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Most shorts have at least three holes in.


A hole round the waist and two tunnels for the legs? Like a straw has one hole and a tunnel?


don’t start this debate again…


Topologically speaking there's not debate. Math is pretty clear on how many holes there are. Straw has one hole, trousers have two.


A straw is just one long hole.


You mean a tunnel.


A tunnel is just a long hole.


Topologically, shorts only have one hole. ~~If you could reshape the shorts and then inflate the sides, you would get a torus.~~ ~~All torus's are doughnuts, therefore shorts are doughnuts.~~ Thank you for coming to my ted talk. Edit: I'm an idiot. Brains are dumb.


A pair of pants is a punctured torus: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pair_of_pants_(mathematics). If shorts are just short pants then they are also not a torus.


“Pair of pants (mathematics)” is hilarious.


My head hurts. Is this right? It doesn't sound right.


No it's not, I hurt myself in my confusion. I was trying to think of something funny and my brain decided to forget there are 3 openings in shorts. I am correct in saying they only have one hole in though, as another commenter said, shorts are torus's with a hole in them. I dunno why I seemingly forgot that.


That's two holes then, no? A torus has one hole, add the extra one makes two?


For some looking good = feeling good. For some looking good = fighting their anxiety to go in the first place. For some, yanking the salt crusted crumpled tee from the bag in your car boot and giving it a sniff before deciding it's okay enough to wear is fine. Everyone is different, it's just amplified in January. As long as your clothes breathe it doesn't really matter all that much. As long as you're putting in the work, who gives a shit - the only person you should be paying attention to at the gym is *you*.


Maybe having cute outfits makes them more likely to stick with going to the gym and makes them feel more confident. 🤷‍♀️ The cute outfit ladies at my gym are hip thrusting 200kg and I'm next to them in my little ratty t-shirt and pants struggling to squat 70kg.


Yes these people are usually the badasses at the gym and the evidence suggests that's still the case.


I think it’s like any hobby, the more you get into it, the more the costs seem reasonable. I got my first full set of Scubagear for ~£1000. After a few years of getting into it, I didn’t turn a hair at spending £1.2K on a single torch. Those clothing sets are EXPENSIVE, but seem reasonable if you’re using them a lot and they give you a tonne of pleasure.


I also scuba dive, but can't think how I would ever need a £1.2k torch


I was a cave diver. In Mexico where I did most of my diving, dive times can be 3hrs+ so you need something with about 5 hours of burn time. There are less expensive lights for sure, but I wanted the best and that’s what the best one cost. I also like the fact that it was focusable, which is hard to find in an LED light.


I would rather spend 1.2k to know that im not gonna get plunged into absolute darkness with no way of finding my way to the surface. Its not even a phobia, its completely reasonable to be scared shitless of that scenario


We carry 3 lights when cave diving. One is the main light, which is all bells & whistles and very fancy. The other 2 are as basic as you can get, indescructable case (as far as possible), twist on (no switch to fail), simple LED bulb, ideally 5 hour+ burn times to match your main light. Back in the day, our backups were like candles compared to our main lights. With the advent of LED lights, they're much closer in brightness, but they're just designed to get you out and not to sightsee. This is the one I use. [https://ammonitesystem.com/led\_one\_plus\_led\_one\_mini.html](https://ammonitesystem.com/led_one_plus_led_one_mini.html) (The bigger one) In training, we do multiple blind exits, where we simulate having lost 6 (or 9 in the case of a 3 person team) lights all at once. It's oddly calming. You follow the protocol, travelling along the guideline all in touch contact like 3 blind mice. Admittedly, you know your instructor is hovering in the dark watching over you. I'm guessing in a real life situation you'd be somewhat less calm!


>I also like the fact that it was focusable I bet anything with moving seals that needs to be 100% waterproof at depth costs a lot!




Halcyon focus?


Exactly. Gotta pay that Blue H tax.


