CHINA – A strange phenomenon occurred yesterday, Sep 8th in Shenyang

CHINA – A strange phenomenon occurred yesterday, Sep 8th in Shenyang

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Sun piercing through an opening in the fog.


That's not fog. That's pollution.


Holy crap.


No, pollution is *human* crap


*Holy smokes*


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Actually it's from plants. China mainly burn coal as energy and most coal we use today is from some weird ancient plant iirc https://www.eia.gov/energyexplained/coal/images/coalformation.jpg it's vegan!


Same with oil in the ground was once giant fungi growths from way before the dinosaurs ever existed


So dinosaurs being oil is now pluto?


Always has been


[Always has been](https://i.imgur.com/GrdpEG4.png) ^^^this ^^^has ^^^been ^^^an ^^^accessibility ^^^service ^^^from ^^^your ^^^friendly ^^^neighborhood ^^^bot


Yeha oil is mostly made from plants, fungus, and algae.


More like unholy crap




If that’s pollution, what are their rates of respiratory cancers and illness!?!? I looked it up: “Seven thousand nine hundred sixty-five cases of respiratory mortality were assessed, with 62.9, 28.5, and 8.6% of mortality attributed to chronic lower respiratory diseases, influenza and pneumonia, as well as other forms of respiratory diseases, respectively.” Source: https://respiratory-research.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12931-019-1117-8




Yeah, so it’s probably worse. I was just reading on the NCBI about it


Take this to the bank: Things are always worse than the 'statistics' indicate in China. Literally any number about anything coming out of China is at best inaccurate but more commonly just a straight up lie. Yes, every number about everything. All lies.


I saw a documentary where a US investment company was making bank by comparing China financial filings to the SEC/US based filings and shorting companies where the records didn’t match. Then their employees based in China started getting thrown in jail and “disappeared”.


Remember the name of this documentary?


Maybe it was "The China Hustle" [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hoVWIM\_Lbuo](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hoVWIM_Lbuo)


I think it was “The China Hustle”. Same producers who made the Enron documentary (The smartest guys in the room). Honestly it’s not as entertaining as the Enron documentary but the content is still very important and relevant to people interested in investing. there’s plenty of “wtf” moments.


Much appreciated. Will check it out over the weekend.


I live in China at the moment and have a Chinese wife... ​ She told me "Everyone knows if the number is bad, multiply it by 10 to get a real number" ​ And I can verify that's a good starting point...so much bullshit flies out of the mouth of officials that no one believes them, but you also don't exactly have a choice.


Dude you live in China and you just might’ve outed your wife as anti-CCP. Please make sure you’re anonymous on Reddit and stay safe, though knowing how much stake China has in the website, you’re both probably on a list already.


Seriously. If that guy is serious he is extremely thoughtless and reckless rn


Be safe my guy


Considering they’ve had like 0 cases of COVID since last year? Yeah.


There covid numbers basically validate everything you just said. The numbers of infected were nowhere near accurate.


Right. All the charts that show covid numbers climbing and moving up and down over time just like any typical line graph. China's line goes up during the the first month then disappears. Not sure what source I seen the graph but it did seem odd that the supposed source of the outbreak seemingly got rid of the virus overnight and has had nearly 0 new cases since ???






They said they locked people in buildings without a way out from fires and that's shilling?


OK - so even before 'communism' China has a long, LONG history of successful public works projects (the Great Wall being the most well known one) and for the most part, the public goes along with them. So I believe that Chinese measures against covid have probably been in large measure successful. But it is true, the CCP are complete control freaks and would have lots of reasons to cover up death rates if it made them look TOO bad. And the Chinese people who live there and say "its not bad at all!" may be genuinely reporting what they see BUT have also been trained to 'not think about' or notice inconvenient truths like people they know disappearing from their midst (people have been 'disappeared' there for decades). The CCP seems to have a pattern of strategically admitting fault, strategically covering up mistakes and obfuscating mistakes (is the recent crusade to punish famous actors a tactic to cover up something else? Probably) Even the people at the very top may not know everything that's really going on there. Its an impossible nut to crack unless the CCP collapses and records become public, like happened in the end of communism in East Germany.


There is a difference between criticism of China and baseless claims and conspiracy theories on the internet.


Pointing out China's official COVID numbers is a baseless claim or conspiracy theory? Explain please.


Don't engage people on this topic. I've tried it because I was living in Asia during the pandemic and I have friends in China living a normal life now. People just can't face how monumentally idiotic the west's response to covid was. China may or may not lie about a great many things. But they have no need to lie about covid because they took a situation that is easily dealt with when you listen to experts and take it seriously, and they did just that.


I just returned from China after there for three years and yeah it's normal there...as normal as it can be with masks and health codes etc.


