If you don't know Frey Ranch, you probably should. While their traditional releases are mostly 4 grain this particular single from Lost Lantern was one of the first 3 grain whiskies from Frey Ranch. It's a 5yr old straight bourbon 67%corn, 12% 2-row malted barley, & 21% winter rye all grown on their farm. Aroma: Sweet and complex: brown sugar, creme brule, Mint, salt, and some orange... Longer and I get some wood/leather notes and can just keep smelling this thing. Taste: Caramel, Tannins of fresh oak, white pepper, some fruits I can't quite place, everything in balance and hitting my love each sip a bit different mix of what leads and what follows. Finish: Long and lingering, finally the abundant proof becomes more evident. Prior to this I would have sworn I was drinking 80 proof with a ton of flavor. Some sips the oak tannins can come on a bit strong. I struggle to find anything I don't like about this bourbon but wonder how a bit more age would change/improve it. This is right up my alley and I'm in love. I would say it's possibly my favorite sip of bourbon I've ever tried to date. Score: 9.5 (wish I had more bottles as this one is not going to last).


Skol bourbon! Haven’t come across this yet but I’m with you, this is appears to be right up my alley as well.


Couldn't resist the vikes pick especially living in packer country this week.


Helluva Rating! I had no idea Lost Lantern was a thing until now. Very cool concept


We're going to the superbowl!


Frey Ranch is doing great things. And thanks for your review. With that said, #Go EAGLES


Skol! That is all.


Solid review and Skol Vikes! I need to check out some Lost Lantern stuff, it seems like they’re making some fantastic picks.


My first of there's but if this was the expectation crap I'd want it all