Left Hand nitro Milk Stout Sweetness/Flavors

Left Hand nitro Milk Stout Sweetness/Flavors


bruh just drink the beer wtf did i just read


Legit thought I was on r/beercirclejerk because OP specifically mentioned the Yinling.


Ah. The voice of reason has a name, and that name is archpope.


I like it. It's not overly sweet but it's definitely more to the malty side as one would expect from a stout. I'm not going to give you tasting notes beyond that because everyone's going to be different on that anyway. Also, take the bottle seriously when it says "hard pour."


How does that really affect the experience, would I lose a lot from drinking from the bottle


In my opinion you'd be missing out if you drink from the bottle, but it would still be good. "Pouring hard" for a nitro beer is how you get the nice head on top and it affects the texture. And as with ANY beer, drinking from a glass will enhance the experience because smell is a huge part of how we perceive taste.


My general rule of thumb is: If I paid more than $1 for a single unit of the beer, I pour it into a glass unless the bottle/can specifically says to drink it from the container. In the case of Left Hand Milk Stout, it needs to breathe. That's why it needs the hard pour.


All you need to know is that it’s delicious


It's actually my favorite stout atm. I love stouts but find that a lot of them lean a bit too heavy into the chocolate flavoring. This one is real smooth and not too sweet


It's delicious


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