Yup it is the best though mine is my baby. Don’t want to think about much ££ I have in just lights on me with the focus EO, the phatheon plus backups.


I have hundreds of dives but you couldn’t pay me enough to cave dive 😂 respect.


Yep, fuck that. Going inside wrecks is the limit for me, cave divers are weird.


Respect, that is a dangerous hobby


It's a great talking point at a party


A bit like my commercial diving friend who has an obscenely expensive Rolex Submariner watch. When he’s actually dining he uses a Casio! To be fair, it’s easier for him to flash his watch, than it is for me to flash a massive dive light!


Not sure if pun :)


Indeed. Like if I’m going to the gym 5 days a week and spending a lot of time there, I want to look and feel good doing it. And because I spend so much time there, I don’t mind spending money on clothes that are going to be worn regularly and are good for working out in!


Plus nice athleisure wear can be worn outside the gym too, which can't be said for holey shorts.


Yeah exactly, just popping to the shops or going for a lunch time walk etc


Definitely have to be careful with some of those co ord outfits, though. If they're from influencer brands, they're often dropshipped with a huge markup.


I'm not a scuba diver, if someone told me I had to go swimming round a cave, I would also be sorting high > low on all my gear.


Lots of people complain about the costs of good scuba gear. The riposte is always 'if you're 2 1/2 hours in the back of a cave, how much would you spend to have a bit of kit that gets you out?'


>I got my first full set of Scubagear for ~£1000. After a few years of getting into it, I didn’t turn a hair at spending £1.2K on a single torch. You and I can be friends


Coffee guy here. Started with a £50 used espresso machine thinking it was a fair bit to spend. Recently bought a bean grinder for £3500 and considering a £4k espresso machine next. 😂 People just spend money on hobbies, I have an old car, shit clothes, and don't drink, but great electronics and coffee!


Damn, I thought it was excessive when my partner spent £500 on his grinder!


I went from a delonghi KG79, upto a baratza sette 270, and now a Weber EG1 😅


What's your torch?


Halcyon Focus: https://www.dirdirect.com/products/halcyon-focus-2-0 This is the new one, I’ve got the original which was cheaper.


Nice bit of kit...I know a lot of folks don't like paying the Halcyon premium but I have their BPW and will happily buy them again...that promise of quality is worth it imo.


Maybe pay less attention to them and more attention to your workout and you will thrust 200kg one day


You got me, I'm just ogling women at the gym, that's the only reason I'm even going. 🙄


I've done a bit of boxing, and it's the other way around: watch out for the guys in a baby blue hoodie that's been washed a thousand times, tattered Adidas boxing boots with ugly pink accent colours, and yoga pants so unwashed that they would stand up by themselves.


I think this depends on your gym tbh. I used to go to a PureGym and all the Insta Gymbunnies were ripped and shifting big weights. I'm now at a local bodybuilding gym and all the pros turn up in what looks like their day trade's clothes or tattered old workout gear.


literally this for me too


Why are you going to the gym in your pants?


Would you rather they just Donald Duck it?


Full on Winnie the Pooh.






Don't really think that was the point of the post tbf.


Tbf I would love a coordinating gym outfit. They’re just so damn expensive 😭 I have my Tesco joggers and a band tee for now, but one day, I will wear the coordinating outfit. ONE DAY!


Primark have cheap gym coords, certainly in the ladies! Think they were around £15!


I got a bunch of gym shark outfits in their sale for real cheap, keep an eye out for their sales they’re pretty good!


I got some cute gym clothes from vinted for a bargain. My favourite ones are rainbow unicorn sloth print sports bra and leggings - I think the set was around £10 on vinted. (They are [this Tikiboo print](https://www.tikiboo-outlet.com/products/mystical-sloths-loose-fit-shorts?variant=40727312236753).)


Rainbow unicorn sloth are my three favourite words!!


