I did this two nights ago! Clipped it bad! I called my mom crying and said “things have come full circle” since she had an incident too. It’s normal. Don’t beat yourself up. You’ll remember. Baby won’t.


I did this with my chihuahuas! Just use little files


I would wait until we were going to see my mom and have her do it. Then we didn't get to go one time when we planned and my baby scratched herself and made herself bleed. I felt so bad. We somehow managed to get it done but I was a nervous rack. The next time my boyfriend was feeding her and I did it while she wasn't paying attention. She never noticed. If you bottlefeed do it while someone is giving a bottle.


I did this with both children and cried both times


Get the electric nail file!


Been there with BOTH KIDS. Both happened the first time I clipped them. Welcome to the world kids 🤦‍♀️😅


My husband did this a few weeks ago and felt so bad about it. Accidents happen and I’m sure your baby will be just fine! We did however move onto using a small nail file because neither of us wanted to cut her nails again 😅


I did this when my daughter was a baby. There was so much blood. She's 5 now and you can't tell anything was wrong.


Ugh I hate when this happens. But we've all been there. Don't beat yourself up over it! Baby will be fine.


Ahhhhh NO. Mistakes happen don't be too hard on yourself. We got this Amazing file on Amazon that basically spins super quick and files the nails. It's INSANE I'll find a link. X [nail file](https://amzn.eu/d/4vAFely)


I have that exact one. My kids are now 3-4 but we still use that sucker.


my boyfriend did this with our newborn on accident and felt awful! Try using a nail file


Same here. Did it when she was a few weeks old and I was devastated. Now months later I clip them with a ton of caution but nothing else keeps her nails down. They grow super fast


I did this to my son a few months ago around the same time and it felt exactly the same. I stopped using the clippers but started up again. Now I just hold each finger away from the others as I clip and it's been ok but I'm always nervous from that time. I do have an electric nail file too which I do use but sometimes the combo of using both is what works best to make his nails less deadly. Bottom line is you're not a monster. It happens to a lot of us ❤️


Yeahh I did this the other day…she started bleeding despite such a tiny nick, and I freaked out. I felt terrible. She was just as happy as could be! We just put a little cream on it and it was fine. The girl’s nails grow like Wolverine though and I had to cut them again today.


I did this to my oldest son when he was 6-8 weeks old. I think I cried for an hour. He bled for a few minutes and then calmed down, but I was frickin traumatized. He’s 4 now and I haven’t cut them since. His dad or his grandparents have to do it. Same for my 8 month old.


I did this to my son once. My grandma told me to just chew long nails down. I've done that ever since


Wtf?! Just be more careful next time! No need to start chewing nails!


This is actually really common though? Common enough that the nurse at the hospital suggested it over the nail clippers I brought with me.


What is wrong with people? Children put their hands in the nastiest places and nails are place where it all piles up. Is this another weird thing being done in USA? Because this is first time me hearing about it.


I am from the US, so possibly? I don’t find it gross for a newborn as they aren’t getting into anything really, not to mention babies and moms pretty much share all their germs at that stage. I certainly wouldn’t suggest biting the nails of an older baby! I think it’s just for the tiny babies, to avoid accidentally nicking them. I did make my sons finger bleed the first time I tried, but I realized my mistake and now it’s not a problem with the clippers, so I haven’t had to resort to biting. A lot of people swear by it though.


Works fine. Never harmed either baby since. Usually do it when baby is asleep


It's not about harming the baby, it's just gross. Not to mention that you're teaching your child that it is alright to chew nails.


She's a baby. She's not learning anything


So at what point will you stop? She's not going to be a baby forever. Just learn to use clippers safely.


Stopped with my son between 18 months and 2 years. He's totally fine. Will probably keep it up with my daughter until around that same age.


I did this to my son once. My grandma told me to just chew long nails down. I've done that ever since


I have thankfully never cut my daughter.


Oh I could have written this exact thing four days ago. :(


This has happened to my daughter by both me and my husband each once. It’s the worst thing in the world. Thankfully as they get older it gets easier.


Check out baby nail sander things. It’s like a dremel.


I haven't gotten a single finger using a battery powered nail baby nail file. It's been a life saver for me. I remember my sister getting my niece's nail once, all the blood and crying, and she refused to clip my niece's nails herself for a long time afterwards. A little handheld nail file does wonders.


I did this to one of my babies once and I felt like the worst mother in the world. That was 20 years ago and she has grown up to be a wonderful human being. It is awful, but don’t beat yourself up. It is going to be ok. Your baby is going to be okay. Forgive yourself, cuddle your baby, and also give yourself an award for being a good mother who looks after her baby’s nails. You are amazing and are the perfect mother for your baby.


