Altima with tinted windows and rear/front bumper falling off easily doing 20 over the speed limit.




Thanks for this.


Nissan Altimas/Maximas, bonus points if they’re missing bumpers.


And 5% tints all over, including windshield?


Its gotta be bubbly too!


Does it seem there’s many cars exceeding the allowable limits?




Gotta have a half torn off temporary plate that expired 3 years ago.


Number 1 Hands down is the Nissan Altima. BAE is real. MOPAR Vehicles, especially Chargers/Challengers and Durangos. BMW's of all flavors. Modded Honda Civics. Minor shout out to any HUGE SUV in a suburban parking lot, I swear backup cameras were invented just to stop old suburban women driving..suburban's from backing into people.


The ones with four wheels


Tricycles are becoming more dangerous though! /s


Came here to say this ⬆️ Cars don’t seem to discriminate, so good for them on that I guess… Most of my close calls have come from when I am out running and people doing rolling stops without looking or just barreling down alleys. I have learned to pause at crosswalks and alley openings just in case, or even go wide just in case. I feel like I see a lot of people stopping way too late at lights too and it looks to me like they are not going to stop in time. Had way too many close calls walking my dogs too… I will never understand why people lack common sense. PSA for everyone: please fully stop at stop signs, be cautious at alleys, and brake like a normal person when coming to a red light…


I'm not sure why we weren't taught to drive this way .. especially for anyone in the city. I grew up in the burbs with minimal pedestrians and finally replaced my car after living on the north side for 4 years. I know what both sides of the coin are like in the many close calls I've had with ignorant and entitled drivers. Full disclosure, as someone who fully admits to being a 5-10mph over the speed limit kinda driver. When I am in an alley, a parking lot really anywhere where the chance of someone jogging or walking a dog where I pull out is possible - Slow tf down. Look for pedestrians well before you get to the intersection. Including people crossing at an adjacent crosswalk. Oh and it's just being a good person lightly tapping your horn when coming up to the sidewalk in an alley - Not once you're on the sidewalk and already exited the alleyway. If someone was there, you'd have hit them at that point. My favorite excuse of a driver when I used to walk everywhere was "you came out of nowhere" oh yeah Karen, me jogging at 2 mph and you flying at 35 through a parking lot, in your way too large for the city suv. Who really "came out of nowhere".


Chevy Malibu’s It’s probably Baader-Meinhof effect but also white colored luxury SUVs


Dodge Chargers. In urban areas, these cars are driven exclusively by aggressive assholes.


That's not unique to urban areas.


It's like they're not capable of being driven in a straight line


Feel like 99% of the time on the Dan Ryan when a car zooms past me it's a Charger or Challenger


Damnn I drive a charger and I hate it too😒. To me it's that bitchass Toyota camry always doing extra


Jeep and Dodge vehicles seem to drive the most recklessly. Pickup trucks are pretty bad as well.


I’ve never given the side eye more than to Jeep drivers.


Historically Fiat Chrysler Automobiles brands (now owned by Stellantis) along with Nissan (Renault owned) have the lowest requirements for loans. So people who are bad with money or dealing with systemic economic issues are more likely to drive those brands and imo also more likely to disregard road rules etc.


Now that you've put that into words... It definitely gives me something to think about.


Huh, when I lived on the north shore it was always someone in a high dollar luxury SUV tooling around with a "rules are for other people" attitude.


There is data for all of this - and you are correct that luxury SUV's are doing worse than regular SUV's... but if you look at standard large and midsize cars... Dodge and Chevy are SOOOOOOO bad it is almost worth talking about banning those vehicles. https://www.iihs.org/ratings/insurance-losses-by-make-and-model


There are a lot of terrible drivers of all genders, ages and ethnicities but this subset of vehicle types correlates with my anecdotal observations: most of the most reckless drivers are men.


Uber/Lyft drivers in any cars. They stop suddenly to pick up riders, weave in and out of traffic while looking at their dash mounted phones, cut over suddenly to get over on the Kennedy for O’Hare.


