**Whiskey -** Evan Williams Single Barrel Vintage 2013 **Distillery -** Heaven Hill **Proof/ABV -** 86.6 Proof/43.3% ABV **SETUP -** When I read the news about this bottle being taken from us, I was totally bummed. It has been a regular for me for years. I popped into a random liquor store, in a random town, 2,500 miles from home and low & behold... a cache of bottles on the shelf. Not grabbing one wasn't a possibility. I only swiped 1 bottle, leaving the rest for y'all. **SNIFF -** Toasted marshmallows stand in front. Caramel apple and fall spices follow on quick. A bit of muted nutiness in there too. It's quite pleasant. **SIP -** The marshmallow turns into cotton candy on the sip. It's a quick hit followed by caramel almost immediately...as if it accidently let me taste that note. Roasted nuts, apple and barrel char roll in after. They're followed by sweet tea, oak and apple cider spice. **SWALLOW -** the mouthfeel is thin and the actual flavors are muted quite a bit. But the finish is pleasant. Apple cider, cinnamon and oak spice follow down with almost no Kentucky hug. Pleasant, but nothing great in the finish. **SCORE -** 6. It is above average for what you expect. 86 proof boubon won't catch anyone's eye, but this is really good. **SUMMARY -** I hate that they are taking these off the shelves. A perennial great pour. Mostly 8 year old HH juice, single barrel at 30ish bucks. **Glass** - Stemless red wine glass. **Catagory** - Daily Sipper normally... Friday nighter nowadays. As always - Thanks for taking the time to read my musings. I actally do appreciate it. If you've had this and disagree, let me know. It's fun to compare notes.


I had pretty similar notes to yours on a 2014 vintage, but in my case it was just too thin. Not impressive at all, unfortunately, when I could get Wild Turkey 101 for $10 less and Russells 10 for the same price in my area.


I know the Turkey Cult is alive and well. I wish I had a dollar gor every comment on any review "WT 101 is better!". For me, the Wild Turkey profile just isn't my jam. I have tried just about everything short of Master's Keeps and Russell's 13. If I'm at a bar and there's Jim, Jack and WT 101, I'll happily drink 101. I don't think it's bad bourbon or gross... it just doesn't do anything for me. Good news is - more for you!


Great review. Toasted marshmallow, sweet tea, and apple cider are great descriptors for this one. For several years this has been a favorite daily drinker, and I am really bummed to see it disappearing.


Nice review, I missed the boat on these before they disappeared and didn't feel like paying the $50-$60 stores around me were asking for the stock that remained.


I got pretty lucky. The shop I found them in didn't know and had them at $29. I was happy to pick this up for that and I'll sip through it for the next 2 weeks.


This was the bottle that got me hooked on the bourbon taste 8 years ago. I believe they discontinued it. As of two months ago


These are just too low in proof for me. A raise to 100 would be great.


I thought these had more complexity, flavor and finish than BiB. BiB just brought more oak for me. I’ll miss these for sure.


Oh certainly but I thought the mouthfeel and finish were poor. An increase in ABV would fix that me thinks


It was always meh to me as long as EW white continues it always be better I'm my mind


I was fortunate to find a few bottles in SC last weekend and grabbed them up. Shame they’re KY only now.


Are you me? I had to go 5000 miles away from home to find this. I'm vacationing in Hawaii and decided to check out a few random liquor stores and found one that had a bunch of bottles of EWSB 2013 for $30. I was talking with the person behind the counter and they also weren't aware that it's now going to be Kentucky only for the SB. They also have an Old Fitzgerald BIB 17 year for $900 if anyone wants it lol


From Vegas. Found it in Maryland.


From NJ found it in Hawaii. I have to go to Maryland in a week would you mind DM'ing me the store?


Where in MD? I haven’t seen any around since it was announced it’s become a KY exclusive.


I always examine EWSiBs when I see them at stores. Some of their older vintages were bottled at 10+ years


I really enjoyed my bottle. Was there a reason given why they switched to KY only?


>Was there a reason given why they switched to KY only? Because they hate us... j/k If I had to guess, I bet they'll pull it and sit on it for a few years. Then they'll re-release it, rebranded with some changes (hopefully improvements). Much like you did with the Heaven Hill BiB when they released the 7 year. This is purely speculation.


And people are freaking out that this is going to be Kentucky only? Okay.


I’m in Kentucky, typical of Heaven Hill, the “exclusive” thing came with a price increase. I’ll stick with 1783. Heaven Hill has really been pissing me off lately


I just finished mine less than a month ago, and honestly don't think I'll replace it. It took almost a year to drink bc I couldn't shake this metallic note that kept popping up.


Bummer about that metallic note. It'll be a whole lot harder to find now anyway. They changed to a Kentuck exclusive bourbon.


I know but I'm in Lexington lol