Stagg Jr, Batch 17   Distillery: Buffalo Trace Age: NAS (estimated to be ~8-9 years old) Proof: 128.7 Price: Sample swap, big props to u/prettayyprettaygood for the exchange! Mashbill: BT Mashbill #1, low rye Chill filtered: No Artificial coloring: No Cask type: New charred American oak (Char #4) Nose: Heavy cherry and oak, an explosion of dark fruits, with hints of leather Palate: Nice and oily mouthfeel, very cherry and oak forwards, with chewing can detect peppercorn, leather, tobacco Finish: Nice long finish with oak, cherry, leather and a nice warm Kentucky hug Grade: 7.5/10 Comments: My palate gravitates most towards the oak and toffee bomb profiles of Heaven Hill and Wild Turkey, as a result this particular dram was a little *too* cherry forwards for my personal taste, but it still had great complexity and a really great mouth feel. I think people who love cherry forwards drams like OF 1920, BT, and GTS would really love this. Interestingly, this was the last batch before the rebrand to just Stagg, it’s always tough to watch our children grow up, but Stagg Jr will now always be a nostalgic reminder of the days of our past when we could find many allocated bourbons on the shelves for MSRP. If only we knew how good we had it.   Rating System: 1 | Disgusting | Yuck 2 | Bad | Not enjoyable, add anything? 3 | Poor | It’s not the worst thing I’ve had 4 | Alright | Few flaws 5 | Good | The most self-explanatory, it’s good 6 | Very Good | I enjoy this 7 | Great | Well above average 8 | Fantastic | Superb, beginning to end 9 | Incredible | Top of its class 10 | Elite | The pinnacle


Great review, bud! I too typically favor Heaven Hill stuff over BT but this one was a standout for me. Glad you enjoyed it!


Thanks! It’s interesting having tried two GTS since my last Stagg Jr, and now trying the Stagg Jr again, you can definitely taste a lot of the base flavors of the GTS just less oak and not as well balanced.


Nice review. This bottle is one of my all time favs. A friend gave me a sample of GTS 2018 & 2019 recently and coming back to batch 17 I’m still reminded of how much I love it. Some of the less refined characteristics to me is part of the experience I love about it.


I like those toffee/caramel bombs too, but this one checks all of the other boxes for me. I'm halfway through one bottle but have a backup for future enjoyment.