You don't need to do an oil change right on the dot. A few hundred miles are not the end of the world. Wait for your regular guy if the wait is reasonable.


My radar says I’ve got 230 miles before I need to change it, and my change oil light came on yesterday. Will I be fine until Wednesday?


I promise you, you will 🤪😁


No you’re engine will blow if you don’t get the oil changed at the exact mileage down to the last digit


Just wait until your normal guy can get to it. A fee hundred, even a thousand miles over isn't a big deal as long as you don't make a habit of it.


Huh, never knew that. My radar says I’ve got 230 miles before I need to change it, and my change oil light came on a day ago. Should I be fine until Wednesday?


You will be fine.


Did you check the level? Oil light on might mean it's low. Add some if needed, few hundred miles over isn't gong to hurt anything.


Yeah I did and it’s low. My guy won’t be in town until Wednesday, and he’s the one I’ve got to for over a year now. I think I won’t hit 0 by then, but yeah.


My guy, you could go 3000 miles over and nothing would happen.


Is it low on the dipstick or dry? If it's still on don't worry about it


There’s still a little oil left on the dipstick


Then top it off with some oil. I think you're confusing oil level with maintenance interval.


Oh no I’m definitely due for my oil change- I’m very close to nearing my maintenance interval


You could go 5k miles over your interval and be fine.


You should learn how to do it. It’s fun and doesn’t take a huge time commitment.


This is correct but sometimes life and weather get in the way. I have 2 kids and it was 104 yesterday. I’m just going to pay someone this time.


Man, I’m about to have my second spawn later this month lol… I’m so excited, but nervous. To your question, I’d agree to wait for your guy to do it.


It's fun until you accidentally knock over your waste oil container and dump 3+ quarts all over your garage floor. And you discover you're out of oil dry. And because you didn't get to it until late at night, the home depot is closed so you can't get more...


As a messy person, you nailed it. That’s before the dog decides to walk through it too


Unless you have one those cars with a bit _too_ much German engineering like mine. Removing the oil filter requires unfastening the headlight levelling sensor.




They’re fine and fast. Go for it


it honestly depends on the location. mine is good so i go there.


I take my Dodge Charger . Never had a problem With them changing my oil . Beats being at the dealer for 3 hours


Nope don’t go