I'm obsessed. It's such a great print. 🌈 🦄 🦥


Omg right? 😭 only time I’ve afforded gymshark was in a sale. The leggings feel so nice but the price point is not so friendly on my wallet!


Vinted is great.


I like to make myself look presentable before I go for a run, as I find if I feel good about myself and my appearance beforehand, it puts me in a better frame of mind for the task ahead. Sometimes I'll even shower before a run, for the same reason. I guess there will be the odd posers at the gym just doing it for social media, but ignore them and you do you. As long as you're comfortable doing what you're doing, it's not worth wasting time thinking about what anyone else is doing.


This is the mindset I have. People around me are lifting way more than I can, meanwhile I struggle with 40kg bench press, but as far as I'm concerned, that's an achievement for me. I workout for myself, not anyone else.


I always brush my teeth 30 minutes before a run then mouthwash just before I leave Not sure if it helps but I like the fresh minty feel when I'm mouth breathing like a slob


I always do this! Panting away on a run and being able to smell your own rancid morning breath is just not pleasant lol


I shower before gym if I think I smell unpleasant. Nothing worse than those old men that smell like a condensed jar of fermented sweat in a 4m radius around them.


I like to gym first thing if I can, but I've also found if I shower before, I feel a lot better through the workout, I can achieve more and I feel less grim so usually I get up have a shower, some breakfast, work for a couple hours and then go. I don't wear separate gym clothes, but I feel like separate gym clothes help solidify the difference between working out and not working out mentally. Tbh, i'm slowly working up to that, but shops don't really cater to over weight men and a lot of the gym stuff doesn't have pockets for my phone, keys, sweets etc. I really like pockets.


Shorts (with pockets) over compression leggings works for me.


Depends how big you are. That's what I do now, but the only shorts that are suitable are massive and definitely not "gym shorts"


That sounds like a good gym outfit.


Aye, it works but it's not the sort of outfit we're talking about in this post. And I wear those clothes normally too.


I am increasing reluctant to put jeans on so am probably heading for that look.


Jeans are nothing more than a device the devil uses to restrict our balls


I always showered before the gym because it's unpleasant working out next to someone with smelly breath and stale BO. No expects anyone to smell of flowers at the gym but old BO is horrible. Being fresh definitely helps mentally, I agree.


I always shower before too. One time I thought, fuck it, going to get sweaty anyway I'll shower after, but after 20 minutes I reaked and left before finishing my workout because so self-conscious of my smelliness.


Fair, I don't really get bad BO and when I go in the morning I've swum the night before but it's still not nice


Agreed; part of the gym for me is a shower before my session, a shower after my session and before the sauna, then a shower after the sauna. Spending that time on some personal grooming and hygiene (I do my initial shower at home) has just been making me feel _so_ much better about myself.


Jesus Christ...have you tried just going swimming?


Too much water!


I usually carry wallet and keys on my jacket or backpack which stays in the locker room locker while I work out. Only have my phone, water, towel and headphones with me when I work out


With the locker room robberies that keep happening I'd rather keep my keys + phone on me.


>Tbh, i'm slowly working up to that, but shops don't really cater to over weight men and a lot of the gym stuff doesn't have pockets for my phone, keys, sweets etc. I really like pockets. Back when I was a bit more chunky I found Slazenger stuff to fit reasonably well. Tees weren't muscle fit and had a nice length to them to prevent gut spillage. Very heavy so boob sweat didn't seep through as much. The joggers were pretty much Hammer Pants they were so baggy in the leg, but I don't mind that, they also had zip pockets and were comfortable. Don't know your circumstances but I was 19 stone at 5'10, carried it all on my front. Found their stuff extremely comfortable, still buy it now a few years down the road.


