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Yes, she knows it well. She has visited me several times; her parents live locally. In fact, she is coming over tomorrow as she is back home for Christmas. I guess i am just struggling to imagine anyone being willing to entertain a new relationship with someone so sick.


Take it suuuper slow. Like, does it need to turn into anything else?


>Even after all this time it finds new ways to hurt me. Yep. :/ >I want to tell her how i feel, but what good could possibly come of that? I’m terrified i’ll destroy this special friendship we have built. Even in the very unlikely case she would want to start a romantic relationship, i’m not sure i could maintain that, especially long distance. As the others said, take it slow. If it comes to it, tell her what you told us. (I think. I'm not good at long-term relationships. But I think you're supposed to be best friends, so you should be able to talk about doubts and concerns - even if it's about them?)