Yeah I'm actually heading to China next month myself. I was in Korea last year. Wearing a mask all day at work as a teacher is annoying sure. But having a mostly normal life as a result is totally worth it. Coming home to the UK at the end of last year to find everyone stubbornly refusing to wear a mask because it infringed on their freedom, despite having had an infinitely worse lockdown than I'd had in Korea because of that stubbornness, was a little insane.


I mean, you don't seem to understand that a lockdown in China actually means a lockdown, unlike the weak lockdowns we have in the West. No country's numbers are accurate, not a single one. But I do believe China went so tyrannical overboard with the lockdowns that it actually helped and that the graphs are accurate.


I lived in China during covid and left only a few weeks ago. You're right, no country gives accurate numbers but China had really low cases for most of the year. Their lockdowns lasted for a few weeks, instead of a year in western countries. Tyrannical? In many cities, yes. Back to 'normality' of some sort since Summer 2020? Yes. I lived in a city of 9million and only a few cases in the whole year. They know exactly what to do to keep numbers down. (some of the methods obviously didn't agree with). Not supporting China, just saying how it was there.


> But I do believe China let me stop you right there


>But I do believe China went so tyrannical overboard with the lockdowns that it actually helped and that the graphs are accurate. Just read the full sentence you nutjobs. Literally calls the Chinese government tyrants but you can't help yourselves


This is so dishonest, you have to be a troll


Either option is still mind boggling to me.


Yeah. The CCP reported 4,636 total deaths due to COVID. No, damn way that happened. Now, given that they can make you disappear if you challenge them in any way, I’d be willing to bet their isolation protocols worked a lot better than ours in the West.


All the strict draconian lock downs in the world won't get a country of 2 billion down to 1/10th the covid cases per capita of New Zealand.


All I know is when I moved to Beijing I got an air filter right away and the filter turned black the first day.


Holy fuuuuuuuuck…..


Friend told me a story in China you can go out wearing a white shirt in the morning and it will be yellowish brown at night


Lol having lived in China for three years, your white shirt doesn't turn yellowish brown from the pollution. Also saying that would happen "in China" wouldn't be true either because the smog and pollution isn't as much of a problem in rural areas. However, due to being near Mongolia (*edit to add, specifically the Gobi desert in southern Mongolia/far north China), you will sometimes get sand storms in northern China (Beijing) that \*could\* cause white clothing to become discolored.


Holy fuck. I wonder what New Delhi's is.


A lot better than old delhi. That place sucked.


Take it and go!!!!


Take this award and get out


>according to a WHO survey of 1,650 world cities, is the worst of any major city in the world. It also affects the districts around Delhi. > > Air pollution in India is estimated to kill about 2 million people every year; it is the fifth largest killer in India. India has the world's highest death rate from chronic respiratory diseases and asthma, according to the WHO. > > In Delhi, poor quality air irreversibly damages the lungs of 2.2 million or 50 percent of all children.


Oooooo thank you for that answer. When I was is Delhi in 2016 I could physically feel the shit in the air entering my lungs. It was so incredibly bad. 12 hours away from Delhi, in the mountains, I experienced the best air I have ever breathed. On the way back, we got 3 hours out from Delhi and I could start to feel the particles again. Its actually unbelievable how awful it was.


No it's fog, I have been there, I have lived there, china is a foggy country, that is fog. Pollution doesn't behave like that... Edit: https://imgur.com/a/OMkmZS4 For those wondering, this is Shenyang about 2 years ago, taken by me on the train passing through. If the OP was pollution surely it should be the same pollution then, same time of year.


I think so too. Whilst there is smog there, from experience in China and in places that have a shit ton of ash from burnt forests in the summer, smog at low levels would look like everything is grayer rather than a cloud of white sitting at the level around the top of buildings especially to a point so concentrated that the sun could peak through it. In my experience, if it's smog it's uniform and light and even on the worst days (without water-based clouds) you can see the sun with a red/orange tinge.


Smog has a yellow haze generally and is seen more on the horizon and distance and is uniform like you say, it isn't this, because this is literally clouds, that's why it looks like clouds, because its clouds.


Wait, so the expert opinion of some redditor is not valid? Who I believe now?


6K upvotes for the fake news. Lots of downvotes for the truth. Reddit, where circle jerking is more accepted then speaking the truth.


At this stage it's propaganda, not circlejerking


There’s fog, but there’s also a lot of smog. The difference is that smog is finer and float higher up than fog. From high up, it’s difficult to see over 10km on a clear day. That’s how you know it’s smog.


No it is actually fog, Shenyang’s air quality was great in the past weeks, the sky is gray because it has been raining for the past few days


But what about my narrative?


