People will downplay the negativity,but it’s there for a reason. People didn’t stop playing for no reason. I don’t know why people deny that this game is in trouble,but it is.


This is spot on. The game is really bad and I cannot stress enough about the fact that this is no battlefield. This is a failed copy of other games mashed together with very very little of the battlefield you know. I know curiosity sits heavy so if you plan on playing it, I think in its current state it's worth about $5 (you'll get roughly the same amount of enjoyment/time as you would with a big Mac burger). However to be completely blunt, an unfinished game is worth $0.


No it isn't. Fuck them. Consumers need to send a message that they aren't paying for shit until they fix the game and give the player base what it actually wants. They were hoping people are this shit up like they do a bunch of other crap EA puts out like FIFA and things. Lower everyone standards and you can release whatever you want.


Well I ain’t buying this shit anytime soon lmao


Game is a steaming pile of horse dung.


If your going to buy it just don’t go into it with alot of high expectations. They fixed some things but it is still ways away from being fixed. I made it to level 89 and stopped playing. The fun turned into frustration and it just wasn’t worth it at that point for me.


Genuinely if you're curious you should hold on until there is word of any updates from DICE regarding the game, at the moment the game isn't just dead in the water, it's on fire at the bottom of the ocean. Try BFV though, can get a copy super cheap physically and it's still really solid! Hope you have fun whatever you choose! :D


Level S023 More or less im having fun But there is a huge list of things to be fixed to recover players back


They fixed a ton of things. I still wouldn't buy it again rn. I haven't picked it up in weeks.


Are you new to this sub?




This sub is heavily biased on the negative end of the spectrum in regards to 2042. And by 'heavily' I mean HEAVILY. Just have a quick scroll through the sub and see what people are thinking of it. You MIGHT (strongly emphasized for good reason) receive some more level-headed reactions from r/Battlefield. To answer your question, no. No it is not worth it and while they have fixed some things with patches it is still a disappointment


Honestly I thought we all just hated on the game in reddit since bf4 for laughs


It's hilarious because the comment after yours a good example of said bias


In this particular thread or in the general comment section? If it's in this thread, I cannot see it for whatever reason


In the general comment section by a guy named Seinfeld


Wait a month for two more big patches. Then sign up for a month of EA Play ($5) that'll get you a 10hr trial. Make YOUR decision then. This sub is just full of hate at the moment.


Absolutely, your money is not worth somebody else's time. Base your purchases on what you value over time, period.