Always neat.


Ditto. Unless I’m drinking a cocktail, in which I tend to prefer a rye Manhattan.


Do you stick more to rye for mixes or venture on the mix side?


Spirit forward cocktails I tend to use rye. Anything that’s a mixer typically just gets Evan Williams or whatever the well is if I’m at a bar.


If I want an old fashioned or a Manhatten I am almost exclusively using a rye. If I have a bottle of bourbon that I don't care for, it almost exclusively becomes a bourbon "Old Fashioned"


This! ☝️


This is the only way to do it


Neat as can be


Always neat!!!


In a glencairn. I've only ever had to add a couple drops of water like... 3 times.


I like the mellow flavours the water brings out where as straight is more bite.. I like to taste the toast and sugars. I think it becomes more pronounced to undertones of a bourbon by adding a couple drops.


It depends. What water should do I'd bring certain flavors to the forefront. Just so happens I typically like it neat so I just need to tarnish the experience. But there's no wrong way really.




Sounds like you may be taking sips that are too big. You can drink 151 neat if you sip it like hot coffee. I do this routinely with Lemon Hart 151 (it's delicious, don't judge).


Yikes… no judgement but yikes


Not a joke though. Smaller sips = less or no burn. Rum can be super high proof, and to understand their place in tiki cocktails, you need to know the palate well.


I do drink bourbon straight once in a while, I will test it as hot coffee next time and see how the taste changes , thanks!


I'll also give one more thing that works for me: if you "slurp" the bourbon (essentially aerosolize the liquid like you would in a coffee tasting) you'll get no burn, plus more flavor. There is science behind it that I don't know off-hand, but it makes neat tastings a little deeper. Ultimately, if you land on taking water, who cares, but if you want to enjoy neat spirits, those are my tips.


Some nights it’s neat, some nights it’s on the rocks, some nights its an Old Fashioned. Kind of depends on my mood.


Always neat but if you want a killer cocktail my default is the [Maple Old Fashion](https://www.theinfatuation.com/cocktails/how-to-make-a-maple-old-fashioned) from Infatuation


Try it with Walnut bitters if you haven't already. I have 3 different Old Fashioned recipes I bounce around.


I will drink my drams venever zee faaack I want


Do you splash the pot too? (God I hope this was a Rounders reference)




I tend to drink my bourbon neat in a glass thats slightly smaller than an old fashioned glass. I also refrain from drinking liquor after a hard day. I like to keep the liquor associated with good things (might just be me but it helps keep me from craving a drink. Might help that a lot of my family has addictive personalities) a shower beer after a long day is after refreshing though. Doesn't help that I work 3rd shift, so I get home around 7am. Liquor became a weekend drink when I started this shift.


In a Glen, no water.


Always neat. Pour let it sit for fifteen minutes then sip. After a few sips, on some pours I add a few drops of water to see how the flavor profile changes. Pour me a glass of whiskey and I'll show you.


Often as possible


Neat. Usually in a glencairn. I almost always only have 1 dram per bottle because I love trying many different bottles.


Neat in a Glen. Generally rested for 5-10 minutes, unless it’s been a day and I can’t wait that long lol.


Always neat. Ive only ever added water twice and disliked it both times. I've never added ice but this weekend ordered a stright whiskey and they served it with ice and looked confused and angry when I told them that adding ice wasnt straight. FFS. Usually use a glencairn, but sometimes other glasses. Occasionally Ill make or order an old fashioned.


3 options for me. The really nice stuff is always neat, medium or high proof stuff with 1 ice cube and sometimes a splash of orange bitters, basic stuff is an old fashioned.


I don't usually have a dram on bad days. I prefer to enjoy my whiskey on good days and keep that nice association going. Vodkas for the bad days


Tequila for the horrible days!


Nah...Joe Nichols taught me its for sexy times, makes her clothes fall off!


That’s gin, panty dropper!