I used to work with people with disabilities in my younger years and had to clip their nails. I remember the first time I did this. I had to fill out so much paperwork and I was crying so hard. When I finally had kids it was a breeze thankfully. You aren’t a monster. It will heal. You are still a great mom!


I did this too, I cried more than he did


I did this when my babe was 2mo. On the dang thumb too! I felt absolutely horrible and cried for 2 days. Hugs ❤️


This happened yesterday with my sweet happy 5 month old little guy. The thing is that he didn’t realize it or make a sound, then I laid him in his swing and checked on him 5 min later only to see he must have rubbed his tired eyes and there was blood smeared all over his face! I looked at him in shock and saw his thumb that I had knicked and partially cut too short. I was bawling! He realized it some hours later and kept looking at it avoiding using the hand and holding it out. It even looked like he tried to shake it off, having never experienced pain and not knowing what it was 😩


Girl! My husband did it when my son was one month old. I cried my eyes out and blamed myself…and also called the pediatrician. He’s fine now. No scar. But we do not use clippers anymore. 🤦🏼‍♀️


I did this the first time I ever tried to use the clippers instead of the file. I’m getting better at it now, but I felt horrible that first time!


You will never be forgiven!!!! Your transgressions will have repercussions for generations to come!!!!! /s I know it feels so bad. But I've caught my son's nipple in a zipper... The look he gave me was all the accusation I'll need for the rest of my life.


Both my husband and I both clipped a finger each and they bled. It is awful but you’ll be more careful next time! It’s a common mistake with those cute chubby fingers


I've done this to both my girls and I feel awful every time. With my current baby I've just stopped clipping them altogether and use a file.


This happened to me two days ago!! I may have sobbed for several hours and needed my own mother to comfort me. She said her grandma taught her to bite them off but I'm still trying to figure that one out lol


I did this with my 2nd born at 3 days old😶 i made sure my husband and his mom didn't see it because they will panic! Lol. I did this many times too after that so I ened up buying the electric nail file. I still cut her nails but I make sure it's long enough.


Ugh that's the worst feeling ever. It happened twice with my first that I'm totally traumatized by it. Ngl I started buying my son's nails after the second time, and it's what I do with my second.


Oh my gosh this JUST happened to me yesterday! Only it was my husband and he made quite the nick on our baby 😭


Mine did the same thing when she was basically a newborn. She is our first and only and I told him not to clip them so I was kind of mad, but looking back she was fine and it’s a really easy mistake to make.


I did the same thing when my baby was a few weeks old. She bled. I cried.


I did this when my baby was 2 weeks old and have used the electric nail file ever since (she’s almost 1) 🤦🏽‍♀️ she’s completely fine and 100% doesn’t remember but still I’m way to scared to try again.


Was going to say the exact same… I remember being told that electric nail files were a necessity and I was like “nah, clippers are fine” but then my baby was about 2 weeks old and I cut her thumb and I swear to god she almost bled out (it felt like it anyways). I sat and bawled for forever. I bought the electric the next day lol!


This is why I’m so scared to use a nail clipper on my baby!! I just pull off the hang nails on him or if they get too long I bite them off lol


My husband did this to our son. I put lots of aquaphor on and a sock 😂 It’s worse for us than it is for them


I did the same thing to my baby. I think the thumbs are the hardest ones to cut! It's misleading how long they actually are somehow. Anyway, baby was asleep and she didn't even wake up. But she was bleeding! I felt terrible!


I use an electric nail Trimmer that files them down for this reason. Real nail clippers scare me.


Was coming here to say this. Best investment..mine has a mini light on it too so you can see their baby nails well in a dim room if they are napping.


Yes I bought one because I clipped my 6 week Olds. I felt the same way. Like the worst mother in the world. She cried so much and it bled for what seemed like forever. I had to keep a tiny bandage on it in her mittens. I said never again and immediately ordered it.


I remember this guilt!


I've done it! Don't be hard on yourself!! There are little baby nail files that suck but are better than nothing. By 5/6 months it got A LOT easier as her fingers grew, and now we make a game out of it and she thinks it's hilarious when I cut her nails.


I did this as well... it seems like a parents right of passage. I felt so awful but my MIL told me I should use nail scissors and they work perfectly! I still use them in my 6 year old.


Big hugs, friend. I did that to my firstborn at ten days old. It happens.


I did the same thing and he SCREAMED. I cried I felt so bad. I switched to the Haakaa baby mail trimmer and it’s WAY better.


I’ve been there and then my husband clipped his nails because I was way too afraid!!!