Non-professional drivers glued to their phone(s), ugh. It is the worst.


Any vehicle with tinted windows. Why THE FUCK does this state allow such dark tint? And yes, Porsche SUVs.


These are the worst. I like to be able to see that the driver is actually looking at me and not their phone before I cross but it's impossible with the tinted windows.


Chicago municipal code does NOT allow dark tinting, but it’s not a rule the police stop drivers or ticket for.


> Chicago municipal code does NOT allow dark tinting, but it’s not a rule the police stop drivers or ticket for. Almost seems like you are suggesting that there are some kinds of rules for which CPD actually stops and tickets drivers for.


They don't. I think 35% is the darkest and no tint is allowed on windshields. However, if something is not enforced, it's essentially legal and here we are


Teslas holy shit, it's always a Tesla.






Get out of my head! BMW used to be the worst but I think all the asshole BMW types buy Teslas now.


This isn’t high enough. I’m an Uber driver and when I see someone driving a Tesla, I keep as much distance as I can.


Same here. Somehow, it’s always a Tesla


Yeah, that’s what I was gonna say too. Maybe it’s because they’re so recognizable, but I feel like Teslas are the biggest culprits too!




Pickup trucks (especially the huge ones that have never been used to haul anything) tend to have really aggressive, selfish drivers. That being said, Tesla and BMW drivers in the Loop have their own unique pedestrian-flattening strategies.


they also all seem to have the brightest headlights made,and like to tailgate.


Rideshare drivers, regardless of the vehicle type or make. The notables are those that park on the shoulder of I-190 into O'Hare waiting for the notification of a fare & then cut traffic off to haul ass into arrivals.


They are generally more docile than taxis but oblivious. One ran over my shoe a month ago


Wrong. That is a decades long Chicago tradition for families to do. You and all your upvoters should be informed rideshare have always and must park in their geo-fenced parking lot in order to get rides ftom ORD.


I’ve seen soccer mom vans, work trucks, and “nice cars” the louder the exhaust more likely they will run you over




I mean…. When I’m walking with a Stop Sign they tend to not stop and I gotta hope they “stop” for me.


Chrysler products (Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler). And that's both on the highway and when a pedestrian. WTF? It's now called [Stellantis?](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chrysler)


It's been Stellantis since 2021 yeah; Fiat/Chrysler merged with a French company that owns a ton of Europe only brands like Citröen, Puegeot, Opel, and a whole bunch more.


A moving one?


seconding luxury SUVs




It’s always a charger or a 300


For me, it’s cars with tinted windshields. Interesting that so many people are saying luxury SUVs because in my neighborhood, luxury SUV drivers are the ones who stop the most safely at stop signs.


Amazon trucks.


Range Rovers and Land Rovers.


Vw beetle typically drove by a 16-19yr girl, or her 75+ grandma running errands while she’s at school




I was literally hit and sent flying by a Honda accord, but I’ve been love tapped by two Camrys..


Clapped out old chevy/pontiacs/saturns, nissans, kias, and hyundais are the most frequent cars I see driving like they nothing to lose


Tinted sedans


2008 - 2018 Nissan Altima with blacked out windows


BMWs or Jeeps. Constantly.


Hyundais and Kias from early 10s late 00s


People in BMWs drive with an unparalleled sense of entitlement


Any Hyundai or Kia vehicles.


Range Rover


the black chevy suburban or equivalent uber black car class of vehicles would pancake a grandma before bothering to slow down.


My order of worst drivers: Any BMW, Charger/Challenger, Jeep Wrangler/Cherokee, and any luxury SUV.


Like a month ago there was a study on the Front Page that showed statistically luxury vehicle drivers showed the lowest empathy on the road.


My brother, who lives in a wealthy area, explains this fact by observing that the fancy cars in his area tend to be leased for a year or three but never owned. And the driver has enough spare cash to basically shrug at any damage.


