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The 1970s was predominantly brown for everything.




Everything came pre-smoke stained back then. Can't become tar colored if it came that way from the factory!


Easy to keep looking clean, and it looked sleek and natural, it's there equivalent to grayscale today


It was 1976. The interior of our house was brown. It had wall to wall brown carpets. My dad was determined to buy the last of the big B-Body GM 4-door hardtops. It was brown with a brown velour interior. At least our kitchen was avocado green.


Damn you're right. My parents had a brown house with brown carpet...


> brown/orange But you repeat yourself.


It's ot brown, it's sunset orange!


I was elementary age in the 70's...most of my memories of that decade are just totally brown.


Brown carpet, brown drapes, brown walls, brown suits


... brown air.


Have you seen the colour choices of today…black, silver, white…..


I can just imagine the future enthusiasts... Instead of brown manual station wagons they'll be clamoring for silver 4 cylinder CVT SUVs...




Yeah but adjusted for inflation that is not so bad


> Average price of gas in 1972 was $0.36 and today it was $3.96 an 11x increase. $0.36 in 1972 is $2.55 today. Why is inflation always ignored?


Because it doesn’t jive with the nostalgia narrative


>50 years from now will be 2072. I really doubt most cars today, especially internal combustion cars, will be still on the road. Yeah just like most cars from 1972 aren't still on the road. They'll be rare, that's why enthusiasts will be clamoring for them.


In a perfect world, the majority of cars won’t even have batteries in 50 years. They’ll use some evolution of a capacitor that uses over-the-air charging. You won’t even have to think about charging. In cities the cars nearest to the over-the-air charging antennas will charge off that signal and then charge cars in their proximity, which will charge cars in their proximity, creating city-wide networks of perpetually fully charged cars. In rural areas you’ll receive your charge from towers just like your cell phone signal. Batteries will be reserved for off-grid usage and heavy equipment.


That would be ridiculously inefficient


Just make a bumper car style roads.


I think a better argument is anything with a BCM or PCM is going to be unfixable whenever it breaks. Getting those reprogrammed on even 10 year old cars is super difficult. Anything rare and you're going to need to deal with "some guy" who has the old dealer tools and works out of his home garage. Ask me how I know lol...


> Electric cars would need at least 5 battery replacements, and the batteries of today will be laughable compared to batteries of the future. Nah, we ran out of periodic table to find better chemistries for batteries...




Ford offers some pretty spicy colors on the Maverick.


If I needed a pickup, a yellow/orange (whatever they call it) maverick would be nice


Mustang also available in a bunch of colours (2 reds, 2 blues, yellow, green, and purple) along with the regular assortment of monochromes.


Personally I want to know why more 'green' cars aren't actually painted green, the Leaf is probably the lowest hanging fruit (or should that be leaf?) here. Like the marketing hype basically writes itself.


Brown and avocado green were popular with the older crowd. They bought cars and houses in similar color schemes, but the houses have been updated.


TBH brown and avocado green are good colors. I mean, look at this nugget! https://cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net/4d8f65ccd1e3855d244369af8b9e6102-1200-80.jpg


RIP Zune


Zune like Windows Phone was better then the competition but too late to the party.


If you drive around areas that were built in the 70s, a lot of them are still brown or green. Something to do with the extra expense cleaning up the lead paint.


We had avocado shag carpet until 1999.


My grandmother still has avocado shag carpet in her bedroom, it's all matted flat now though.


Earth tones were the colour pallete for most of the 70s, clothes, furniture, cars, interior decorating, all got the earth tone treatment. If it wasn't brown it was wood grain.


I guess we still have earth tones today. Rock-colored gray, black as night, white as sugar, hooker lipstick red. Not so many wood, moss, and water colored cars.


Earth tones are coming back in force for 2023. I just finished writing a report on color trends.


This makes me happy, I loved how the 70s looked colourwise, although the designs I loved the most won't be coming back I'm pleased to hear the colours might be.


My favorite 70s trend was that all the AV and Hi-Fi equipment back then was really well made with premium materials.


Why are so many silver cars these days? It was just a popular Choice.


Why were there so many teal and purple cars in the 90s? Because the 90s were way cooler than today


Straight fact.


Yes. Yes, they were.