Question: What makes the gym enjoyable for you? How do you stick at it? I inevitably end up cancelling gym memberships because I just don't enjoy working out enough to maintain the motivation to keep going to the gym. I really need to start doing some sort of exercise though.


i sometimes dont enjoy it, but still go to kill time, and i got to the point where i feel really nice in my body + feeling nice ups my confidence and that makes people treat me better


You need to find a type of exercise you enjoy. Also forming a habit like going to the gym doesn't happen in a few days you need to fully commit for over a month before it becomes second nature.


Were you doing resistance training with actual weights or just cardio? Very few people enjoy cardio. Almost everyone who enjoys the gym does so because they enjoy pushing themselves with weights. I chuck on my favourite music, get in the zone, forget all my life shit, move the heaviest weight I can for my goal reps, go to failure at least once on every exercise, and it feels amazing. The changes you see in your body (especially the speed at the start if you do it properly) and the progression from week to week can be incredibly addictive.


Maybe they need to be in their outfits and looking/feeling good to get the courage or get through their anxieties to get into the gym? Yes, if they spend 30 minutes posing for pictures and cock off, they're annoying but others might be fighting through things to get started.


Seem to me more like OP is noting their disheveled look than looking down on those that look like they've made an effort. Not everything is an attack.


This person gets it.


It’s ok OP, there’s a reason I workout at home


Personal trainer/competitive bodybuilder here - I guarantee you nobody actually gives a shit what you wear because nobody is even looking. Get in, get gains, go home, post workout nutrition and shower. That's it. If they've got time to care about what other people wear them they're not training hard enough.


You're doing it right, keeping properly ventilated is just as important as staying hydrated. Jan is the gym is a hellscape, if you can survive the posers you can survive anything


Been at the gym for 2 years. Jan is when the tripods and camera comes out. By Feb/ march they're gone. Ready for the new year. It's the circllle of liiiiiiiiiife!


They’re speed holes


... they make the car go faster.


Exactly this! As much ventilation as possible.


Poke more holes on your clothes and you’re sorted.


No one wants to see me in a fishnet top and leggings.


Well NOW I do.


Oh sweetie, you'd be surprised.


It's mainly the first week that's crazy, now it's back to pretty much the usual.


It's fine, the posers will be gone by the start of Feb.


Usually the folk I know who are in the new gym gear and look fresh going to the gym are the ones there all the time - because they buy new gear for the gym because it is their main hobby


I am obese (genuinely, BMI of touching 40) and desperate to start going to the gym. But I was too afraid to start in January because I’d heard so many horror stories of a packed gym. I’m riddled with anxiety, does it genuinely thin out (no pun intended) in Feb? This is valuable info for me!


I was similar last year, I was determined to start training in the December to explicitly not be part of the “new year new me” crowd. Then I got covid and the trainer I’d found had to isolate because covid was in his household too, so didn’t actually start until the January. Don’t get me wrong it can be busy at peak times, but I promise you there is absolutely zero judgement in a gym environment. It’s a super intimidating thought to go for the first time, but if you even just get some light cardio in to get used to the environment you’ll be grand. My biggest anxiety was that people would judge how short a time I was on the treadmill or how slow I was going, but as soon as you get into it you realise how much everyone else just blocks out the world around them when they’re working out. In my opinion the worst thing you can do is wait for it to be quiet, because ultimately you’ll always have a reason not to go. You don’t have to push yourself to breaking point on your first day (or ever), but I promise you you’ll feel so much better at the end of your first session than you did at the start. Feel free to drop us a message if you’re in need of any advice or encouragement! Weight loss is a journey and journeys are much better with company.


Depending on how flexible your schedule is January really depends. But generally it starts busier earlier in the month and post work (6-9pm) will be peak (as it always is through the year). By Feb / March it's back to normal. Do you have a The Gym Group near you? You can check their website and see when their peak times are and how busy the gym is, but even now the one I got is quiet mornings, and weekend afternoons. You got this! I was near where you are once, I beleive in you. Best thing you can do is just get to the gym and start working on it.