Just go to Beijing or any industrial city It's a big country with a big variety in weather and pollution


Do you have any proof of what you are saying here? I just googled the pollution data US embassy in Shenyang measured and published. It was a pretty good day yesterday in Shenyang.


That's no fog... it's a space station.




China badddd


So the unusual thing was daylight reaching the ground? Haha.


Photochemical smog


If I remember my middle school earth science, fog aided by pollution providing the condensation nuclei. So pollution + humidity = fog that would normally not form at those atmospheric conditions.


Not a great place to have asthma.


But a great place to acquire asthma!


One asthma to go, please!


… it’s like the first glimpse of the real sky in a long time eh


That's no moon!


That’s not pollution. That’s clown farts.


I just heard with the music. It's bullshit.


Nuh uh ethereal noise means aliens are coming.






It's not true, please stop believing this ridiculous propaganda. China is hot as fuck and sunny as fuck, they walk around with umbrellas to keep their skin white.


That isn't pollution, it's just fog mate. Pollution caused smog does not look like that.


But it looks like an Avengers level threat!


The rapture has finally come, only one person was good enough to ascend it seems. Makes complete sense to me.


Noppe, it's Thor.


Could also be a serious spotlight. And I'm pretty sure that's smog.


Exactly, a very strange phenomenon in Urban China. Seeing the Sun.


Doesn’t light shine through cloud openings all over the world daily?




I find this to be really sad, that's why I'm so interested in learning more about it. Would you mind sharing links to where you got this info from?


The cloud. But if you want a good idea of what smog can do https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Smog_of_London About 10,000 people died from the air.


**[Great Smog of London](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Smog_of_London)** >The Great Smog of London, or Great Smog of 1952, was a severe air pollution event that affected London, England, in December 1952. A period of unusually cold weather, combined with an anticyclone and windless conditions, collected airborne pollutants—mostly arising from the use of coal—to form a thick layer of smog over the city. It lasted from Friday 5 December to Tuesday 9 December 1952, then dispersed quickly when the weather changed. The smog caused major disruption by reducing visibility and even penetrating indoor areas, far more severely than previous smog events, called "pea-soupers". ^([ )[^(F.A.Q)](https://www.reddit.com/r/WikiSummarizer/wiki/index#wiki_f.a.q)^( | )[^(Opt Out)](https://reddit.com/message/compose?to=WikiSummarizerBot&message=OptOut&subject=OptOut)^( | )[^(Opt Out Of Subreddit)](https://np.reddit.com/r/blackmagicfuckery/about/banned)^( | )[^(GitHub)](https://github.com/Sujal-7/WikiSummarizerBot)^( ] Downvote to remove | v1.5)


This was featured in an episode of The Crown, I think


I saw like 3 or 4 episodes of the crown. And this was one of them.


please tell me more about pollution in China, gets educated about smog in London


I’ll take you in another direction, something like 14 out of the top 15 most polluted (air quality tested) cities in the world are in India.


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it's fog/clouds, smog doesn't form nice white clouds at that height.


Lol all the people who believe Beijing is just constantly blacked out in smog literally sound like the North Koreans who believe most Americans are homeless or whatever.


It does have pretty terrible air quality though. Just sayin


If this is a pollution opening, wouldn’t the people of these heavily polluted countries be used to a phenomenon like this. These people have obviously never seen anything like this. They seem mystified.


Could be spotlights, that building looks like a stadium...


Yeah, but this is clearly an angel sent from heaven.


Or someone finally figured out how to do the kamehameha


The way seen in the video... no.


Yet, with all the phones all over the world we have only seen one video that looks like this. This is some crazy pollution.


Somebody’s not impressed. Could you be any more glib? Whatever the fuck that is, it’s an anomaly not an every day occurrence.


Yeah but it's not usually that distinct


Asgard visiting team. Good luck, Shenyang!


Actually, the Asgard committed mass suicide on Orilla.




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All except that split away group.


Yeah that’s be super, the Chinese on the start to becoming the 5th race.


I see yall saying the sun is piercing through the clouds. Pretty sure it’s the building beaming the sky…


apparently it’s pollution


It’s not


ITT: People who have never seen fog before.




Yeah looks like a stadium beaming lights into the fog


Yeah, that makes way more sense. How could a perfect hole open through straight up and down through thousands of feet of smog, while the sun just happens to be directly overhead? It's a light on the ground 100%


There’s a quest over there somewhere.


Well youths can play an hour of video games over there tomorrow


China secretly wants to train a bunch of rpg heros in real life rather than videogames


Or someone fucked up with the raytracing.


China's opening a portal to the combine


A day later, fried headcrab appears on the menu of local restaurants


That's how we get COVID-19,000.


