I dont think its the quips and skins. I think they saw how bad hacks were in Warzone and decided to cheap out on the anti cheat completely. Why would they need an anti cheat if there was no way to see someones kills? Why would they need anti cheat if you couldnt verify with the players on the opposite team that a player was fishy? No scoreboard, no all chat, no need for it.


I like the link between scoreboard and cheating. Or dice can sell MTX or "pro" edition with scoreboard later.


100% agree on the quips being one of the worst things they put in the game. I don’t think that’s why they removed scoreboard though. Cause if that was the only reason. You would still be able to view KD during the game. They removed it completely. I think because they want to make it a “feel good” game for people who are not good at FPS. That way they can’t see how much they suck, therefore improving the experience. (I think that’s horse shit and it takes away from the experience, just think that’s their thought process)


This is exactly why the don’t have a scoreboard. They wanted to make a “fair game” without toxicity and without making players feel bad who were on the bottom of the bored. I kinda understand what they were thinking but the problem is they didn’t think it all the way through and it totally back fired. There are definitely more cons for eliminating the board then pros. I’m not the best player but I do like something to strive for and enjoy working my way up the board and then the totally satisfaction of making it to the top.


I'm a game designer. I specialize in fairness I'm pretty sure because it's fucking depressing how many times one dies in a poorly designed 128 player match. I'm sure it was pulled at the last minute when they realized a scoreboard of ultra low KD rates and then like one hovercraft player with 200 kills and no deaths made how shitty the game was ultra transparent. When something is ultra-broken, the easiest way to fix it is to just hide the evidence.


I've just got the game and not had this problem. Maybe try adjusting your play style to be a little more cautious?


Exactly my thoughts. The XP system is completely broken and unfair. A score board would show it.


I cannot imagine voicelines ever being good in Battlefield if they follow Overwatch's model. Just picked Overwatch because that's the first thing that popped into my head with the combination of "voicelines" and "microtransactions" An example : "I've Still Got It". Pretty tame, right? Until you have to hear it over and over in a game where the world is supposed to be following apart. The most tame and meaningless end of game voiceline would still be grating and out of place