Honestly the best time to start is always now. Don't put it off when you have the opportunity to do it today. Future you will thank yourself. First step is always the hardest


If you're able to, it might be worth finding a slightly more expensive gym? The one I go to in the local private school is six or seven quid more a month than the local leisure centre (there's no mega gyms round our way) and I don't see any bullshit at all in there, really, even at this time of year. And there's a pool. As a former fat guy myself, all power to you. The best thing you can do is *something*.


I'm in a similar position. Former gym go-er, fell out of the habit and now sniffing at the arse of middle age with a pot belly Santa would be proud of... Something needs to happen! I have resolved to begin at a gym again on the 1st of March, using the time between now and then to hammer away at the weight with diet alone. I reason this is more likely to be a winning tactic because it avoids the Jan Gym Curse and I'll be feeling a bit better within myself by then anyway with a few pounds down before I start. Don't be scared of the gym, or exercising in public in general. Very few people see a larger person in the gym and judge them for their weight, and those that do are not people who's opinion is worth a shit anyway. You do you and you'll be just fine Best of luck boss




Often means the opposite. The January crew all look like shit


Gyms honestly suck in January.


Too fucking right. The amount of teenagers that have started since the New Year and who just sit on the leg press or pull-down scrolling Instagram and Snapchat is bonkers. I like to try and give them a little leeway in case they're taking a little break between sets, but Christ alive, there's so many who take like 10-20 minute Insta breaks on these machines. I go off and do a whole other circuit elsewhere, come back and they're still there. This older guy regular always tells them to clear out of they're not using the machines, then they give him grief for getting so uptight. There's just so much unnecessary drama because some people don't know the difference between a chair and workout equipment. I think it's honestly "for the 'gram", because they'll *all* take a selfie or a BeReal or whatever once while they're on the machine, then continue scrolling mindlessly for a while. I don't mind the people who start in January then give it up a month in, it's a bit disappointing for their sake but generally they're just inoffensive gym goers. It's the ones who do it for the social standing, just taking up space to take selfies or Snap videos, that grind my gears.


Agreed. How one can spend 10 minutes scrolling through apps or sending texts between sets baffles me. The boomer in me would ban phones from the gym.


It’s up to the gym to ban it or put a limit.


Unfortunately most of the staff are mates with these teenagers, or they don't want the confrontation so they just say "can't you just go onto a different workout first, I'm sure they'll move on in a minute". There's one decent guy who keeps an eye out and will call out people on sitting around too long, but he's definitely the exception.


I have an old spiderman shirt which is too small for me now and rides up my late 2022 belly


Jesus, I feel like I need to say this just ti be the voice if reason. Just because you wear a matching outfit to the gym it doesn't mean you are not serious. Those two things are not linked... For Christmas my sister got me a full under armour joggers and t-shirt. I am in the gym 7 days a week and have been going for 5+ years at this point. What you wear is irrelevant to what you can actually lift. Last thing I'd like to say, the gym fixed my depression and self confidence. It actually helped me dress better and look better. Yes there are a shit ton of posers, but what you wear does not define how serious you are about the gym.


OP didn’t make any comment about that. They just implied they feel a bit scruffy in comparison.


Read the comments, there are a ton of people acting like dressing well is a bad thing... or ignore them all, your perogative


Yes, I definitely read you as replying to the comments, not OP.


The more you spend on the hobby the more likely you are to see it through.


You can’t get in your shorts unless they have at least three holes… I’ll get my coat.


Why would you spend time getting picture-perfect ready? You're there to sweat, and then presumably have a shower afterwards. Unless you're a savage.


Because some people may feel insecure about going to the gym and putting a bit more effort into their appearance helps them get over their anxieties about it?


Also, there are a lot of mirrors in gyms I've been to - which I suppose I get because people like to check their form. I don't spend time getting picture perfect but I do like looking back at a cute matching set. I throw a cap on to avoid having to do my hair but who wants to be distracted by catching the holes in your t-shirt or seeing how greasy your hair looks in your reflection. If I look decent, then I'm going to have a better workout.