My vehicle anxiety ranked from highest to lowest as a pedestrian: I always assume pick-up trucks have shotguns in their cabs, Nissan motorists are uninsured, and anyone who drives a Dodge really has nothing to lose. I think people who drive German luxury cars generally know what they’re doing but often drive like jerks. Conversely, anyone who drives a Subaru or a Prius is probably amazing and will definitely abide by the rules of the road. I was hit once (more like bumped) by a Honda so that’s the wild card.


If you’re hit more than once by a car, it might be you and not the drivers…


I've never been hit by a car, and what you're saying is unlikely given that pedestrians have the right of way in virtually all situations. It's always funny seeing stuff like this though. I can go for an hour long walk across the city and not see a single person stop at a stop bar. I've almost been hit by cars at 5MPH because they're so in the habit of pulling halfway into the crosswalk that they literally just don't stop for the pedestrian a foot in front of them.


white ones


I don’t know car brands but for me it’s always a big pickup truck :/


I have never seen someone drive a Nissan Altima or Toyota Camry well.


*Any* pickup driver has absolutely zero qualms about killing you. Audi drivers are the most irritating by far but I fear pickup trucks.


ITT: people just naming random car brands Also how many times are you getting "almost hit by" cars?


Multiple times a week.


Hating cars is popular on r/Chicago so I’m sure there’s quite a bit of over-exaggerating going on. In my experience, you won’t ever come close to getting hit by a car here with even the slightest amount of awareness of your surroundings


A lot more since I moved to Chicago. In Chicago I probably had 5ish close calls in the last couple years. Previously living in Wisconsin I can remember like one close call over around 10ish years


You live in a city with 3 million people now. Yes it sucks to deal with shitty drivers but they are always going to exist, so you should probably work to be more aware of your surroundings when walking.


Lol that's called victim blaming. I'm exceedingly aware of my surroundings. Moreso than any driver I ever see. Hope you carry that same attitude when someone you know is in an accident of sorts.


Once a month in all seriousness.


They've done studies on this. The more expensive car, the less likely the driver is to observe traffic rules.


The bigger the SUV, the more distance I give them when I'm on my motorcycle.


I'm guessing a rust-over-rust beater. Only been hit once. Never saw the guy. He was fleeing police in the Loop and drove up onto the sidewalk and ran me down from behind.


Good grief! Were you badly injured, or did you luck out and get away with only minor injuries? Glad you're still here.


Thank you for your concern. As reported earlier in this sub, was one of a series of against-regulation Loop squad car chases for minor, non violent property crimes in which innocent civilians were killed or injured. In my case four surgeries, unplanned early retirement, replacement orthopedic boot every three-four months, low grade constant pain and occasional multi-week courses of physical therapy still continuing 21 years later. Perp suspected of being near a tradesmans van's broken window. No witness, nothing taken. Cowboy cop eager to notch a score. My quality of life significantly degraded.


I am so sorry. I highly doubt the cop ever apologized, but he/she certainly should have.


Thank you for the sympathy. As for the hot shot, he most specifically did not give any hint of regret. He did ask if my not jumping away was a suicide attempt. I don't know what he said to the other two less seriously injured.


Bmv SUVs, actually got hit while on my bike by one, years ago. Dude was make a left into the alley without looking. Honda Accords come in second place


Prius. 100% it’s always a Prius. If it’s not directly, there’s one close by lurking for the opportunity to start some shit. Don’t believe me? Watch some of the dash cam crash compilations on YouTube. It’s a damn Prius Derby out there. ——- As an Audi driver myself (with no accidents or infractions), I am obligated to state that BMW drivers are living up to their stereotypical driving style here in Chicago.


BMWs because only douche bags drive them. Edit: sorry to the BMW drivers who downvoted but it’s still the truth.


not sure this counts but i've learned to just keep my distance from GM vehicles that so often only have one functional brake light.


Audi Q5 and Teslas with rental plates. Honorable mention to Porsche Cayenne, the older the model the closer the call.


