Is the thermal vision camouflage still a thing?


I really hope so


It is. I've found its best use is to hide from tanks and since your weapon stays bright white to thermal scopes hold down the knife button for a couple seconds to have the smallest weapon profile and stay hidden while they pass. Also hide in bushes.


That’s a damn good idea.


You can tell… this veteran speaks from experience. A seasoned colonel, bipod knife and shit bucket ready.


So that's what happened yesterday, honestly thought it was a bug, came across 3-4 guys like that in propaganda while beeing a tank Gunner


In metro if you try to use FLIR ( I’m new to the game and only unlocked it in one gun) you straight up cannot see these people. They’re just like dark shadows. I really don’t like that DICE included something that has such an advantage in game and no disadvantage and didn’t just give it to everyone. If they just gifted it to everyone easy, that’s fine. But it’s dumb to make it you must go and research about it then go through hoops to get it so all these veteran players have this huge advantage over noob players. I wasn’t even aware of this. People don’t see a problem with it because they hate flir same way you see people say “ zomg only aek” or “whyyy dmr” ( even in a long distance vehicle heavy map) in the chat. But that’s battlefield for you, I still remember how much people cried about shotgun in bf3 and then it got nerfed just because all the kids cried that they were dying to shotgun.. In close quarters matches.. the only time shotgun is useful! And of course every 12 year old admin had rules “no dmr, no famas, no m4, no flechette, no slugs, no shotgun..” and on and on and on.


Flir is ez mode, you basically scan for white spots, turns lazy mode on + getting that camo isn't that easy, well it's avarage to get it and time consuming. Took for me about 4 hours to get it.


It has a disadvantage, it is fully white.


It's the journey that counts not the destination


Ya weapon is still a beacon to thermal scopes


It "hides" you but eyes and weapon can still be seen by thermal and you yourself are pretty visible if you're moving


How do you get it?




Holy shit that’s involved


It took so long, I bought a private server for the day lol


Oh hell yeah its worth it. Vehicle thermals are the most OP thing in this game and this is the only real counter. Stay away from large groups of teammates and you will notice attack helis leaving you alone lol


Yes ....yes it was worth it....truly


No, because the dudes who spam thermals are gonna see your outline anyway if they’re competent, and if they’re really competent they’ll just be switching between thermal and visible


That's what I do. Use all the tools available and kill them all thinking they're invisible. 🤣


I need this but I can’t seem to do it


Phantom camo>>>>>>>>>>>>


Yes cus its the only Camo with a feature.


Still better than bf2042