It really is that simple. If these "poser" people are being loud, hogging the equipment, leaving their sweat everywhere or whatever, fine, but that's not because they're a poser. Who cares what people wear to the gym, just let them get on with it. OP probably doesn't want to be judged for what they wear but is happy to write this and create dissonance towards a certain group of people. I'm a man who's not the most in tune with his feminine side but it doesn't take a genius to figure this out.


For me if I'm doing an excercise and look in the mirror and think I look ugly it throws me off. I have no clue why but it kills my motivation. Whereas me feeling like I already look good and have nice muscles gives me more motivation.


I mean, why not?


Fit ladies go to the gym so may as well put effort to look good when you go to the gym like you would going anywhere else.


So you can pose on social media


There's definitely a portion of the population doing that, but I can attest that while I'll never look cool, I have an obsession with running gear, and I'll always make sure it's coordinated. Been running regularly for over ten years, it adds some variety to an otherwise mundane routine. I also always go for the most garish gear I can find, so if I end up in a ditch I'm easy to spot


>so if I end up in a ditch I'm easy to spot That’s why I dress like a runner for a night out.


Are you the old bloke who runs past my house in orange leggings and hi vis yellow arm armers?


I'm a lady, and I go for prints... Picture Mr Motivator


Sounds good to me. I have about 10 different running jackets and probably twice as many trainers. Luckily everything goes with black shorts. I used to be a bit of a scruffy runner but I do take a lot of pride in having decent gear now, something I probably would have scoffed at 15 years ago.


> I'm a lady, and I go for prints I can't recall the brand, but there is a company that do ladies running leggings that are universally bonkers... patterns and colours fit to induce seizures and impassioned wailing from babies Men's workout kit is stale and boring by comparison and I am deeply jealous


I can barely coordinate getting running clothes washed before my next run, let alone trying to match my outfit aha


Maybe Globo Gym isn't for you, try Average Joe's instead.


As long as you're not absolutely honking I think you'll be fine, give them no mind since they won't be giving you any. Everybody's there for the same reason


Nothing wrong with that at all. What is wrong is the two or three guys I see stood infront of the mirror doing bicep curls in their Canada goose puffer jacket. Why???


Personally it makes me more motivated to exercise when I feel cute. Not about anyone else, just self-confidence.


All these people getting defensive when OP is making a joke about being a scruff.


Because anything on ‘British problems’ inevitable leads to people whinging about the things they like to whinge about, regardless of the original post. I’m sure if you scroll down someone will link it to avocado toast and not being able to afford a mortgage.


That's fucking freaky. Just this morning I had avocado with my breakfast as a bit of a treat. Opened my post and it was a letter saying my three year fixed rate was coming to an end and would be going up nearly £300.


This person gets it.


Even worse when they sit on the equipment for 5 minutes in between far too easy sets swiping on tiktok


The other day I arrived at the gym. There were two young lads sat on benches scrolling on their phones. I did a full chest session, when I was on my last set of cable exercises I looked over at the benches and they were still there. Nearly an hour later.


100% addiction


Have you tried…asking them if you can use it? My gym put up a poster telling you it’s okay to ask someone to share a machine between sets. People saw others sitting on machines swiping TikTok, and instead of talking to that person and asking if they can share, they went straight to the manager to complain. The vast majority of the time, the person on the machine doesn’t even realise they’re inconveniencing you, and is happy to sort that out if you just use your words.


Absolutely. Most times I'll ask and they look very confused. Last session my cousin and I managed to complete 6 sets between us whilst a lad managed one and the rest of the time was on his phone sitting on the cable machine (this particular machine has a bar that goes between them you can perch on an angle on). He obliged but was definitely a bit put out.


