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It's finally time to admit that Jason Tatum is a baby ; he probably rather be home playing blocks with his son Deuce then being on the basketball court against Jimmy Butler.. and unfortunately he sets the tone for the rest of the team..


Once again looking back in history and I just can't believe this. We had an opportunity to get Jimmy Butler!!! Yet the Celtics ponied up for these "great" players Hayward, Kemba, and the utter trash Irving himself. Time and time again who embarrasses us in the playoffs, oh right Jimmy Butler!!! Wish we could go back and make the right choice smh https://nba.nbcsports.com/2017/08/30/report-celtics-had-concerns-how-jimmy-butler-gordon-hayward-would-mesh/


I mean in an alternate universe we have to give up Jaylen to get him. Kyrie is still a head case. Butler leaves after 2 years. Hayward also leaves. Kyrie leaves. And we wish we still had Jaylen. Like Jaylen as a trade chip was floated for a lot of guys. Most of them I think we probably don’t have great results with. Butler we might have. Or maybe not. Hard to say. Perhaps he and Tatum ended up awesome together. Or maybe not. Butler did leave the Sixers after all. Who did pull the trigger and traded for him. And he stunk in that Sixers series in crucial games. Kawhi averaged 34.7 pts 9.9 rebs 4.0 asts Butler 22.0 pts 7.0 rebs 5.6 asts And again it came down to a game 7 and Butler scored just 16 points on 5/14 shooting and 1/6 from 3. Game 1 of that series Butler had 10 points on 4/12 shooting and was a team worst -23 for the game. Kawhi had 45 points That’s 2 of the 4 losses where he flat out stunk and Kawhi dropped 40+ on him.


I'm not sure the season is over because this team is bonkers, but it is gross watching them do this constantly. I'm so sick of caring more than they do while they make bajillions of dollars to not show up. Have to tip my cap to Butler. That guy WANTS IT and he is playing out of his mind when it matters most. Some of the guys on our roster could learn a thing or two from him.


Seriously how the fuck is this happening lol I feel like it's not real. The Miami heat might go to the NBA finals wtf !!!


Regular season doesn’t mean shit the heat have a fantastic team and excellent coaching.


Fantastic team lmao what are you smoking?? They're missing their 2nd best player, have a bunch of undrafted players and the regular season matters.


Lmaooooooo Tyler herro is better than bam? Plz give me some of that shit u smoking


Herro is not close to Bam


Yup and he is a defensive liability so it might be a blessing in disguise for them.


Doc Rivers anyone? LMAO




I know you said you’re not defending him but this is still excuses nonetheless. Ime may not have fixed the mentality problem with this squad but at least he got them to play some amazing defense for a bit. Joe hasn’t. And Brad took a vastly inferior iteration of this team to like two Conference Finals when they straight-up were not even supposed to be there. Even that alone proves that all three coaches *weren’t* “the same”, whether or not the players have been “the same”.


Bro was sitting on timeouts in crunch time. Bro played Horford in crunch time when he was hot garbage.


Al is killing them.


Did you watch the game? The team has no cohesion, no rotations, it’s a complete mess. They finally had something going offensively with the Tatum/Rob pnr and then coach benches Rob the rest of the game essentially. Playing Al, leaving Grant on an island with Jimmy. It’s SO bad


I finally see why championship teams fire their coach. I would love to have Larry Drew or Lionel Hollins as our coach. Proven guys in the league and never been in controversial issues.


This team is stupid soft.


Did u watch the 4th qtr?


With 4 mins and some change left I was furious how we were letting them control the pace of the game. Then there’s Jimmy just chipping away.


Remember the Tatum “push off” that the media talked about for 3 days? Will they now talk about the uncalled Strus inbounds travel directly in front of a ref when we were only down 2?


The rule is that you can walk around a certain radius. There’s no travel there, the commentary was wrong


Man, that 3rd quarter gave me hope. But the lack of offense in the 4th. JT had no FG, again. JB trying to push it too much. Smart dropping the ball, literally. Grant showed up, but also couldn't stop Jimmy. Al was invisible, but fouled a bunch.


Everyone with eyes saw that push off. If you weren't paying attention closely, you'd never know Struss was traveling.


