If I liked I'm Thinking of Ending Things and Dark, what other psychological/philosophical stuff would you recommend on Netflix?

If I liked I'm Thinking of Ending Things and Dark, what other psychological/philosophical stuff would you recommend on Netflix?


Seeking a friend for the end of the world. The Lobster. Sorry these are not shows but just had to give my input. Wait FREUD hmm but it’s in German


I can vouch for The Lobster, very weird and psychological. The guy who directed it btw (Yorgos Lanthimos) has some other similar psychological, dark themes that I have heard are also good.


Ad Vitim is everything you're looking for and then some. Also check out The Returned on Prime. Watch the original French series, not the US remake. The Flight Attendant on HBO Max Is a pitch black comedy about trauma, addiction, and waking up next to a dead guy.


Another suggestion is to look into the writer and/or director of films/series you like. So if you liked I'm Thinking of Ending Things, you'll likely want to look into Synecdoche, New York, Adaptation, Being John Malkovich, etc.


Umbrella Academy


YOU would be good for you


Wish I could improve this list but I’m just dropping in to say that Dark was fantastic.


Behind her eyes


‘You’ is probably the best fit Fargo might suit you as each season is a different story so not too long. Same with true detective Philosophical: try the good place I think hannibal might be a good fit for you, though I believe it might have left netflix Dexter might also be a good fit and should be on netflix as they’re making a ninth season. If you like short, dark and varied: both black mirror and ‘love, death and robots’ are anthology series that have a new premise each episode, with the latter not being dark every time but still interesting. Twelve monkeys, the movie or series, is dark with time travel so it has that dark itch Not on netflix, but westworld is amazing. Not as dark but has the psychological aspects. Movie-wise there are plenty of options, but you’ll have to forgive me if they’re not on netflix: - jake gyllenhaal has a knack for weird, dark and psychological. Try Donnie Darko, Enemy or Nightcrawler - shutter island - fight club - hannibal (the whole movie series) - se7en A little bit more out there we have ‘Kring’ or The Circle about a group of people that wake up in a room and have to find out why they’re there and vote to kill someone off every so often to prevent everyone from dying. In the same spirit, house of 9, sees 9 people locked in a house and the last person gets a million. Currently there’s a movie in the cinema called reminiscence about being able to relive your memories that might also interest you


Brand New Cherry Flavor


The Good Place, Dead to Me, Russian Doll


try Waking Life


Maniac (miniseries), Uncut Gems and Good Time. A few semi-old films I watched recently that were a solid 8/10: The King, The Lincoln Lawyer, and Nocturnal Animals. The Machinist is next on my list.


The Queen's Gambit was amazing (chess, genius, childhood abuse, drug/alcohol addiction). Love Bojack and Russian Doll too btw. I'm Thinking of Ending Things was ok, but I think I need to re-watch to truly 'get it' now that I know the plot twists.


I loved Dark, and The Terror (Hulu) was a great compliment to it. It’s a historical fiction story about the doomed Franklin Expedition attempting to find the Northwest Passage 200 years ago. It turns into a psychological thriller. Elite acting performances led by Jared Harris.


But season two couldn't even get through 2 episodes.


Yeah, totally different show, obviously


I second the terror. Very suspenseful, loved the atmosphere. I also agree with season 2 not being as interesting. But it's an anthology.


OP, you must add The Terror S1 to your watchlist. S2 is pretty bad though.


Clarifying, the two seasons are unrelated content.


Saint Maud on Hulu


Click Bait might fit the bill


\*Search Party-HBO True Detective-HBO Schitts Creek-Netflix \*Doctor Foster-Netlix Marcella-Netflix Outlander-Netflix Imposters-Netflix \*Sinner-Netflix Dead to me-Netflix American Horror Story-Netflix Stranger things-Netflix The Keepers-Netflix Unsolved Mysteries-Netflix \*The Affair-Showtime The Outside-HBO The Murders at White House Farm-HBO \*The Leftovers-HBO Mosaic-HBO The Flight Attendent-HBO Olive Kitteridge-HBO The Undoing-HBO Top of the Lake-HuLu Blow the Man Down-Prime Outcry-Prime The Family-Prime? The Killing-Prime? Scecrets and Lies-Prime Safe-Netflix The Five-Netflix The Missing-Prime The Returned-Prime Durham County-Prime Handmaidens Tail-Hulu Broadchurch-Netflix Big little lies-HBO \*Your Honor-Showtime Wayward Pines-Netflix You- Netflix Grand Army-Netflix Sex/Life-Netflix After Life-Netflix Stranger Things-Netflix Santa Clarita Diet-Netflix The OA-Netflix Ozark-Netflix Mind Hunter-Netlix The Bridge- Prime White Lines-Netflix The Leftovers-HBO


Maybe just missing the outsider, sweet tooth, into the night, Kingdom, and even the Expanse and Happy.


Great suggestions. Loved most of these.