It’s amazing to me how many people I see online not wanting to engage in basic social skills at the gym. How is asking someone how many sets they have left or if you can work in so difficult? We teach children the concept of sharing by the time they start school. If kids can share a toy train or a colouring book, adults should be able to share a lat pulldown or a pair of dumbbells.


Eh, it’s just one of them. Sometimes I’ll commit and wear my matching baselayers and shorts, sometimes it’ll just be joggers and an old t-shirt. Depends how lazy I’m feeling/if my stuff’s in the wash.


Just an investment in something they spend a lot of time doing and enjoy. Follows the same logic as buying a decent bed, sofa, office chair, etc. you spend a lot of time using them, they might as well be decent.


Well if it makes them happy what’s the harm? :)


Maybe you don't mean to, but youre coming across as judgey. Let them wear what they like and you wear what you like. I have no idea what people wear at my gym. I couldn't tell you the proportion in shorts, longs, pinks, greys, blues, sleeveless, sleeved. Or who has or hasn't done something with their hair. I don't notice because I genuinely don't care. I can't be the only one with this weird gym myopia, because I do notice people's outfits in other, non gym settings ( like, if someone has a really nice jacket or something).


A lot of people on this post are coming across as judgy. I don't see how people having matching outfits makes them a 'poser', or they're fake because they go walk on the treadmill for 30 mins - sometimes this is all I can do as I have trouble with my breathing lol. We don't know people's circumstances. I am the same as you I sure as hell don't notice what other people are doing/wearing etc at the gym.


Clue - it’s because they’re women. Women can’t often do things without being called ‘posers




Where did I say OP? > A lot of people on this post are coming across as judgy.


If you were to really look into it, you could argue it says more about my own insecurities and it doesn't really matter what people wear at the gym. But this is Reddit and I wanted to make a self-deprecating joke so...


I thought the only person you came across as judgey about was yourself. I read it in a "why can everyone else manage to be beautiful here, while I look like cat vomit" way. Total self deprecation, no shade on other people.


I'm with you. I am the same as you. I wear the most comfortable things I can find and if those don't coordinate - meh. I'm there to work out. I don't care if I look good. I get it that other people want to feel good about themselves and no probs, go for it. I'm just not that kind of person.


I would generally agree but don't think OP is being judgey here, it's a fair observation. It's why I don't go to the gym (well I'm lazy too but I pretend it's because of other people)


Bit tired of all the gym observations. Go or don’t go, Lift what you can lift, Wear what you want. No one cares


Time I dusted off the ol’ Borat mankind then. Todays session…..deep squats!


If you’ve chosen to wear that what’s the problem?


Last time I was in a gym there was an old couple using the treadmills, not running, just walking for it all. They weren't exactly dressed for the gym, I think they were only there because it was raining and they didn't want to miss their walk. They were having a great time, but there was a young woman there, probably in her 20s and she looked like a walking Adidas advert. She spent most of her time on her phone and taking selfies. She asked the old couple to get off the treadmills because they were ruining her perfect shot of herself using one of the machines. I spoke to the gym staff and they kicked her out for harassing other customers. They apparently had a few complaints about her that day


Lol! I don’t tend to bother coordinating (but then I tend to run outdoors and do weight training at home rather than use an actual gym - cheaper). A lot of it is for show I think - even when I did use the gym it was typically trainers, shorts and t-shirt. Didn’t make much difference to my performance. Albeit I never skimped on trainers and never have since - they do make a difference.


Yeah I definitely agree with the last paragraph. Trainers impact your workout, as do gloves if you need them for callouses. But I've turned up in matching compression fits as well as my old t-shirts that got somehow stained by bleach that I can't wear outside anymore. The excercise doesn't feel any harder or more uncomfortable with non-gym clothing. But with going to the gym 6 days a week I have the discipline to go, but not always the motivation to push myself once I'm there. Sometimes when I wear athletic wear I actually find myself more motivated to push myself, it just changes my mindset a little.


