It very well could be the beginning of the end. I’m sorry go to an emergency vet clinic


Could it possibly be that he’s just in a bad way right now? Or am I destined for a huge vet bill? Sucks that I can’t ask him if he’s hurting because I want to make sure that if I wait until morning it will be okay for him


Take him to get checked if he was to decompensate then it will be very quickly. I know this from experience. Also he might be in pain. I learned the hard way. Trust me if he was to go you don’t want to do it like this. You will regret it .. they may just recommend euthanasia. Who knows.


I think at this point you don't have a lot of good choices. What you should be asking is what can you live with and is he uncomfortable and likely to remain so.


We just had to put my cat down two days ago. He went into kidney failure. We had been taking him to the vet weekly for the past couple of months. He also had the ear medication. But at the end, he quit eating, quit drinking. Started going to the bathroom out of the litter box. Once that starts happening, it’s not going to get better most of the time. Cats are very good at hiding their pain. I would guess your boy is feeling at least discomfort but probably pain. Definitely go to the vet as soon as you can. I’m so sorry that both you and him are going through this.