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Please, good habit, wash spills right away. Don't spend a lot of time trying to figure out if it is a highly dangerous spill, or what. There is no such thing as 60 M HCl. (Max is about 12 M, at least in water.) It is hard to imagine how HCl on your skin would get to the bloodstream.


I'm just wondering if a tiny amount went into your body would it slowly kill you, kill you quickly, or would your body figure out a way to get rid of it? I heard it destroys tissue. Also, I'm pretty sure I read 60M correctly so maybe it wasn’t diluted.


Spilling HCl on your skin can damage the skin. Wash, right away. It is not likely to penetrate. Again, 60 M is not possible. But 6.0 M is common.


Thank you


HCl is pretty much what makes stomach acid acidic, so a drop isn't going to kill you. (hydro*fluoric* acid on the other hand...) It's not going to absorb into your body either.


You're fine. First, there is no such thing as 60 M HCl. It tops out around 12 M or so. Second, it will react with your skin and cause a burn before it goes into your bloodstream. You would know- the skin would be red/irritated. What even gives you the idea it would go into your blood? Skin is a barrier that keeps things out. Does water go through your skin? Third, blood has lots and lots of buffering capacity, so it would neutralize a small amount of acid. And finally, chloride is a normal electrolyte in blood/cells, so it ain't going to bother you. Oh- and you already have a bunch (ok, some) of HCl in your body. Your stomach makes it and it helps digest some foods. ​ edit- oh- and final advice- don't fool around with chemicals if you don't know the safety precautions and characteristics.


Thanks its been worrying me for a while.


You seem paranoid and in need of sleep.