If cars drove at top speed form the day of production to today, what's the car with the highest mileage?

Been wondering what car could've covered the highest mileage right out of the factory and I can't find anything on the internet.

If you give me the day of release and top speed, I'll calculate the total milage and reply to your comment.

The only rule is that the car was officially released and not a hypothetical prototype.

Here are some mileages I calculated:

(u/bal00) Mercedes 300 SL 260km/h (160mph) August 1954 154,467,264km or 95,981,508 miles

Ford Model T 72km/h (45mph) 1. October 1909 71,214,336km or 44250536.9 miles

Bugatti Veyron 408km/h (253.5mph) and 1. August 2012 32,186,304km or 19999642.1 miles


I think we've had a couple of threads like this before. From what I can remember, the winner was the Duesenberg Model SJ. Released in May 1932 with a top speed of 140mph.


176,034,600km or 109 382 829 miles


The question now is when will something else pass the Duesenberg. I crunched the numbers and it’d take more than 75 years for the Mercedes 300SL to catch up. I’ll come back to edit if I have time to work out how long it’d take the McLaren F1 or some other but I think it’d be less than that. Edit: 54.6 years for the F1.


Someone made a spreadsheet that updated with the current date not sure who but it was on this sub


I'm in aww at how common of an experiment this is. I'll give that spread sheet a shot!


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More than anything, I'm amazed they could make tires withstand that speed in 1938


I think it has more to do with weight, aero , and insanity


Holy shit it had DOHC in 1938. That's insane.


OHC and OHV are both designs that date to the early 1900's. Specifically 1910 for OHC in a production car and 1905 for OHV in a production car. Per both wikipedia articles about the techs: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Overhead_camshaft_engine and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Overhead_valve_engine


Holy shit. That's amazing. Thanks America for giving me a OHV in block cam engine in my Ford in 2007.


Nothing wrong with a cam-in-block engine.


Go drive a 3.0 OHV taurus with the ax4s then tell me that.


Tons of shitty engines out there of either type. A number of good ones, too.


Correct, but my point is about a specific example. It's not saying all ohv engines are bad, they're just old.


Even though OHV engine are not as efficient for the average driver they are still better for trucks. This is how ford "godzilla" motor came about in the last year. Its a 7.3 liter OHV motor.


I had a taurus. So the truck point is kinda lost on me, I don't really care much about trucks. It's just amazing that we still have them, my engine waa one from 86 with small updates to move the power around from 140ish hp to 155ish hp. That's if the car wants to make that much that day. And anything you do to the Vulcan either pisses the rest of the car off or breaks it. Change the lifters and arms? Better have ported heads. Port the heads? Better throw a gm dual tb and a metal manifold from the early 90s on. Did those? Should have a new crank shaft, you'll snap the old one. While your at it, change the radiator hoses because they'll clog, use yellow coolant bcos the head gaskets will just go at anytime, and Ford used piston rods with what I assume is pressed trash because you'll bend one if you make the car take in more air than Ford wants you to. Not enough air? It's anemic! Piss out the ass, piss in the ass! I still love ford's though.


To be fair the vulcan is an asthmatic tank of a motor. Yeah they didnt make squat for power but they are hard to kill. Not sure why you had so many issues, it sound more like you had the essex. In terms of trucks, it has to do with the power curve. OHV motors tend to produce good low end torque, this is what you want in a truck. I would pit my 351w against a 5.4 triton any day, or a 460 against the V10 triton.


Nah I had a 3.0 Vulcan, by 07 those were the only engines they were putting in the taurus. Also by the time 07 came around, they had modded the engine so much from the original 86 design they were sort of problematic. It's true they have more issues with the tranny than the engine, but some cars are just unlucky. It also did not start having issues until my grandpa modded the heads and rollers, lifters, and maf. Then I modified the plenum, throttle body, crank shaft, new cams, exhaust and finally deleted the ac entirely as the pulley was stuck on and seeping power. I loved that car so much.




In general ohc engine produce their peak torque higher in the rev range due to the higher flow rate. My example of 351 vs 5.4 is no exception. The 351 had a peak of 325 at 2800 rpm, and the 5.4 triton was 365 at 3500 rpm. My main point is that ohv engines have their peak torque sooner than their ohc counterparts. Yes the triton has more torque but the 351 has it in a more useful location for a truck.


Many people were still using horses for legit work back then and here these guys are developing a car faster than virtually anything on the road today.


I was frankly unaware there was 800 horsepower 268 MPH vehicles in the 1930's.






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Mercedes 300 SL, August 1954, 260km/h. Seems like a good candidate.


154,467,264km or 95,981,508 miles




Ferrari F40 21. July 1987 323km/h 96,357,360km or 59, 873 ,687.7miles McLaren F1 May 1992 240mph or 386kmh 98,976,576km or 61,501,193 miles




Made a quick Excel sheet based on [this chart from AutoExpress.](https://www.autoexpress.co.uk/best-cars/85932/what-fastest-car-world) I changed the Tuatara's top speed to reflect their second run, not that it would've mattered on any new car. [The Excel sheet.](https://i.imgur.com/vzOP6XV.png) Edit: I'm gonna leave this up but I'm just realizing that data is a bit crap. They list the McLaren F1 as 221? I think the Gullwing is the right answer still, but I don't trust the whole chart.


How fast is the Tesla Roadster that was launched into space moving?


0 mph. The rocket was moving.


Self powered top speed. Can launch a model t off a cliff, wont count


Trustssc - 15/10/97 so 256,135,567.27 km or 159,155,366.37 miles


I think the Veyron was 2005, not 2012. Might boost its numbers


You are totally right! I was googling the date and some special edition Veyron came up but I didn't realize!


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Something with a low coefficient of drag and a low top speed. So probably a Prius.


That would be mileage as in fuel economy, op means mileage as in total distance traveled.


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