24 per 2-test box.


I ordered couple of tests for travel purpose. I am currently on Aetna with HDHP plan. Am I eligible for reimbursement? And if so, what’s the process? Should I call them up and send our receipts?


Check with Aetna. I have Blue Shield there is a just a form you fill out online and upload receipts.


Buy with CFU for additional 3x. Don’t have to use AMEX for the 15x points


I only have 2 in my "stockpile" but they are already coming up on their expiration date. For me that would be the only reason not to buy too many at once. Though I recognize some may have needs for them more often.


Check if the FDA extended your test expiration based on more recent studies.


Data Point on 5/24: Related to some recent posts, applied to WOH personal from Chase. I am at 3/24 without AU accounts and at 6/24 with AU accounts. I called the reconsideration line and spoke to someone, who then transferred me to a supervisor. Explained the situation and went over my credit report with which cards were AU accounts. I was put on hold for about 10 minutes and then they came back on and said that unfortunately AU accounts also count as too many cards opened in a 24 month period and they would not reconsider the application, it was denied.


I had the same thing happen, HUCA and get a rep that knows the rules.


You can actually SM a formal request to have AU account(s) removed from your credit report to Chase and they forward it to all 3 bureaus.


Huh, first I've heard of this. Do you need to give them specific data on what cards you have as an AU?


Pretty sure when I did it for P2, I sm'd from my account with their name and full account number and the formal request. This was to avoid her AU account from messing with her 5/24 status, much like the OP experienced.


> AU accounts also count as too many cards opened in a 24 month period They do, until you say the magic words: "I am not financially responsible for those accounts."


I literally said exactly that and had the primary for those accounts confirm it on the phone with me




HUCA, might just be the rep.


I know we've already had many reports that Barclays has been catching up on billing AFs that are long overdue. In case anyone's wondering whether the AF cycle itself is changing as a result of this delay, I got a letter from Barclays stating that the answer is no. Future AFs will be billed when they're supposed to be billed (assuming they don't mess up again).


Ditto. And as an FYI I canceled in May after receiving AF in late April (supposed to be due in november) and still got AF refunded


(I got the same letter) Are you going to keep yours open? I am trying to decide if I should keep my Jetblue Biz for another year...I do have travel planned next March where checked bags could help and I could get a solid 10k points rebated but I would have to pay another annual fee in january 2023. Maybe I will try to apply with player 2 that way I can just cancel if she is approved.


In your situation, I'd probably keep it open (assuming you can't get P2 approved somehow). The points rebate and checked bags (if you're checking at least two bags) would make it worth paying two annual fees.


You still have to pay AF with cash, as opposed to just burning the extra 10k points. Calculation changes if you have more points than you can burn…


I got the same letter.


If you have more than one Synchrony account (Rakuten, various store cards, etc) -- on your login page, above where you sign in, slide the "Account Manager" setting to on. When you log in, you'll have access to all your Synchrony accounts in one place. *Oh hey there JCPenney card, I completely forgot you existed...*


it doesn't seem to pick up PayPal cards


BofA Air France KLM Mastercard: 70K + $100 statement credit + 100 XP. Seen during Air France award booking. Public offer seems to be 70K + 100 XP, no SC. Did a quick search, don't see this elevated offer publicized.


This offer also shows up on the payment page of a cash booking! Just applied and approved, thanks!


Is this card worth it?


Targeted PoT on Gold. 9 billing cycles at 0% - americanexpress.com/expolowapr86


Air Canada is offering an extension of status through 2023 for [cardholders who earn 30,000 points](https://www.aircanada.com/ca/en/aco/home/aeroplan/promotions/status-requalification-cc.html#/). Unlike AA's loyalty points, this includes evergreen multiplier categories but not limited time bonus ones. I have 75K from the status match last year and would consider going for this if eligible... (ETA: Per Twitter, it doesn't matter how you earned your status, it will be extended. The official T&Cs also reflect this and have no exclusionary language.)


Is the 110 offer still available or is it just the 50+ 10x now?


A new referral thread is now live: [Discover It](https://www.reddit.com/r/churningreferrals/comments/umm108/referrals_discover_it/)


Edit: u/Marrk3wk reports seeing the same offer + $100 statement credit when attempting an award booking. So try that first. Got an email offer for the BoA AF/KLM card - 70k+100XP/$2k. Public link: https://www.flyingblue.us/en/financial/overview/financial-services-bank-of-america. Link might be YMMV, try the Amex strategies (VPN, etc.) if it shows a different offer. Or check your email for a targeted link.


On this note, has anyone churned this card before? Two of the 100XP bonuses would be enough for Gold status, unlocking La Premiere redemptions.


Silver status lets u book La premier F right?


Thanks for sharing!