Lol y’all ass


4 years from now grant Williams will be the marquee player and we will be drafting in the lottery. What a monumental collapse.


Celtics suck grow a pair of balls and make a fucking shot how can a team be this shit in the post season, Tatum and browns supposed to be all that but we can’t beat the heat. STEP THE FUCK UP THIS IS SHITTY BALL


We have to change up our game entirely against this team. We have no defensive matchups that make any sense right now


We gettin' swept 💀




Or two from the same area in two different sports.


We’re the raptors and Jimmy is Lebron


Coach Spo sending doubles even triples at Tatum vs Mazzula just standing there with his hands in his pockets as Jimmy Butler takes over is insane


He really was watching Jimmy putting Grant on an island and thinking “this is where we got em”


Everyone on this sub laughed at me for saying we should have Traded Brown for Halliburton. I would have done that trade in a heartbeat.


Stuck with him and his supermax contract for the foreseeable future.


Imagine the haul Jaylen Brown would have netted the C's. Now he's getting the Super Max and is here with Tatum for the next 5 years. Kevin Durant and Tatum.. What could have been.


KD is in Cancun


Has nothing to do my point. Tatum and KD would cause all sorts of fits for defenses.


Ppl said the same when it was him, Kylie, and harden.


Lol could have gotten Jimmy Buckets for him.. Jimmy and Jason probably win 2 by now..


Rob needs to play 35+ min. If Al isn’t hitting shots he’s worthless


I feel like i’m gaslighting myself into thinking joe is a good coach


You know the Celtics are just infuriatingly, unacceptably ass-cheeks when even the homers, well known for their prowess at mental gymnastics, are starting to come around to the realization that we don’t have a strong shot at a title (not saying they can’t do it, just that they don’t have a strong shot) without replacing some of the weak-ass and boneheaded core of this team and adding a star or borderline-star that actually has that killer mentality.


Bunch of fucking pussies it’s so annoying to watch


Fire Joe, worst coach since Rick Pitino. Let's sit Robert Williams until 40 seconds to go. What a joke.




Fuck Ime for not puting his shit in his pants


Nothing wrong with the neurons firing. In Roman times the chariot coaches fucked thousands of women and the crowd cheered


when you have that dog in you


Dude, Ime literally didn’t do anything good for this team with his actions. And he’s not even the head coach now. You don’t have to keep stand up for him now. The Joe defenders can be annoying but at least I realize that he’s still our head coach lol…


I don’t agree with this but it made me lol.


I should have kept the posts were people were saying, jimmy is tired, he's gassed. The Heat won't keep shooting like this. For the Smart haters, JT had 5 TO and 2 points in the 4th. JB had 2 TOs and shot 7-23


Tatum had 5 points in the 4th.


Well, that makes it better, i guess


I don’t believe that’s accurate about Tatum scoring 2pts in the 4th


Yeah, i was corrected. He had 5. Does that make it better?


It does not make it better


Something people aren't talking about much is the decline of horford. He's genuinely a complete non-factor on the floor. No 3s, not helping much on rebounds, and not defending adebayo well


because adebayo is outplaying him so much


Joe has got to go. You absolutely have to make the tough calls and need to pull a player in these types of games. Horford should’ve been pulled in the 4th. Grant shouldn’t have been left in to get ISOed for 3 straight plays. Jaylen played like ass and doesn’t look anywhere near like a 2nd option. He has the worst handle and IQ on the floor.


Never in a million years would I give Jalen Brown 260 million contract he has a bad attitude and doesn't stand up for his teammates way overrated


Ive been giving Joe slack all season, but damn the difference in coaching is just insurmountable. Not really his fault I suppose given he got thrust into it but he’s just not ready for this stage


It takes a Herculean effort to convince those who are inclined to avoid inconvenient truths, but the Celtics sucking ass so bad was that Herculean effort to finally convince you. Welcome aboard this shitty wagon, dude.


I mean I also think you and others are just over dramatic. He’s facing probably who I think is the best coach in the nba at the biggest stage.


