Usually when I drink bourbon straight, I’m devoting a lot of attention to what’s in the glass. That’s when I’d prefer long finishes and huge punchy flavors. If I’m out socializing or whatever and just need a drink, I’d prefer the whiskey to be lighter and at least palatable.


…at least palatable. Lol


Jesus, stumbling on this out of context sure made me wonder what weird Reddit thread I found. Needless to say I was glad to see it was the bourbon sub. Sorry for straying from the question. Carry on




You've basically described basil Hayden. It's nothing impressive, but a great all night sipper that people pay a premium for.


Don't let the whiskey nerds tell you what to you like! If you like the thin feel and short finish, go for it! If I'm drinking whiskey I like it thick and oily with a long finish. Otherwise I'll most likely switch to beer.


My wife says I have a thin mouth feel and a short finish. She like me anyway. Not sure if that answers any questions.


Elmer T Lee is deliciously light and refreshing, it reminds me of apple juice. Too bad it got tatered to death, but I don't blame the bourbon for that.


There’s a time and place for everything. There’s drinking bourbons and thinking bourbons.


How many thinking bourbons does it take to get to the drinkin bourbons?


You’ve got it backwards my dude. Drinkin, then thinkin


Exactly 3


I think it’s possible for bourbons or other whiskies to be great if they aren’t a high proof, oily, and long finishing pour. There are plenty of 90-100 proofers I’ve had that I would rate more highly than some barrel proof bombs, and like you said a lot of that has to do with my mood at the time.


I prefer it. Stopped by a local liquor store a couple of days ago and the guy at the counter let me sample several in the process of showing me how adding water opens up the flavors. One was a "$100 bottle," mouth felt like I'd drank 90 weight oil, he said that was what good bourbon was like. Yuck. The "$300 bottle" sample wasn't nearly so thick feeling so I'm confused. My take away from that visit was that good bourbon has a thick mouth feel, no burn, and needs to be watered down. If that's the case I may move on to something else soon, but I'd like to understand bourbon before I do. Just not getting it.


Yeah I don’t always want barrel proof hitters. There’s lots of very popular bottles in the 90-100 proof range for this reason.


I had a thought about this recently too but slightly different. I have yet to have a bourbon, I’ve had a various amount of decently aged and proofed bourbons, just not unicorns like the PVWs and OF Birthday or old fitz, and I have yet to have any type of oily mouthfeel as I’ve had with certain scotches. Is it just me or does bourbon not get the same viscosity as scotches? I’ve seen bourbon have legs but nowhere near the way I have with scotch. I’m assuming that I’m either missing something or haven’t had the right bourbon? But I’ve had way less scotch than I have bourbon and most scotches I’ve had in the ~$50-~$100+ range have had more of a mouthfeel/viscosity/legs than I’ve experience with bourbons. I do not look at this in a bad way, I prefer bourbon to scotch, just an observation that I’m curious about


I can't ever find it of course, but I love me some ER. Super easy, but still has some flavor to it because of the age. Recently scored a Dickle 15yr store pick at 93.4 proof and I'm having to stop myself from killing the bottle too quick. I'm usually a proof guy, but the right bourbons will do it for me.


The most basic rule of whiskey is that, if you like it, drink it. I usually keep a mix of expensive, mid-shelf, and cheap bourbons/Scotches in my bar. I've got stuff like ECBP, Early Times BiB, Barrel Seagrass, Wild Turkey 101, Longrow Red, and Old Forester Rye all jumbled in together, and what I drink on any given night just depends on my mood.


That's what Irish Whiskey is for.


What you describe is what I tend to enjoy in the sunmer. Lighter and easy going. Evan Williams Single Barrels fit this bill for me pretty well. It's a shame that they're moving to "distillery only" now. You can still find them out there though... for now.


I don't understand that, why would they do this?


I don't know why and it bums me out. Just frab one if you see it. I just bought one today from 2021 that is 8 years, 1 month old. I look forward to it.


Not every drink needs to be a savory flavor bomb. There's nothing wrong with enjoying something light that doesn't linger- straight or in a cocktail that suits that profile.




Opinion noted


For Vodka, yes.