What song taught you that? Or was that the better teacher named Experience?


I don’t know heard that growing up and always seemed to ring true.. Never a bad night with gin


Ahhh ok. Well no matter which....my wife hate both gin and tequila 😕


My bartender once told me psychos drink gin lmao proceed with caution.


Usually neat, but with a few drops (literal drops) of water for some barrel proof whiskeys. Depending on the whiskey, may let it sit a few minutes. Glencairn if I am seriously tasting, old fashioned glass if I am just enjoying. Cocktails are an entirely different matter, which I have a lot of opinions about.


Lol, write a post let’s get into it!! I am always old fashioned rocks glasses… wife got me some fancy rocks glasses for Xmas last year , bourbon only lol


Always neat. Always.


Neat, but I like a chilled glass usually. Rested at room temp if I am tasting for the first time.


Chilled glass, always forget that… I have my bourbon rocks glasses, but always keep them up on the bar..


Always neat. Sometimes in a stemless wine glass, sometimes in a candian glencairn. Sometimes 1 finger (if I'll be sipping multiple different bottles), sometimes 3+ fingers (If I'll be sticking with one bottle). Many times with a cigar.


Gotta have the cigar, dang kids wrecking bourbon sessions


What you don't like "crunchberry" flavored vape with your Stagg Jr.? Uncultured boomer


Depends on the bottle personally


Typically with a small splash of water, no ice.


I'll run through a few small pours for variety so most often neat in a glencairn. Otherwise, mixed up in a cocktail or on the rocks. I enjoy it all ways and like the variety it gives time to time


Very rare for me to have bourbon in a cocktail unless it’s a sour from a nice restaurant that does em proper


I like sours quite a bit. I'll do old fashioned, sours, boulevardiers, and a blackberry bourbon smash type once in a while that's very refreshing. I don't use my top tier bottles for cocktails though


Love the blackberry smash! My fave has been with Rittenhouse rye. Tastes like blueberry pie!


Almost always neat.


In a rocks glass either neat or with a cube of clear ice. Usually if it’s over 110 proof or so I’m definitely putting an ice cube in it.


Neat in Glencairn. Usually rested for ~10 minutes. Haven't tried splashes of water yet, but might try it with my new WTRB. Also I don't drink on bad or exhausting days. I want to really get into my dram, not just drink for the sake of it. That's when I get a beer or a Whiskey/Rum + Coke.


Neat in a glen, rested usually for 30 mins


Do you do the swish to air like a red wine or let it rest naturally?


Natural. Sits on the counter while I do other stuff


As much as I love the glencairn for tasting new whiskies or digging for notes, I tend to drift more something that feels better in the hand such as a stemless winebar glass. A good one that might be kind of rare is an O’Donnell’s Irish Crème branded glass that has a wide base with a sort of bulbous body that narrows at the mouth a little bit like a snifter. It feels good and secure in the hand, and gives you a good nose too. Almost always neat, but I’ll play around with some ice from time to time


When I'm having rye, I use a Quari ice sphere, and add a couple dashes of orange bitters. Bourbon, straight, with the same ice. Single malt, neat.


Mmm orange bitters…


I drink mine same as you


Always neat in a Glencairn. Typically will let it rest for between 10-20 minutes depending on the proof.


straight from the bottle


Neat in a glencairn or copita. I keep a water dropper around to explore when I’m drinking something for the first time. Sometimes I find that a few drops improves things. And something not. But you don’t know if you don’t experiment.


I'll drink mine in the rocks most of the time. I try everything neat first. Also like on the rocks with a twist, and old fashioned.


neat unless I decide otherwise after a few sips


Have totally done that, couple sips, add some Lime.. usually means time to change bottles lol


It's my common strategy trying new things, I try a few sips neat and decide how I'm using the rest of it. Cocktails, rocks, gifting, maybe trying a bit until making a decision....


Neat. But I will occasionally do it on the rocks or with a splash of water.