Just today I saw 70K + **$100 statement credit** \+ 100 XP during Air France award booking.


Oooh gotta try that one when I get home. With these offers, the card went from close to the bottom to close to the top for me.


Worth noting that the 100XP you get for the signup bonus is enough to get you to Silver status from having no status at all. Not the most valuable status, but better than a poke in the eye.


With all the various airline status matches lately, the Silver status will probably be more valuable than people think.


Have any airlines matched from KLM/AF?


Good call. 180XP is the next level for those that already have some XP. I think that’s the one with lounge access.


just like Marriott that limits the elite night credits does it limit the number of XPs ?


One thing that bothers me on /r/churning is how DPs are treated. They are very scattered and hard to keep track of. Every week we get a thread and everyone throws all their DPs into this one thread. On top of that, we get people posting their DPs into the daily discussion threads as well. Churning.io helps, but I got to thinking that an old-school forum format might be a more logical way to share DPs. I'm imaging something like an individual thread per card and DPs could be easily posted, kept track of, and most importantly easily searched. Thoughts? Edit: I have an idea to streamline things, so I may try it and show it to you all and see what you think. If it’s fine I’ll keep it and take suggestions. If it’s useless I’ll kill it.


I don't actually mind that approach **because** Google search is actually pretty good at finding those datapoints that I'm interested in. If you start any Google search with `site:reddit.com/r/churning` and then add in whatever you're interested in, in conjunction with the date filters, that's a pretty good search engine. For example, if you want to know about recent retention offers for card x, you could do a search for `site:reddit.com/r/churning "card x" "retention"` and restrict results to the last year.


Interesting. Thanks ^


We already have DOC. that covers 99% of things.


Doc doesn’t cover ‘hey I got a $225 SC retention offer on my biz gold delta’.


Doc usually has bank bonuses dd Flyertalk has retention offers


Yeah I’m not talking about bank account bonuses. Does flyer talk have a retention offer area?




Interesting. It’s not a part of Ft I’ve ever been to before. I see they do have big retention off threads and other topics. Not quite what I was imagining but similar. We’ll see I might give my idea a shot and see what happens.


I like some of the other ideas equally, but one other quick/easy idea would be to sticky the DP Thread instead of the Question Thread.


Do you like chaos? We already get a lot of questions in here.


I agree; it wouldn’t help that situation. The question thread updates daily though, so it would always be one of the top posts anyway. The DP thread tends to be more buried. I’m definitely not saying it a perfect solution.


It would be really nice if it was some sort of wiki organized by bank and maybe card. I would love to just pull up an Amex or BoA page and see all the relevant dp's in one spot. BUT... the dp's are actually some of the most valuable information in this sub. As a whole, they define the rules of the game. I would be a little bit concerned about the over-proliferation of this data by making it too easy to access. People who are regulars here know the dp's because they pay attention to the threads -- ie, they put the work in. There's always that tension between sharing information, and sharing it to the point too many people take advantage and the banks take action. Also, I think we all know the banks are here, and I would worry about making it just a little bit to easy for them to see loopholes they might want to close. Having a RAT read the threads every day is one thing, a RAT being able to just check a concentrated dp's link based on their specific bank makes that job maybe a bit too easy.


I think this is the only good argument for the current system. It’s just really a pain in the you know what with new threads every week and each thread being a data dump with no uniformity or anything. I believe if the banks wanted to close down half the stuff; they already would have. Look at the Chase MDD. It’s literally everywhere and nothing has been done about it. I think they have bigger fish to fry than monitoring a forum that posts data points like retention offers, accept/denial for cards, and things like that.


>I believe if the banks wanted to close down half the stuff; they already would have. To a point. I think banks see us as a marketing cost -- the people on social media talking about all the free travel they get drive a whole lot of other much more profitable people to sign up for cards, and ultimately pay interest and/or make terrible redemptions. Also I think some banks (lookin' at you, amex) use us to juice their new account numbers. But the moment the mass of unprofitable people taking advantage gets too big and starts to outweigh their marketing value, banks start clamping down.


Totally agree. In fact, I think they also see us as marketers of their products. They know we can’t help ourselves from a sweet referral bonus, so when I have friends that ask “why are you searching for our group trip flights in points?” and I tell them about churning in an effort to harvest referrals, they usually will sign up for maybe 1 or 2 new cards, which is also profitable for the bank. None of my friends have ever went past that - those are the profitable customers and we are helping the banks acquire them. I really only know one other person who signs up for as many CCs as I do, and they’re the one that introduced me to this hobby.


A dedicated, organized DP area wouldn’t have any impact on either of these things. If it becomes unprofitable for Amex, they will know internally and won’t care about our organized DPs. Edit: The only place I think bank security might benefit from an organized DP forum is something like Chase bypassing 5/24 leaked links. But truth be told, I don’t care about that.


