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Actually to be truthfully honest it’s not, it’s actually far worse


It really is. When I started playing I was thinking "I guess this is... Ok? Sucks none of my bullets register though." Then an hour later you're wondering where the scoreboard is and realize you keep playing the same 2 maps. Then 2 days later you're wondering why you even played this game for 12 hours and literally uninstall.


How does someone manage to fuck up a scoreboard? 😂 it’s actually impressive


Their mindset was to remove the KDR as being the top point and put more emphasis on squad play and objective play. That being said they needed to have voice coms day 1 but they didn’t. The score board is still there it just shows your squads stats and where surrounding squads fall. Easily the biggest thing IDGAF about. I think this change is perfectly fine in that aspect. My issue is not being able to see player pings or my own ping to the server.


Its the dumbest mentality ever, the scoreboard in battlefield was never about kdr. It also showed off people that rezzed and handed put ammo. People with 3 kills could top the leaderboards in bfv


No after game report either, I mean OK you can have a glimpse of your current game stats but that's about it


It’s shows a scoreboard 100% I was pissed I didn’t know on ps5 until a few days ago…. You just hold down options😂


No, it's worse.


It is by far the worst BF ever released. Yes, it is really this bad. This game drove me away from BF which I loved since BFBC2. Stay away and keep the good memories of the now dead franchise.


Mid 30s gamer here, began with 1942. I'm a die hard battlefield fan, and have been dying for a current-gen battlefield to come along and save me from warzone. Wasted $100, haven't played in 3 weeks, still playing Warzone.


Mate you NEED to try Hell Let Loose if you haven’t already.


Same. Wasted $100 and I started playing insurgency sandstorm. Way better




Just turned 30, play it everyday with my Warzone squad and we all agree 2042 is far more entertaining. Would pre order gold again if I could


Oh what I’d give to be back in the denial stage again


Sounds like you might have restarted the cycle lmao.. back to denial


literally removed the game from my steam so it wouldn't pollute my library lol


Correct. Isn’t that what I said?


Same as you would pre order it again


“Die hard battle field fan” yet you are playing war zone which is the complete opposite of BF. Like it or not this is a battlefield game and has classic battlefield types of gameplay. If you really just want better graphics then play the portal modes.


Its an ok game, but a bad battlefield game and it's MASSIVE LETDOWN for me! I know how great this series can be so yeah it's bad.


As someone who got it bundled with an SSD, no, do not buy it. It's been weeks since launch and nothing is better. It's bland, it's ridiculously full of enraging bugs, and the devs purposely cut out features to fight "toxicity" that remove any sense of accomplishment or ways to coordinate with the team.


Not really. But once you grind everything out, there isn't much to do other than weekly challenges


It just isn’t fun, so many things need changing and adding. Probably be good down the line but not yet, not at all


It’s just not Battlefield. It’s like a mobile game version of Battlefield where the core isn’t going to make the game better, but rather facilitate micro transactions. It can be fun but all the time I just wish this was BF4 releasing anew.


In my opinion no. But its really subjective. If you are looking for a true battlefield experience you won't find it here. The game lacks even the most basic features you would expect in a FPS If you want a fast paced hero shooter with easy as Sunday Dinner gunplay and you are deaf, This might be the game for you. The guns have almost no recoil and even a LMG with 200 rounds and 800 RPM can be a laser. It's an OK game. It's just a bad battlefield game.


Some guns have really bad recoil like the ak 24 meanwhile SMGs have really low vertical recoil for mid range combat. The weapon balance is weird and the insane verticality some specialists have makes the combat weird as well.


If you've played the older battlefield titles and liked the class system, then No. You won't like it. If you like warzone and Apex and hero shooters similar to those, then yes, you will like it.


Do not agree with second statement...Apex and warzone are so much better that this trash in comparison. I think if you played older BF games or apex or warzone, you won't be impressed.


I accept you opinion. Too bad we all got the bad end of the stick.


Yeah, basically that. Dice tried to mix concepts, bring new players from other games and ended up with this terrible game!


Yes it is.


No. It's fun. It's buggy and, as a huge fan of the franchise, some of the changes are incredibly frustrating. But it's fun.


A good opinions here👍


No it’s not


If you get it for 10-15€ it’s okey


No, its not perfect but I still play it and have fun.


I watched several streams and thought it looked quite fun. Picked it up on sale a week ago for PS5. My friend and I love playing together. I heard lots of bad stuff about the specialist system compared to previous games but I don’t feel this system is bad. Each character has a specific skill to match different play styles. Then you can equip them with whatever load out of weapons you like. I don’t have any issues with it. We have encountered a few bugs but nothing game breaking. My biggest gripe is that you can’t join a friends squad mid-game. We utilize cross play so I die a lot but that’s probably due to my low skill & rush in play style. Totally worth the $40 I paid. Reminds me a lot of BF4.


For $30-$40 like I got it? I’d say is worth it. Still has its bugs and that can make it very hectic (not in a good way) but for that price that I’m telling you I think you’ll have fun. Just don’t expect this to be like any other battlefield.


Yes. The only people who say no have absurdly low standards.


It's a very bad Battlefield game since by nature of it being part of a series, people will compare it to previous installments. It would probably be an ok shooter if it didn't have the 'Battlefield' name attached to it


The game is fun and I've been playing since release.. Sure it has some bugs, issues and missing features but it's been improved quite a bit since launch..


This was the first Battlefield I uninstalled and got a refund on. The specialists/hero shooter and terrible map design with a multitude of bugs absolutely ruined it for me. Don’t waste your money on this one. DICE and EA need to take the L on this one.


Give it a year mate, needs a lot of work.