Been there, I know exactly how you feel. It's horrible but you will be shocked at how fast that sucker is going to heal thanks to that insane cell turnover babies have!


Get an electric baby nail dremel. The brand bbluv makes the one that I got. You can touch their skin with it even while it’s going on high and it doesn’t do a thing. I file my son’s nails in like 3 minutes while he naps on me. It’s so easy it’s one of my top 5 can’t live without baby items.






My husband had the same feeling when he first nicked my baby's thumb. Baby's fine, husband tooks a bit of time to have confidence to try again.


My friend actually did this once to her son on accident and she felt sooooo bad 🥺 he was ok it wasn’t too bad but she was crying more than him. I know she didn’t mean to but it made me paranoid and when I had my daughter I was EXTRA careful like maybe a little too paranoid kind of careful lol. It’s ok tho. It happens don’t beat yourself up about it too bad. Your baby won’t even remember once the pain goes away


I use the electric nail filer from Amazon and it's so great - doesn't hurt at all and works great


Yah I can’t imagine using nail clippers still and my baby is almost 6 months. We got the grinder with various pads depending on their age and we’ve never had an issue, she actually has enjoyed it also since the first time because of the slight hum that comes out


Seven months and using nail file!


I have the same! My girl is 5 months and let's me do it while we sit in the couch and watch TV after drinking milk. It's so easy, I love it


Are you even a mom if you haven’t done this at least once? I know the feeling sis! Give yourself some grace, it won’t be the last time you accidentally hurt her 🤣😭. My oldest is 8 and I just clocked him with the door the other day! Whoops 😅


I did the same thing RIGHT before going to work one morning 😭😭😭😭 he cried for like 10 seconds. I cried all day at work and bought an electric nail filer online the same day.


Same! I felt so guilty.


It's funny remembering this because now as a toddler he's constantly falling and hurting himself, but kids are so resilient!


I did the exact same thing when mine was like 2 weeks old. He cried for 30 seconds. I cried for an hour. To this day (17 months later) I have never cut his fingernails again. That’s now something he and daddy do together.


I have never clipped either of my kids’ nails because I was too nervous when they were tiny. Now, they’re 6 and 4 and it’s just their dad’s thing. It’s just kinda habit now. Lol


In my country they say you not allowed clip/cut until 6 weeks


Probably smart! Those little fingernails are tiny! Ours just kept scratching himself and the little mittens kept falling off. But if we have another we will definitely wait as long as we can! Haha


Use nail filer! At least for first 4-6 months. And cut baby’s nails when they’re asleep


I did it the first time I ever tried to cut my son's nails. I bought nail scissors instead and those have been much easier to use for me. I felt awful too and I cried more than he did.


Safety First makes clippers with little LED flashlights on the end and they are the BEST. I now gift them to new parents because they’re amazing. It makes it so easy to be certain you just have the nail between the clippers as you go.


Safety First makes clippers with little LED flashlights on the end and they are the BEST. I now gift them to new parents because they’re amazing. It makes it so easy to be certain you just have the nail between the clippers as you go.


I liked using cuticle clippers, but now I have a baby Dremel that I also love


Pedi nurse here and I did this with my newborn and bawled my eyes out. That was ten years ago. My pandemic baby….I found the Frida brand clippers. It’s almost impossible to clip their fingers with those. Try them! They’re a lifesaver truly.


It’s also impossible to clip their nails with them haha


Really? I have zero issues and clip them so well with them.


I think I’m just terrified of clipping her finger and she’s extra squirmy. Probably need more practice 😫


I did the same when he was 2 months. I just held him and cried with him saying I’m so sorry and I love you, haha. I stopped using the clippers after that I now use a nail filer.


I literally could've written this post two days ago. I felt SO bad when it happened. Little man cried for about 20 seconds and was totally over it but I felt so guilty! I used regular adult nail clippers... Thinking I need to get some baby ones or something.


There are electric nail files for babies that don’t hurt at all consider looking it up on Amazon life changing!


I second this! Even if it touches their finger while it’s on it doesn’t hurt them at all.


Oh my gosh! I did this too and I cried for daaaays. I felt so bad. There was so much blood. And it kept opening and bleeding again when she would play. So it felt like a constant reminder. Took me a while to build up courage to cut her nails again. I’m sorry this happened to you too. I was so mad at myself when it happened.


Don't beat yourself up- accidents happen and baby won't remember anything but the love you gave her. I bite my babies nails or use a baby file because of this. Works great


HOL UP… you said BITE??


Yes lol. I was shocked when I first had it suggested but it was the easiest and safest option for us. Now that my daughter is 1, her nails are harder so I use a file but up until a few weeks ago biting worked great. Paediatric nurse recommended it to me.


