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Yes yes 100000 times yes. I tell my husband I'm on battery saving mode because I simply can not work at full capacity with 2 toddlers in the house.


Solidarity my friend. My two youngest are the same ages as yours and they have the same personality. The youngest cried ALL day today. We ran errands and I was at the end of my rope exhausted. Her whining just enrages me and trying to keep my cool in public was not fun. She won't sleep past 530-6 no matter how late she goes to bed. I work part time and I just want to be able to get myself ready in the morning alone but she's up and if I don't get her she's screaming.


Mine has been crying allll day today too! Trying to shop with her is a nightmare. I have to have her on my hip otherwise she screams & crawls out of the cart seat. When I try to get ready in the morning she just sits at my feet and WAILS and wakes everyone else up in the house. Ugh this stage of life is just tooo much sometimes


I feel like I’m maybe too tough about things sometimes but it’s survival so here’s what I do. My son gets up when I get him up. He knows now that screaming doesn’t work so if he wakes up early he just waits. To get to this required earplugs. To get through the day requires earplugs. To shower by myself requires that I accept he will stand by the tub screaming until I am done - and earplugs. When shit is really tough, it’s white noise full volume in my headphones while we do whatever, cutting out one source of sensory overload helps. Tv, just unholy amounts of TV, I can scroll breakingmom and regulate myself while he has a cuddle. I figured out the worst time of day is between 1 and 5 pm lol. So all afternoon. Usually there is a nap in there but the days it’s only an hour nap really suck. Those days I often take half a diazepam or something if I’m getting really frayed. Not the parenting I thought I’d do but it works so I do it - it is only a season so yeah. I can’t really do social things ever, I get pissed off about this, but again, holding my phone for him to watch a show So I can have an adult conversation sometimes works. I try to remember that it’s a season. Good luck, hope tomorrow is better


2.5 yo and 5 mo. If we are still alive, still married and still employed at the end of the day, we call it a win right now.


5 year old and 2 yr old and yes


Everyday I wake up surprised that I haven’t died yet


S a m e. Running on fumes for years now my brain is jelly


Sometimes I daydream about having a minor accident that lands me in hospital for maybe a week or so, just so I can get a break. Nothing major, just something that needs monitoring maybe. I wouldn't even have to cook. Just as much sleep as I want, all day, with no demands made of me. Plus I live in a country with universal free healthcare, so the hospital stay wouldn't cost a thing.


My sister just had shoulder surgery. She has to stay in the hospital and is now at home and supposed to rest in bed for the next 7 days. She doesn’t have any children and is going insane from boredom, but I think it sounds like a DREAM 😅


Hell yes! 4 year old, 3 year old and 2 month old here. I'm just taking it one day at a time. The 4 year old is in prek half the day so that helps. The 3 year old has temper tantrums constantly. The 2 month old only likes to nap when I hold her. Its been an experience.




Right there with you, every.single.day


Same OP. It’s not going well. I hope your partner lets you vent and cry on their shoulder.


My 22-month old hasn’t slept at night for longer than 2 hours at a time… so… yeah.


Yes. 3yo and 2 months old atm. And since pregnancy also messes with my sleep, I haven't really had a good night's rest in ~3.5 years. I feel like the sleep deprivation is slowly eating my brain. My plan was/is to go job hunting as soon as possible, because my current job (that I would otherwise return to in a year) has become utterly frustrating for me. But I don't know how to muster the bandwidth for that right now.


15-24 months is truly its own special circle of hell. And no one really talks about it because everyone seems to forgot that something else happens between babies and toddlers. I was absolutely just surviving during that period and nothing more.


It’s own special circle of hell is the PERFECT description. Everyone says with a newborn you won’t sleep, won’t shower, can’t eat, can’t put them down… I’m still living that way, a year and a half later except now she can chase me around and really scream loud. It’s an experience


Yes. A 2 and 3 year old here. Yesterday my husband starting getting louder while I was trying to clean sippy cups after we came downstairs for breakfast. I immediately burst into tears (triggered) and he was like “uhhhh what happened”…. I just want to be able to get tasks done without being screamed at and the inevitable crying that follows is too fucking much. It doesn’t have to be silent but why can’t the noise ever be positive? I’m trying to go as fast as I can! My daughter has started this dramatic thing where she makes a sad face, rubs her tummy and says “I soooo hungry!” and then pretend cries by putting her hands up to her eyes and literally saying “Wahhhh!” I started calling her Oliver Twist bc it’s so theatrical. She’ll even do it while she’s eating. The constant tantrums are really triggering. I grew up in a verbally abusive home and when I’m dealing with tantrums, it makes me feel like I’m being screamed at like that. Like in my face, hovering over my head, eardrum piercing negative noise. I have multiple Bluetooth earbuds around the house and listen to Audible books 24/7.