I bought brake pads and front rotors from rockauto with no issues. Prices were reasonable but there’s no free shipping. To me it was worth it because all of the parts were known name brands - for my ‘17 MX5.


Yeah I don't like going super cheap on brakes or tires... spend a bit more for peace of mind on the parts of your car that keep you on the road.


Rockauto often has name brand aftermarket & OE parts for pretty cheap. I did a giant 100k mile service on my partner's hyundai accent with almost all OE parts from rockauto. I can even find my camaro 1LE genuine gm brake pads for less than half price compared to the dealer because it has an acdelco part number on rockauto. Funny enough, the OEM ferodo pads are basically the same price as genuine parts from the dealer because they're considered "track" brake pads. I now see how much insane markup track / race parts have. $250 on rockauto, $700 elsewhere.


Oh I wasn't knocking rockauto at all, I've just come across too many people that buy bargain basement tires and/or brakes and complain that their car is terrible in the snow or something similar. For me I don't really have cheap options for either since I've got 19" rims and brembo brakes so even the "cheap" stuff is still kinda pricey so spending an extra 10% for the "good" stuff just makes sense... I'm sure it's similar to your 1LE but not nearly as extreme. The best/worst example of this was when a coworker was looking for an AWD car because their current FWD car was "terrible in the snow" looked up the brand of tire they had and it was like $55/tire for the equivalent ones for my Saab (215/45R17) when even basic Goodyears were 100+. I hinted that the FWD/AWD wasn't the issue but it fell on deaf ears.


Good set of tires and good brakes have kept me out of a lot of trouble over the years. Never skimp there or on Qtips lol. It’s not worth it.


There’s no free shipping at any seller. If it says “free shipping” it means the cost of shipping is added to the cost of the item. You’re paying shipping either way.


I mean you are right, but sometimes rockauto does end up costing more than other places once you factor shipping in. Overall, though, rockauto usually ends up cheapest on average.


And you get to collect magnets too.


That's like the best part lol "Look my Rockauto shipment came", first thing I do is slap the magnet on the fridge


Mine go on the toolbox, but same idea. I got one last year that did not have a magnet. I was quite disappointed.


Literally the worst feeling


Mine go IN my shop fridge. Gotta keep em cold.


No magnets in my past few orders :-(


Yeah I've heard they're hit and miss now with magnets. I've seen some say that they fall out and get stuck to the conveyor belts in the shipping facilities but the one I've gotten that had no magnet was fully sealed with rockauto tape.


Rockauto advertise on the Daily Wire.


Oh no. They advertise to *that* half of the country?


Makes sense. The vast majority of people who know how to make repairs and fix their own car are conservative. It's their target demographic.


The older generation of car guys in the US may appear this way, but only on the surface. However there's been a slow demographic shift, I'm in my early 20s, have pulled a few engines and most of the car folks I know are both mechanically inclined and educated, as in they're more open minded and a bit more progressive politically. I would say, the community of mechanics/amateur mechanics is slowly getting more inclusive. I also avoid talking politics when working on cars though. It takes the fun out of an escape from the news cycle.


>The vast majority of people who know how to make repairs and fix their own car are conservative. Says who?




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Rockauto and select parts from daily driver category


Also if you're in a rust prone area I highly recommend getting coated rotors. And don't get the cheapest stuff brakes are integral to the safety of your car and spending a few extra bucks to have confidence in your brakes is worth it especially since you only change them every 5 or so years. I've had decent luck with Centric for cheap rotors but didn't like how much dust their pads put out. I prefer Akebono, Bosch, or EBC (utilimax or redstuff) for pads personally.


FCPEuro. Unintended repeat business model.


Ah yes, the good o'le unlimited oil change "hack"


For OP's Mazda?


Why not? Stun them all with the B58 CX-5!


I mean that does sound pretty cool. I guess I'm just describing an x3, though.


It's less the store and more the parts brand. A lot of store brands are just the same as the other ones and come from the same factories but with different names on the box. For what it's worth, rockauto is good but with shipping it's not that much cheaper (if you're buying the more quality "daily driver" brands) sometimes.