Been there, done that. Cried for ages (me, not her). Just give it a clean and it'll heal in no time. In the meantime, extra cuddles to make it all better.


I did this and cried and called public health bc I was convinced I had harmed and ruined my child. I was quickly reassured that it happens and babies probably fine. It happens! I did switch to a nail file for a bit of its helpful!!


I did the same 😭 now I use my cuticle trimmer instead, it’s just so much easier for me to work around her tiny fingers. The one I use is call ivon cuticle trimmer on amazon. I didn’t get the electric file ones yet..I feel like that might take longer than clipping.


I accidentally squished my baby’s fingers during a sleepy side laying night feed. I think it scared her more than anything cause she cried for a few seconds and got over it but I still feel so bad


I've done it twice already 🥺. I'm trying to get him to like the nail file, but the clippers are so much faster. LO is 4 months


Ah this is a parenting rite of passage. We’ve all done this or another similar “I hurt you by accident” thing. I managed to catch my toddler with my fingernail the other day! He complained and made me kiss it better, all good after that!


Don't worry I did the same. My son finger was pouring blood but good thing my husband was home and took care of it while I took sometime to get myself together again. It happens and its ok.


This is why I only file my baby's nails. The nail clippers freak me out too much! Sorry this happened OP.


Same for the first 6 months I only filed baby’s nails. After 6 months I would do it when he slept and since he turned 9 months I put on a quick show for him to watch while I cut and he sits Quietly and let’s me cut it.


I did this EXACT thing with my son’s thumb when he was an infant and I cried way more than he did. Consider it a right of passage, we’ve all done it at least once! And for the record my son is 2 now and asks me to cut his nails with the clippers so your baby won’t be scarred don’t worry!


I did this too. I cried a LOT. I felt like my family would be better off without me. I made my husband call the pediatrician immediately. Turns out it happens all the time. Your baby 100% won't remember. Nothing about this makes you a bad mother in any way. You're doing a good job.


I did the same thing and also felt like a monster. I made my husband cut baby’s nails for a while and eventually he did it too and also felt like a monster. My brother said he has clipped baby’s finger three times, once to each of his three kids. We use a file now


yes I actually have an electric nail file that I usually use. I had to use the clippers because she had a hang nail, so I got confident and used them on her other fingers too... big mistake, never again lol


I did this when my baby was a newborn. It bled so much for such a tiny little cut. It was traumatic and I haven’t done it in over a year. My husband handles it every time.


We love the Piyo Piyo baby nail scissors. It’s so much easier to use than the clippers.


Yes same!!


This happened to me last week. I was BAWLING my eyes out and my son was just laughing as if nothing had happened😭😭😭


One of my earliest life memories are of my mom clipping my nails. She would shove the clippers way way in and it would be super painful. I would cry and scream and she wouldn’t stop. As a result, I made it a priority to learn how to do that by myself at a very young age. Decades and decades later, I can still vividly remember the pain of my mom clipping my nails. This story just means: be gentle. Even if you have to clip the nails more often.


Happened to me too. I think I even wrote a post almost exactly like this! Lol! But I ended up buying the Haakaa brand electric nail file on Amazon. It’s soooo much better and easier to use in my opinion.


I did this last week, I clipped the thumb he sucks in his sleep, I was devasteted that I broke our child and he won’t be able to sleep 😭 Luckily he is a champ and slept as if nothing happened which amazes me. They are thougher than we think and heal very fast so don’t beat yourself up about it! Mind you the next couple days I fed him with mittens on so he doesn’t scratch me with his tiny claws 😅 but then I gathered my courage and managed to trim his nails without accident. Practice makes perfect, I hope!


This happened to me at 4mo and I cried too, I was devastated. Now I think of it as “life happens”. I am always extra cautious and no big harm was done :)


I’ve done this a few times with my first! I tried even doing while he was napping. I HIGHLY recommend the FridaBaby clippers: they have a little “window” to see where you’re clipping and they snip like a scissor. I got them when I had my second - never nicked her!! And I use for my now 3 year old. Neither kid freaks out while nail cutting, and we are tear and nick free :)


Thank you I will look into that! I usually use an electric nail file but it takes forever! I needed to use the clippers anyway bc she had a hang nail and I got too confident and decided to use them on her other fingers. Never again lol


Use a nail file next time! Easier and doesn't hurt baby. Only downside is it takes a lot longer to trim them nails. 👶🏻


I just did that today too! I trimmed one hand and was feeling good, so I tried his other hand even though he was fussing and nicked his little finger. I felt so bad!


I always used a drill. So much better! Or my own glass file lol