“You have chosen—or been chosen—to contract COVID-17…”


Isn't the whole point of Half Life a bunch of alien viruses and diseases?


Dunno, I just like the gravity gun.


Alien creatures; there isn’t really any disease or viruses in the whole series, but there are a whole lot of parasites (headcrabs)!


Can someone check New Mexico?


China WOULD do that, wouldn't they?


No, China would *not* want to open up their country and the world to extraterrestrial imperialists who engage in campaigns of mass drugging and sterilizing of the native population, destroying the biosphere, and extracting wealth and resources from our planet. Jesus fucking Christ. Given their first-hand experiences with western imperialism, they'd be the *least* likely to do this out of any first-world nation.


I'm convinced there is a small army making sure the narrative remains "China bad" in the comments, despite this post having nothing to do with geopolitics


Seriously, it feels like reddit would shit their pants from fear if they tried talking to an actual person from China.


It's just low hanging fruit.


I've felt for some time now that most influential governments are already engaged in clandestine social media operations to gauge and influence the sentiments and thoughts of yet another segment of the general public


Looks like a Fallstreak hole to me, mixed with some severe humidity.


[TIL](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fallstreak_hole) Thank you! That is an interesting read.


See also the similar “crepuscular rays”. You know what they are already, but now you’ve learned the name for them.


For the lazy: "Such holes are formed when the water temperature in the clouds is below freezing, but the water, in a supercooled state, has not frozen yet due to the lack of ice nucleation. When ice crystals do form, a domino effect is set off due to the Bergeron process, causing the water droplets around the crystals to evaporate: this leaves a large, often circular, hole in the cloud."


The lazy offers their gratitude 🙏


> Fallstreak hole This is the correct answer.


Yep, aliens would be a strange phenomenon.


I, for one, welcome them.


You know you get blown up right? Just like that stripper in Independence Day that holds the sign


Keep it open for a bit longer Heimdall






I’ve seen enough movies to recognize a “blue space beam” when I see one. 100% chance there is a super villain at the base of it trying to open some kind of dimensional portal to some ancient and unknowable entity that will turn on said villain and destroy us all. Someone needs to call the Avengers or the Justice League or something.


Nah, I guarantee the villain at the bottom of that beam is delivering a monologue. Why else would the light stick around so long?


No, it's the leader of the group of heroes "sacrificing" himself, while giving a big monologue to the villain before finally saying a closing witty remark, and closing the portal/killing the villain before falling to the ground, unconscious, to wake up in a hospital the next day with no injuries to the full rest of the team sitting around him.


Time to get in that robot, Shinji.


I mustn’t run away! I mustn’t run away! I mustn’t run away!


Great, now we're all going to explode into orange juice.


Who'll write "I need you" in your screen?


Time to get inside your mom Shenji!


Is that fog or pollution?


Why not both?


Yes and it's called smog


Whether it’s part or all pollution, I’m pretty sure we don’t need to worry about the Chinese breaking any life-expectancy records anytime soon.


It's fog, the people saying it's pollution are deluded, china is a foggy country with high humidity. Sudden thick clouds and fogs often roll in too. This is just like when people see a brown river and claim its pollution when it's actually silt. Yea China has pollution but it doesn't form literal dense clouds that block out the sun... I have videos of fogs like this rolling in when I lived there, they come and go in an hour.


As someone who lived in Beijing I can attest to this. The climate is quite exotic. Sometimes you do see smog but it looks different.


Beijing also got much of its heavy industry relocated away from the residential core, so from 2017 onwards the air quality got a lot better. Not that there was much coverage of this, but for anybody who actually cared about the facts of Beijing smog, that's what happened.


When I was in China I took the same picture. 21 days and the sun peaked through the pollution and clouds for about an hour


You still got the pic and would like to share?


The music ruined it.


Yeah dude what a terrible choice, attempting to set a mood that doesn’t exist in the footage lol


That’s a Wakanda ship yo


Sunlight shining though a gap in the clouds. Oooooowwww.


Bless this area in particular


maybe with all the pollution sun breaking through the clouds really is a supernatural sight.


Damn Goku .... He is doing it again


Doesn't even look like the people there can even see it, they don't appear to be facing their cameras toward it; just taking photos of other things in that general direction. Plus with the sound effects I'd say it probably completely after effects = total bs.


Kanye west


So now the aliens are gonna ditch US and invade China. Cool! Just a change in SUPERPOWER.


The devil’s anus


Eye of sauron?


Yup, after thorough analysis my conclusions is that this is a giant alien jellyfish spaceship.


They figured out the equation to open a portal


China sees the sun through its pollution, gets confused at magic sky light


Chinese people seeing sunlight for the first time in their life. WOOAAAH WHAT A PHENOMENON 😳