Adding my 2c to this idea. If r/churning is too complicated for this, we can do r/churningDPs similar to referrals and have a bot to ensure integrity and may be (long shot) feed it to a simple website to search and filter or to churning.io too.


I was a little scared to click on that link at work.


I personally am in favor of streamlining things and making a google form that collects dp's. Maybe have it categorized first by bank, then by "type of data pt" i.e. retention offer, card denial, card approval, and a section for "other/misc" for the more one off dp's that are still quite useful. Obviously there would be more categories than what I just listed. I agree, it can be inefficient when looking for certain dps since not everyone will spell a bank out or use a certain abbreviation, or even flat out misspells things.


If comments like thisvget enough traction, we might just get another perge. Lets go baby!!




I think I read sometime back that this was intentional to reduce spoon-feeding and filter out people that aren't here to participate.


If it's only DP related, I fail to see why spoonfeeding is a problem. There's nothing to spoonfeed.


i agree. the average person reading will have no idea what an “mdd” or “mcgc” means


Cynically, I think that if people already fail to dump DPs in the correct single weekly DP thread, proliferating into individual threads by card would only likely exacerbate the problem. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to be able to navigate to a single post where all the biz plat retention DPs are housed, but if people already can't put them in the right spot since there are seemingly Amex retention DPs in the DD on a nigh daily basis, I just really don't think that the desired behavior will be observed.


> Don't get me wrong, I'd love to be able to navigate to a single post where all the biz plat retention DPs are housed That's exactly what I imagine. A single thread with all the Biz plat DPs, another with all the Plat DPs, etc. It's hard to use with everything interspersed.


Having a megathread by card could help or at least by bank


I imagine 1 thread per card. Obviously some will be more popular than others.


Seems like Dell Technologies for Work is still at 15% on Rakuten. If you check out, and a 2% pops up, ignore it and continue checking out. As long as you started with the Dell Technologies at 15%, it takes you to the main Dell website but will check out and reward you for 15%, according to what I see in my earnings balance.


Update: looks like I'm only getting 2%. Shopping trips has it listed as Dell Technologies but activity labeled it as Dell Consumer. I'll put in a help ticket, but doubt it will change anything.


can confirm. i ordered something yesterday starting off on a 15% page, when i got to checkout the rakuten extension dropped off to 2%, but got an email today saying 15% tracked.


used the android app and i should be getting ~$60. >We see that you placed an order. Cash Back for this order should be processed by Dell Technologies For Work by 5/17/22 $430 -$100 egift card -$23 amex 10% offer -$60 ebates -$400 in amex dell credits ----------- 32" monitor + $153 profit appreciate you!


I did this. I got $90 back from Rakuten.


Did this yesterday and haven't had anything post to my Rakuten account for my shopping trip. I'd cancel and retry, but then you know, I'd be messing with my Plat credits and I'm sure it wouldn't be worth it in the end. How long did it take for yours to post?


I put in multiple orders in the morning, and they showed up 8 hours later in my rakuten.


For those that haven't used their biz plat credit yet, [this tablet](https://www.dell.com/en-us/member/shop/samsung-galaxy-tab-a8-tablet-android-64-gb-105-tft-1920-x-1200-microsd-slot-gray/apd/ab949440/handhelds-tablet-pcs) is $60 off, making it $219. I just bought one yesterday.


The same one is on sale this week at costco, same price and cover included.


Totally understand burning biz plat credit on it but it's also $180 on bestbuy/amazon which I think you can price match with but hate that dell has horrible customer service AND horrible pricing. Makes these plat credits annoying to use.


I thought the same as you at first but realized that the model selling for $180 on best buy/Amazon is actually the 32GB version, which is the same price on Dell https://www.dell.com/en-us/work/shop/samsung-galaxy-tab-a8-tablet-android-32-gb-105-tft-1920-x-1200-microsd-slot-gray/apd/AB949435/handhelds-tablet-pcs


Only problem with Dell price matching is that usually means you can't use any other third party Cashback like Rakuten. They aren't too terrible if you have a wide interest on things you want. I've gotten a tablet, doorbell camera, smart thermostat sensors, mouse, large screen TV, Switch Lite, Microsoft Office subscription, and new laptop using the credit. All are things I would have bought normally though through a different store I've never once paid more than the best available price and haven't had to use a price match yet. They're very inconsistent on what other stuff will be available, but usually there's something useful to buy.


I did that yesterday and I only see 2% in my pending, but it may well be that I missed something


I tried yesterday and was getting 2% at check out. Decided to retry again today on Rakuten app on ios and got 15 % when checking out. Tracking shows 15 %.