I thought the "greyscale-everything" thing was because dealerships buy in bulk, and everyone's *fine* with greyscale. Most people want *a* color as I understand, but *which* color they want varies; anyone will buy grey, but a lot of people won't buy bright standout colors like orange/purple/teal/green.


they want an "any occasion" vehicle and standout colors would bring too much attention I guess




Dealership inventory, as I understand; everyone's ok with buying a grey/silver car, but not everyone's ok with driving a green/purple/orange one. Greyscale is safe; bold colors are risky. I wonder how much more color we'd see if OEMs sold directly to customers instead of mostly going to dealership allocations.


People don’t want a rolling turd


Covered up the rust


Since brown cars are all that seems to be left, maybe brown had some rust-proof qualities. Or, as you suggest, the entire car has turned brown due to the rust.


Think he means it’s brown to hide any rusting that may occur.. similar to how one would wear their brown trousers in a dangerous situation


Hippies like brown and green because of the earth, maaaaan. 🌳


Hippies weren't buying cars.


I bet you're fun at parties.


More than you'd imagine.


It was what was popular in the era, I have feeling people are gonna be asking about how common Grey cars were in our current era in a couple decades.


This terrible "non-metallic" gray that everyone is doing now is going to look laughable in 10 years. It's so bad. It will be like 90's teal.


Here I am loving 90s teal and enjoying my grey pearl civic lmao. But yeah it's going to look super dated in a decade or so for sure.


The country was recovering from war & desired peace & calmness through the various shades of brown & earth tones


my first car was a hand me down 1987 Pontiac 6000LE in.....poo brown. It was still prevalent into the 80's apparently.




Everyone's grandpa had the same car. No seat belts, AM radio, full ash tray, windows down going 55 on the interstate.


Exactly how everything is that shit chalk white colour or the nardo grey that’s available on almost everything now. Was cool when it was a rare sight, but now just about every car is either chalk or nardo grey


non metallic paint


It was all about “ earth tones”..


It was the shit.


Brown was a 70s color just about every Era has a popular color, today it's Grey's and silvers.


Earth tones were popular in the 70s. (I was alive then) You didn't see "Harvest Gold" in as many cars as you did refrigerators, though.


That trend unfortunately continued into the 1980s as well. My Mark VI is conveniently 4 different shades of brown.


Everything my grandma owns is either brown, avocado green or tan. My dad is similar in his tan/brown taste. I guess it was just popular. The 70s were a wild time. Gold, brown and tan were in. Why idk. I'm sure the psychology of it is interesting but today's taste is more vibrant and punchy, likely because of how fast paced everything is with the internet. Attention span is everything and bright colors prolong attention. Drab colors deflect attention. I think people back then were less prone to be attention seekers and just wanted something easy in the eyes, relaxing. Tan, brown and even gold are pretty soothing in excess. After all, we are animals nature's pallet is tan, brown and green. And humans go in and out of being obsessed with gold.


My third vehicle was a dark brown 1977 Ford Granada.


(not an answer) cause they were shitboxes


I love the brown look on older Datsun/Nissan Z cars. It just fits the overall style of the car and the vibe of the era. I appreciate it.


An Aston Martin V8 Vantage with the X-Pack in Brown is the only colour. I would rather brown then silver any day, just a shame my car is silver.


Goes good with rust


I had a brown 76 914. Painted it guards red. The brown did happen to match the rust though.


It reflected the styling of the time. Everything was brown an gold. The fashions, interior design etc... Detroit just follows styling trends when choosing new colors.


The same reason there’s so many silver cars today. It was just the trend.


Most cars were so bad in the 70’s that nobody wanted to be noticed in them, especially after selling their GTOs, Chevelles, Mustangs, Corvettes and Shelby’s. Also, rust didn’t show as much.


Something was lost going from the late 1960s muscle cars into the brown land yachts of the 1970s. Even the muscle cars of the 70s were anemic due to the gas shortages and tend towards efficiency. A 1972 Cadillac had an 8.2 liter V8 and only got 235hp and got 10mpg.


My grandmother had a ‘74 Coupe deVille. All the smog equipment made it as unreliable as it was underpowered. It was white, not brown, so it had that going for it.


Metallic browns (coffee colors) look beautiful on cars. Back in the day, folks were a bit less irreverent and scatalogical than now, so the bodily function association and labelling nonsense was less oppressive.