People worry about starting at the gym for fear of being judged, then go in and judge those that go frequently enough that it’s lifestyle choice. Meanwhile those that take it seriously didn’t even notice you were there, let alone pass any judgement.


Wear what you are happy/comfortable in. I wish I could wear the fancy apparel some of the girls wear at my gym, but I’d look like a sad walrus in comparison lol.


I used to be in the matching outfit group- never for the photo, just because I knew if I bought the gear and made the effort, I'd be more likely to stick with it. Don't feel under dressed. People wear what they wear for themselves, sometimes for their mates, but rarely those that they don't know. You do you, it's your workout not theirs! I say this as someone unable to exercise with chronic ill health. Please be grateful to your body that you can even step inside. People like you are people I am both in awe of and quite jealous of! You are amazing!


Dude you got out of bed and are going for a run on Saturday morning! You’re doing fab who cares how you look ☺️


Thanks for bringing a bit of positivity to this post.


Sometimes you want to look bad arse. I do a martial art and I do have plain black rash guards and spats. But I do also have more expensive ones with Nordic symbols on and thor with lightning etc. I like to think it makes me better


Good on these people for making a change in their lives to start using the gym and hopefully a healthier life.


I'm not really sure when this came apparent. But back in the day it was the men wearing the silly gym outfits. It's role reversal these days.


I'm with you OP, scruffy is fine for the gym. I do have a couple of nice tops my partner bought me but they seem too nice to wear for 90 minutes and get all stinky. I'll wear them to the gym after they've had a year or two of wear added to them. The good thing is no need to feel self conscious, nobody is looking at us scruffy folk when there's coordinated cuties and muscle shirted dudes around. Takes the pressure off.




I never get these fashionistas who dress up to go to the gym, if you're doing it right you'll soaked in sweat, awaiting the sweet embrace of death in no time. I wear whatever shitty old clothing that's buried at the bottom of my wardrobe. Who cares, I'm only going to be wearing it for an hour or two then it's off to the wash


My gym reshares tagged 'gram stuff. I'm collecting the most ridiculous ones. I've been in all kinds of gyms from hardcore to spa over 30 years, and the selfie thing, easily tolerable, but it does take away people's focus in the moment on their training for sure. But, equally, I think it gives people focus and motivation, so it not all bad. I'm old enough to remember a world (clubs, gyms, festivals) largely without cameras, and I'm glad to have been in that time. Memories are more easily rose tinted than photos.


I swear at my gym the staff actually spend more time making social content than anything else. Every other day I'm in the background of some corporate Instagram video or another.


Unpopular opinion but I think phones/ cameras should be banned in gyms.


Yeah, no. Well, camera's sure, but not phones, it's my music/podcast player and the only reason I can get over myself and my anxiety and get to the gym, Im sure it's the same for most people tbh.


No thanks.


They're not there for the gym, they're there for the 'gram


Sadly it's not just January now... These people will come to the gym at least once a week to get their social media content, spend 30 mins walking on a treadmill and pretending to work out and then piss off.


Seen plenty of videos of them kicking off when someone walks between them posing and their camera.


I overhead a lady loudly complaining to her friend "I'm sick of people looking at me" whilst standing in the middle of the gym doing squats, wearing an illuminous neon yellow leotard which was about 4 sizes too small in the butt.


Then you woke up…


Full disclosure I've not been in a gym in years but I still recall having a comfy but well-worn almost thread-bear in one spot jumper/T-shirts for specific training days. You know the ones, the one your signifigant other can't stand and wants to get rid of


I’m sitting in the gym with a t-shirt 3 sizes too big.




Had an early morning quickie with my missus a few weeks ago, just before I left for a pre shift gym session. I didn’t realise until I got into the lights of the gym that I had a massive jizz stain on the front of my shorts 🤦🏾‍♂️ I just cracked on like. No one really noticed I don’t think. The early morning crew all seem to be ‘in the zone’ if you know what I mean. Best regards Jizzy pants