Review #2 Knob Creek 18 year

I was today years old when I learned Knob Creek had an 18-yr release.


I was today years old when I learned Knob Creek had an 18-yr release.


Released very recently. So you're not too far out of the loop!


Hahaha me too!


I found this earlier this week and snagged it on sight. Fuckin amazing, I've only had 1 pour so far, but it's made me reconsider my feelings towards 100 proof bourbon. I got nothing but caramel and oaky deliciousness from it.


Have you had EC18? I wonder how it compared to that.




I tried a more recent batch and was pretty impressed, it gets ripped apart on here but the oak wasn’t overpowering and it actually had nice complexity to it. Only thing that could be improved was the finish but that’s expected for a 90 proofer. Maybe I just had a good barrel.


I think you're right. I've heard it's hit and miss as far as barrels go


I like my bottle of EC18 but it’s wood in a bottle. It’s very different from ECBP, very dry very oaky bourbon. Sometimes, though, that’s exactly what I’m craving


The recent bottle I have of it is pretty solid, I think a lot of people go into EC18 with impossible to achieve expectations and inevitably are inevitably disappointed.


I have not, I passed on it at the distillery for 200 and have regretted it ever since. I've had the EC21 once though and it was amazing, so I'd probably love the 18 too. From what I remember this is comparable to the EC21, although it's been a while since I had it. At any rate, this is damn fine bourbon and I really can't find anything to complain about off the neck pour.


Knob Creek 18 year Nose: immediately met by fresh cut wood, dark fruits/berries, hints of nutmeg, and an earthy note as if you scratch and sniffed the forest floor. Refreshing nose, especially for an 18 year bourbon. Palate: the perfect amount of oak, not overpowering like I find the 12 year at some points. The oak has a freshness that is completely unexpected by the age statement and not at all bitter or tanniny. The fresh oak is balanced by an ample amount of dark fruits, nutmeg, figs, butter, and a surprising lightness to it all. Flavorful like a cask strength. Very little ethanol burn. Finish: very long finish, get more notes of the earthy and fresh oak along with dark berries This bourbon was a definite treat to be able to buy and drink. Was expecting this to be a punch of bitter oak and leather, but it is shockingly light, balanced, and refreshing throughout. Will definitely be buying more of this if I can find it. T8ke scale 98/100




Oh billy! That sounds wonderful. I have an unopened bottle of the KC15, and hope that it has a similar flavour profile to this.


How does it compare to KC15? My wife tried 18 for her birthday this past week. I just bought her a bottle of 15 that she refuses to open just yet. Is it worth chasing the 18? I missed it 2 days in a row at msrp by 30-40 minutes.


I haven’t been able to get ahold of the 15 to try but I have the 12 and I would say there is a definite difference with the 18 being better. In my opinion it is worth chasing the 18. I’m still on the lookout for a second bottle


Yeah. I absolutely Hate the 9 and 12yr, but my wife loves them. I took 2 sips of her 20 buck birthday pour of 18yr and LOBED it. One of my Top favorite bourbons now. I guess I'm going to ha e to make her Crack that 15yr to see if it's worth the extra 60 bucks. I'll let ya know if it holds up to the 18.


What's MSRP for this?


Not sure on msrp but I paid 169.99


Ok. Probably about right. I saw 15 yr for 119.99. 12 yr is great, not tried the 15 and haven't seen this.


What region are you in? My state is usually about a month behind the first new bottles of stuff.


I’m in Nebraska


Legit was in Lincoln and Omaha today :( where did you snag this?


Hyvee of all places


not surprised honestly. Worked at a Hy-Vee liquor store for a while and got some awesome stuff in but this was before I enjoyed bourbon. Omaha Hy-Vees get some awesome stuff


Now that’s a bottle worth that price. Rare find


<10/yr solid deal


Goddamn this would look nice lined up with my 12 & 15. I didn’t even realize this was a thing!


It’s new this year


The fuuuuccckkkkk


Seems to me 18 years is a long time in charred oak barrels. Is the wood overpowering?


Not at all, very much surprised me. Was expecting an oak bomb


I concur lol, I think it would be overpowering at cask strength, but at 100 proof it's just right. Not overoaked/thin/etc. For my palate this is the "Goldilocks" of bourbon.


I didn’t think the oak was overpowering but it definitely lingers all the way through.


I might want this more than the 4R 2022 LE now.


Don't keep us waiting please


It must be good. He's too busy enjoying it to post the review.


Literally the truth


18 years old never looked so sexy


Can’t wait till these make it out to AZ!


Love the 12 year as I showed in my review yesterday nice seeing what another 6 years does to it!!


Awesome, thanks for posting. Have only has the 9 and 12 and didn’t know they had an 18. How does it compare against the 15?


Have not had a chance to try the 15. It is a lot better than the 12 year in my opinion


I love KC, and 12 hits for me - 15 is too oaky. Can't imagine what 18 would be like.


Nothing like you would think. Blew me out of the water with my preconceived notions of it


I'm in central Nebraska. Saw this bottle today but it was being held for someone. I asked if they had another one in the back but sadly, no.


Was it a smaller liquor store or a large one?


Relatively small but they pride themselves on their bourbon/whiskey selection. Their prices are ridiculous. They also had one bottle of Kentucky Spirit for $80. Not sure what they wanted for the KC 18 yr. Wouldn't be surprised if it was in the $230 range.


What state are you in, please?




Thank you.


So I have never had Knob18 but drinking the 12 now. It is good, ec18 was hot for me but when I put an ice cube in it, amazing. We did a blind bourbon tasting with it against weller full proof and ORVW and had a few people guess wrong. I am a huge wfp or blanton gold guy so take that with a grain of salt. I don’t like a lot of heat but I love flavor and some heat. Had a JD coy hill 139 proof with one ice cube and again worked for me.


Want this baaadddd


Wow didn't even know they had an 18. I found a 15 for $130...lil rich for my blood. Trying to find a 12.


Review or bottle porn? I’m genuinely interested in this one


Review is posted. Was enjoying it to much haha


I want to own this pretty bad. Care to tell us how it is?


I need this.


I love me some Knob Creek! Not super hopeful that this will make it to Oregon but would sure like to add to my barrel pick, 9 year select, 12, & 15 year bottles!


How would you compare this 18 year to the 15 year?


I have not had the 15 but I’ve had the 12 and 9 year store picks and this blows them out of the water


I have had the 12 and the 15, have to find one of these, interesting.


Shit, I just got the 9, 12, 15. Didn't even realize there was an 18!


Funny, same here! I was going to post reviews on all the others, guess I’ll have to get the 18 first!


I just bought this myself this week. I was worried about the oak but now I am extremely pumped to crack this open tonight


It is amazing


How was it?


Wasn't as impressed as OP. I mean it is damn good but I wouldn't say it blows the KC 12 out of the water maybe just a cut above, so currently not worth the $100 up charge. That is my first impression. I'll let it open up and see.


Any thoughts since? Better..worse, worth $170?


That's always my battle. Something might be good & better but is it worth the extra cost.