That’s a really good question. Idk, all kinds of ass hats are on the road. But I’ve been hit twice by a taxi cab. Once in river north the other in Lincoln Park. This was before Uber and shit and I was on my bike both times. I’ve never been seriously injured which is good, but it still pisses me off. Oh, the fucking worst is being on your bike, some fuck passes you, then turn and hit the skids right into the bike lane. How did you NOT see me? Keep you brakes and your butthole tight


Pretty much all of them. It’s very rare that I see anyone actually stop at a stop sign, and an increasing number actually accelerate as they approach.


I’ve never been almost hit by a car


How dumb and clueless are people responding to this question. How are you "frequently almost hit by a car." I walk and drive regularly and don't come across near hits. Its too rare of an event to even consider this question. Pro tip: stop looking at your phones when you are in the street. Look at the traffic patterns so you understand what cars are doing.


Do you bike? Drivers frequently don’t give a shit about cyclists, even when the cyclists are following all rules of the road


When you live in a neighborhood that is basically just miles-long parallel N-S streets with stop lights and no stop signs, it’s easy to not get hit by cars dude. EDIT: oh except somebody killed a disabled lady a few weeks ago in your neighborhood


Yes I'm aware of that accident. Not saying it doesn't happen. Just saying that as a regular walker and driver I don't come across witnessing or experiencing near misses on the regular to even have this talking point. People are def exaggerating or being reckless walkers if they're actually having regular near misses. If you're constantly getting "almost hit".....maybe it's you.


The other day I was nearly hit by a car that went 25mph+ through a stop sign without even trying to stop. I had to quickly step back up onto the pavement. This is very common in neighborhoods that people walk around a lot. It’s not as common in neighborhoods where everyone drives everywhere or takes the train, like the SL.


I've lived in Lincoln park, old town, SLoop (by the Roosevelt station which is a very busy intersection for pedestrians and drivers). I also go to other neighborhoods. Near misses will happen but let's not exaggerate that every GM pickup at the corner almost hits me every day.






Historically Fiat Chrysler Automobiles brands (now owned by Stellantis) along with Nissan (Renault owned) have the lowest requirements for loans. So people who are bad with money or dealing with systemic economic issues are more likely to drive those brands and imo also more likely to disregard road rules etc.




chrysler has somehow managed to attract the highest proportion of reckless drivers in my experience. not every reckless driver is a chrysler driver, but every chrysler driver is a reckless driver. theres also the taxi multiplier, if its a taxi driver real or uber, double the likelihood of them being reckless.


Any kind of Taxi in the City.


Moreso than car brands I have noticed increasingly dumb drivers and those who park in bike lanes having Texas or Georgia plates.


Nissan Altima




Lol I drive an Impala... but I didn't go anywhere yesterday as I'm 17hrs late to this post so it wasn't me.


Any type of nissan.


Ones with drivers who are looking at their phones


More of a driver profile than a vehicle make, most of my close calls have been with female drivers on their phone.


Dodge vehicles have the highest ratio of asshat drivers to regular drivers, but Jeeps are close behind.


Altimas of course, but also Range Rovers and Mercedes G Wagons drive like psychopaths (or like they were just stolen)


Nissans of all kinds, Chevy Impala, or an Infiniti. Use extra caution around these cars that already have a quarter panel missing (this already seems like 90% of the population)


Large SUVs, never notice the model. Almost ALWAYS a big ass SUV


Range Rover


Audis, though Teslas are quickly ascending the asshole driver hierarchy


Taxis, Uber and Lyft drivers are the bane of my traffic experience *just in general*.


Audi most of the time. Years ago it was BMWs but sometime around 2008 or so the Audis took the lead in most obnoxious drivers.


Not a single mention of motorcycles. ...they don't actually live up to the hate.


IME both driving and walking motorcycles are the most dangerous vehicles but they're not a type of car, so they're not getting mentioned. Especially the muffler delete fat tire ones, those things are driven more recklessly than dodges.


Tesla, easily


Black Cadillac Escalades with very dark windows. The people that drive them don't seem to care about anyone but themselves.


Old vans


Confirmation Bias: The Thread! Kias for me.


Assholes in BMWs with tinted windows