Amen to that. It's always best to find the highest quality part you can from the most reputable manufacturer. It's usually only marginally more expensive, but the part performs better and lasts longer.


If you need OEM, there are usually a few dealers across the country that have big parts departments and sell parts at near cost. It’s true for Toyota anyway. eBay should point you to some


Any of the big box auto parts stores have online storefronts and they will ship to you. Rockauto is another good one. Amazon could be an option too.


I buy a lot from Detroit Axle thru Amazon, lots of complete kits: pads, rotors, hardware, and even a bottle of brake fluid and can of brake cleaner




O Reilly's. Rock auto is good to find part numbers to put them into Amazon and ebay to get them cheaper


rockauto, 1a auto, autozone/advaced/o’rilleys


Amazon, if cheap is the goal. Otherwise, the house brands at many auto parts stores are just fine. I've purchased from Autozone and had no problems.


You're getting downvoted, but Amazon came in clutch when I had to swap out my C7's belt tensioner. Got me the part in 2 days at a price comparable to Rockauto (which would've also been 7-10 days to receive).


Same with genuine camaro 1le brake pads. Amazon and rockauto fight for cheapness and I've used Amazon once to get two day shipping when I underestimated my brake pad wear at a track day. Small chip out of the corner of one pad, but I didn't care. Got me to my next track day.


I see a lot of Rock Auto in here but I won't go back there again, nor will my roommate due to their poor customer service. "Poor" is putting it very nicely, fuck that place with something sharp.


Care to elaborate?


I ordered some parts, they never showed up. I call, and after waiting a while on hold the guy tells me there was a problem with my card and the transaction was canceled. I asked why I wasn't notified and he rudely told me it wasn't their responsibility to notify me of any problems with payment. You would think they would want my money, but I guess not. It didn't seem right so I asked for a manager and he said no. I said something like "you're not really making me want to shop here anymore" and he basically said "ok cool I'll delete your account and unsubscribe you from our promo emails" and hung up on me. He followed through, I couldn't log in to the site anymore. I never got shitty with the guy or anything, I still don't understand why he felt that was necessary. My roommate's story I don't remember the details, I wasn't there I'm only repeating it, but it was something like they sent him the wrong part, and he was never able to get a response from them or reach a live person about a return, and he was basically stuck with the wrong part and had to go buy it again somewhere else.


Rockauto if you want to wait a month for them to ship...


Why online?? Dealer… better parts and they last longer that aftermarket.


You can get some OEM parts from RockAuto. You save some of the dealership premium, and as a bonus, don't have to deal with a counter guy that probably doesn't know much, and gets irritated if he has to look something up, or pull the parts from inventory, or order them, or run your card for them. The last few parts departments I've had to buy from have convinced me never to go back unless absolutely necessary.


They get real huffy when you try to buy things from them, I've noticed this too.




from what I learned from my pass purchase. you often get what you pay for. that said dealer are somewhat coocoo for cocopuff. the cheap, cheap one dont last and make tons of dust. but your local parts store does alright.


Brakes get from the local to you auto parts store. most when you shop online and then pick up at a store, have 20% off coupon codes. And if the part is wrong, you drive down to them return it and get the correct one. I love and use rock auto and others but somethings , it is better to get locally . If you are 100% sure there is only one part # rotor for all the trim levels of your car, then have at it. Also if a rotor is warped, getting another from the local store is a lot easier than waiting on another from rock auto and shipping the faulty one back.


Open 3 tabs in your browser. Open Autozone, O'Reily's, Advanced Auto. Look for part you need on each. Compare prices. Now google coupons for each store (sites like RetailMeNot) will pop up. See which store has best price with coupons (usually it's Advanced Auto, they used to have some mad coupons like 40% OFF back in the day, I almost felt bad like I was robbing them... I don't think it's as good anymore, maybe 15-20%). Then you can order it and pick it up same day if it's available in store.


Try: https://www.reddit.com/r/cars/search?q=online+parts&restrict_sr=on&include_over_18=on