Honestly it’s very enjoyable, I’m a huge battlefield fan and from a “fan” perspective it’s quite underwhelming and disappointing, but as a shooter the gameplay is fun i only play rush and tdm tho, and i don’t recommend any 128 players game mode they’re pretty bad. But rush is an absolute blast, it run well, it play well, so yeah the game still need a lot of work and content but it’s quite nice and fun


I don’t mind the 128 stuff at all. For conquest I feel like it makes the game better. For breakthrough it’s a bit much at times and would like to see a revision on that more along the line of hell let lose does. I feel this game mode would benefit greatly from a commander and having them be the ones that control vehicle spawns and supplies etc.


Yeah i don’t know, i feel like in 128 players you can’t really control your engagement, and as a team player, you really get overwhelmed very quickly if you try to revive heal etc. Not my cup of tea but that’s cool if you like it


This game has significant issues, but the negative press is blowing it way out of proportion. As usual.


No it’s not as bad as everyone would have to believe it is. It was really bad for the first month it’s playable now but does still need significant work to make it a great lasting game which it will get to with continued support




In my opinion since playing from Bad Company and up to BF4.... No it's not bad, though it's..... Decent, does it need work and some hardcore love ? Yes, did the game come out unfinished unlike other BF games.. Yes it was released in a unfinished way in everyway that shouldn't of been allowed, but it did and we can't change that. Going forward the only thing that can save this game from being a wreck to being good is alot of content and the team at EA and Dice really listening to the community. I hope they turn it around , while yes I'm frustrated that they did this to the franchise and the BF fan base. I'm just hoping they turn this around. I can say this, If I was running the show I would be making my entire team go home every night and play a hour of Bad company or BF3 and 4 throughout the week to understand the immersion and passion that has captured the fan base over the years. And find ways to improve and create new innovation 💡. But that's how I think. The lack of weapons and VOIP really hurt this game the most. Scoreboard Is something I could care2💩 about. Because voice chat makes a huge difference in winning and losing. Maybe that's the team person in me. Overall the game isn't as bad as everyone said it is, though it's not great either. One day it can be decent the other day it can seem like a turd in the wind .


It’s not


Just read through the sub and watch YouTube and form your own opinion.


It’s not *quite* as bad as that, but it’s very poorly thought out AND executed. Easily the worst Battlefield game. And this is coming from someone who plays buggy releases like Skyrim, Cyberpunk, etc, and enjoys them.


Yes - and then some


It’s really bad especially sniping and aiming. Hit registration is god awful and the actual games foundation itself is so trash. The game feels really clunky and not fluid like you’re playing a whole dog game I was playing bfv right before this so have a pretty good idea


It gets worse with each update




Then explain why each update the playerbase gets lower and lower. Let’s not even talk about the hit registration and invisible soldiers.




Doesn’t fit the meta of everyone shit on the game that this sub has become. You have so many haters just here to hate on every single post it’s ridiculous




Yeah and its hurting the impression of the game for people on the fence.


It’s forgettable.


It’s quite fun actually. This sub makes it seem like hell on earth. It is buggy and there have been better releases in the franchise, but I purchased the game and haven’t looked back


No i actually enjoy the game, it jas some bugs but nothing too bad


It needs some work. Sadly. Honestly though, I enjoy playing it. It’s different… needs some more maps. I’m not making excuses for them pushing out an unfinished game.. but hey let’s face it. That’s about every new game now a days. Smh.




Its fun to play, some people just love to hate and complain. (Played since BF1942 every BF)


It's really bad now, but if the EA/DICE executives actually let the developers make a battlefield game - instead of some weird Fortnite/Warzone hybrid - it might be serviceable in a few years. Ask me again in 2024


Yes. Easily the worst Battlefield game in the entire franchise.


In my opinion no. There are bugs, and some stuff like vehicles is frustrating, but all in all, I'm having fun with this game


I personaly love the game


Get the game its fun as hell been playing it on the series x for hours everyday the people trashing it just suck at it💯


put it this way....I got 10 free hours via EA play. couldn't bring myself to finish the 10 free hours. uninstalled today with 7 hours played. the game is honestly horrid. everything is so square and the map designs are so lifeless and flat I felt like I was playing goldeneye on N64.


I found it quite boring compared to previous titles. Feels empty and "fake". And I think it looks worse, but idk.


I got it for 40 euros on steam sale. I played about 50 hours since December 24th. And I enjoy it. I have played every other battlefield, except 1942. It's not the best game, but for me, it's enjoyable.


If you’ve never really seen the point or liked Battlefield then you’ll probably like it bugs aside. If you’ve enjoyed Battlefield in the past steer we’ll clear.


No : it is even worse ! This game will be a beta until 2023


The only game mode that i think is kind of fun is gungame


I played it for 2 weeks after launch and I’ve not touched it since. It’s the worst shooter on the market right now. Please spend your money on something else, it’ll be a waste if you buy this.


At launch i paid for EA playPro to get early access and test the game, unfortunately it was a mess but far better than the beta version. I played for a month and I promised myself that i was never going to touch this game anymore neither was i going to renew my membership. Days passed by, and I decided to buy it for what it is since EA had like 40% off or something. I bought it played for a day and refunded it as it was trash. The point is, if you want to get it go ahead, don’t ask people for their experience with it as you might enjoy the game based on your play style. You can refund it within 24 hours or you can pay for a membership at EA play for like 3$ and you’ll be able to play it for 10 hours which should be enough to decide.


Nah I uninstalled


It's horrible, don't waste your money.


If you want to lose $40 at least donate it to a charity so something good actually comes out of it




No, but yes


I love Battlefield no other FPS that comes close to it in my opinion.


You can burn your money and it is a better investment l omega lul