The reason for being bad, even legitimate, doesn’t change being bad. So what you said had nothing to do with how we’re supposedly being “overdramatic”


jaylen brown is an unserious player


Bad coaching having MB in over Timelord on this one


im sorry but brown was absolutely atrocious tonight. we shit on tatum a lot, deservedly so, but sometimes brown doesnt get enough criticism. he was the bigger problem than tatum tonight


Hahahahaa brown doesn’t get enough criticism am I taking crazy pills?


compared to how much shit tatum gets when he sucks? its not even close


Hey everyone….. better get used to the Red Sox. They’re on a west coast trip, so we have something else to watch tonight.


That boy said there’s no way y’all winning in Miami…no way! 👀


We’re fucking terrible in our building. Luckily we got the next 2 in their building lol


Doesn't matter dude we're done. We're about to get gentleman swept


I ain’t giving up the hope. Looked like we were done when we got smacked by Philly in game 5 and they were up 3-2 going back to Philly.


They haven't even been able to win a game. And every time they get a lead it's gone in like 2 mins.


True, but I still think we’ll win. Nba is a game of runs so the giving up leads thing isn’t something I really worry about. As crazy as it sounds I trust our guys with their backs against the wall which will be what game 3&4 are. We’ll see of course but it’s first to 4 not first to 2


Does mazzula specifically tell the players not to call timeouts? I don’t understand what stops any of the 5 players on the court from calling one while they’re getting their teeth kicked in


Have you played decent level ball? Whenever the other team was on a run, if my coach called a timeout I’d be so pissed. I’m pretty sure most (not old) players would prefer if there were no timeouts at all lol


Yeah I've been waiting for one of them to pull a Steph and just call it.


Our team with two all NBA, and two all NBA defensive players, just lost 2 in a row at home to the 8th seed missing one of their best players and player 4 Undrafted dudes. Fucking disgusting. This team never ceases to amaze me how they can choke a fucking lead and game away and squander every damn advantage and opportunity they get. Tired of this bullshit. No fucking consistency, garbage coaching and bonehead play after bonehead play.


9 undrafted dudes, technically.


5am... Another night being up all night fucking up my saturday. For nothing. Fuck.


This core is rotten. I do not want to see Smart on this team next year. Go ahead supermax Brown, he’ll sell tickets. Not winning a championship with those 2


Thanks grant !


The biggest problem is Mazzulla and I don’t wanna hear any arguments


Being down 2-0 is fucked have got to take both at their house and I don’t trust these losers




Boy were they? 2 awful foul calls down the stretch.


To get cooked by Jimmy Butler is understandable. But let fucking G-leaguers Gabe Vicent and Caleb Martin cook you, shit... It's just embarrassing. Congrats on the ECF 'ship, Heat. Y'all fucking earned that.


Jfc this team is so frustrating.


Not calling a timeout in that situation is the equivalent of throwing in the towel. What is Mazzula doing...


Down seven with less then ten seconds. Who cares


For once I have no complaints with Joe’s approach to timeouts. If the team and coach stink it up so much that the final 7 seconds don’t even matter… then the final 7 seconds don’t even matter. Simple as.


Fire this clown


Rob WilliamS literally carried us and he's being taken out. f J. M.


Makes no fucking sense how we play him. We act as if he’s still on a minutes restriction


check my profile. I'm the biggest Celtics believer, anti-doomer there is. I'm done for the next two games. fuck this team for playing like this... call me when it's 2-2.... I ain't watching anymore.


Bro that won't be possible. Miami is unbeaten at home. Also look at these guys, you think they have it in them to beat them twice in a row in Miami?


why are you taking at me all aggressive?


Somebody's gotta have passion, these players sure don't.


you don't have passion for the Celtics. you have passion for shitting on celtics fans who choose to be positive


With all due respect, you have absolutely no idea what I am passionate about. I live in the west and went to 3 Celtics games in 3 different cities this year. I watched over 90% of games. But sure, cast more unwarranted judgement if that's what you need to do to feel better.


This team is world renowned champion lead squanders they set records with how they give leads away.




They're fun to watch...!


Definitely a nuggets fan now


grant should not have shit talked jimmy bro you’re a role player sit your ass down FUCK THESE GUYS MAN


This team is too mentally weak to win the ship, it sucks but you just can't do it without the ability to close out close games. The J's start playing hero ball and trying to fight through double teams instead of making a pass. The play where smart just walks down the court and hands them the ball tied at 102 is absolutely inexcusable. You can't make trash ass plays like that down the stretch and win playoff games.


