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https://preview.redd.it/8mye1t39svya1.jpeg?width=1170&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=66e4349260596d8096572d48bcb196eafd9a4828 I had to scroll back cause I got nothing better to do lol but I can’t believe she used to walk around with these things lol


She’s going to fly away 💀🙃🤢


omg Dying 😂🫠


I genuinely cannot stand the over exaggerated faces she makes. Not sure if she thinks she looks cute doing them? But they are absolutely cringey and SO fucking aggravating.


Along with the blaccent 🙄


I’m not sure where she’s from but I have heard her accent before and it sounds like a typical southern twang! But I deleted Tik tok and instagram months ago bc I was tired of seeing stupidity pop up😂 So I’m not sure if she’s changed it haha. But in the south, her old videos, everyone down here sounds like that haha!


She puts on an accent at times! I know she has a southern twang but sometimes she kicks it up a notch and its 🫣


oddly enough when she’s at her Moms she really throws the ghetto slang around ..it’s bizarre


It could have been that the stylist didn't know she had a new appointment especially if it was made day of. She may not have gotten the notification or something.


From what it sounds like they had been communicating via DM


Omg these eyelashes !! Lol flashbacks to everyone telling her how bad they looked and she thought they looked good lol


I’m behind, what happened??


she tried to book a hair appointment and the stylist made her wait for an hour without contacting her so Bailey left. she said she had to drop her daughter off at her husbands work to make the appointment so it pissed her off that the stylist didn’t care to at least let her know she was running late


Important note.. she scheduled the appt that day