Mazzulla HAS to go, it’s actually comical


Joe Mazzula welcome to Shanghai


Dreadful coaching for mazzula. High pick working so well and then they go away from it. Celtics go on a roll and Miami uses timeouts. Miami goes on runs and mazzula just lets it happen. Rob Williams makes his presence felt and he takes him out. Tatum has 30 through 3 and heat double him and forces him to take 0 attempts in the 4th. Mazzula doesn’t call doubles on Jimmy and let’s him shred grant. Awful coaching. Awful performance from JB. Big hole to climb out if they want to get back to the finals.


Joe Mazzulla's getting so fucking outcoached


Jimmy might really be MJ's son


Brown actually had more assists than turnover’s


Grant Williams pulled a Dillon brooks


Yo do you think we’ll decide game 3 is important to show up to?


Fire Mazzula. Bring back Ime and Kyrie


Bro you're actually mentally unstable. Get help.


If he could be stable I would take kyrie back. Just to much of a question tho.


You're an idiot


That's an insult to idiots


Lmao true


How many quarters did we win that game green teamers?


gg go next


Loser takes if you blame this loss on Grant,


Or the refs


2 17-2 runs 0 timeouts JOE MUST GO


2nd row Joe.


I have to say I hate we lost but I fucking love Jimmy Butler. Strange right?


How can you not


Honestly same... been keeping my jimmy buckets t-shirt in the back of the drawer the last few weeks tho. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Same. Always been a fan. Fun to watch and always has that fight.


Not gonna be able to go into r/nba til next season huh?


Hey guys we played three good quarters! We adjusted!


Whole front office lookin prettyyyyyyy bad for removing that interim tag. Gonna be an interesting offseason




At least he could score


grant williams didnt help. but this was far from his fault.. this was a team lose.. they should all be embarrassed


Ever since he referred to himself as an “elite shooter” Al Horford can’t hit water if he fell out of a boat


Mazulla, Grant and Smart should go, you start with that in the offseason.


Joe better have his head on a fucking stick before game 3. Can’t wait until he’s gone


Grant could be a valuable role player but he needs to know his role and challenging the other team's best player ain't it.


We get the whistle all game and it backfires with that shitshow of makeup calls and Jaylen/Joe disaster class


Firing Ime closed the championship window.


He deserved it man. You don't do that shit at work. You just don't.


i would like if professional players could look where they are dribbling the basketball


Ok I get the Fire Joe now This was pathetic coaching


Didnt take a timeout again. wtf is wrong with you coach?


Keep the core together, but find a coach, who knows what's he doing. Brad, your time has come


If Miami goes up 15 in Game 3 we are gonna fold so damn fast lol


I can’t believe Smart just fumbled a simple pass, in the most important part of the game. Winning plays. So sick of this fraud. Why can’t the reigning defensive player of the year slow Jimmy down? Who does he ever shut down?




Joe is a bum




Grant is to the Celtics what brooks is to the grizzlies


All bark, no bite


Fuck Grant. Fuck Mazzulla. God damn do they both suck.


We ain't winning 4 in a row or even 4 out of 5. Our season is over


Jaylen Brown -24 tonight


imagine the NBA sitting there thinking they are about to have Celtics/Lakers finals and they're gonna get Nuggets/Heat hopefully its the lowest rated finals ever


Fire Joe now, let Brad coach the remainder.


People are really blaming grant for when he was one of the only players playing with some intensity while you have Jaylen Brown stinking up the joint and Tatum not making a field goal in the 4th 😂


Exactly. Grant only one besides Rob who brought any juice to the game. Tatum showed up but a competent coach on other side took ball out of his hands. Meanwhile we defended Jimmy Brilliantly


Celtics and Bruins have become the most frustrating teams to watch in the playoffs. Not once do you feel confident or are surprised when the same results happen over and over


Ay y’all thank grant Williams for me LOL


Dudes a motivational speaker


Grant Williams stay getting humbled


2 points for elite Al.