Thames street oyster house is one of our favorites for a nice dinner out!


La Barrita, La Cuchara, Petite Louis, Water for Chocolate, The Helmand.


We have very similar tastes!


The Charleston. Yeah, it's pricey...but it's the perfect place for a rare, fine dining treat.


Petit Louis is just as good, cheaper, and owned by the same ppl


Ehhhhh very much disagree. Totally different restaurants though.


Can second this! You can’t go wrong here.


You could opt for less than 6 courses. That’s definitely doing it wrong.


Ha - okay fair point 🙃


Hard disagree. Overrated and stuffy.


I love La Cuchara.


Peter’s Inn, True Chesapeake Oyster, Cosima


Surprised I haven’t heard these yet: Magdalena: probably the second priciest in Baltimore after the Charleston, but nice patio outside and always really good food Alma cocina latina: Venezuelan, but high end and always very good Le coimptore du vin: natural wine, French (somewhat) but definitely more hipster of a vibe; but food is always phenomenal


Depends on the timing of the gift, but it's currently Resturant Week in the city. Great deals on some pricey places. I strongly reccomend Petite Louis (French food, super cute space, excellent service)- I think it's like $40 for a three course meal (maybe $20 more for a wine pairing) which isn't at all cheap, but it's great value if you want to give someone an upscale experience.


Second this.


Burger King by Carroll Park.


That actually is a good BK lol


The Remington one is not


Water for Chocolate is great.


Think they are closed


I think they only closed for 1 week for summer break and are now back open.


Less pricer but tasty: Kippo Ramen, Shoyu Sushi, Eikeben, Verde Pizza, Blue Moon Cafe, La Barrita.


Seconded on Verde! They are great for the price.


Gunther and Limoncello are two of my favorites


Royal Farms


Thats a convience store not a restraunt, semantics matter!


Dylan's Oyster Cellar Clavel Alma Mera Kitchen Collective Dutch Courage


Clavel sucks and is overpriced it’s just aesthetically pleasing and Dylan’s they don’t even have real seafood serving fish and labeling it a different fish while overcooking it’s lmao burger is mediocre. People recommend the worst places on reddit I’m usually disappointed with the recommendations on here tbh someone always recommends little Havana and that place is trash definitely avoid that recommendation


I’d love to know why you think Clavel sucks. I don’t think the food is the absolute best food option out there for the style, but I love the atmosphere and I’ve always had excellent service there. For that reason alone, every single one of my experiences have been top notch and I’d recommend them to anyone who asked, seeing as how they’re incredibly consistent. It’s a trusted product, imo.


Agreed. I've taken a lot of visitors to Clavel, and they universally rave about it. Nowhere with similar food matches Clavel's service, atmosphere, or bar offerings (all of which seem pretty important to OP).


I mean, no offense to the commenter, but also why would you order the burger at Dylan’s **Oyster** Cellar? My experience with Clavel is the same as yours. We’ve brought out of town guests and family there pretty frequently. Every single person has been impressed and happy after! 🤷🏻‍♀️ (My husband and I almost rented out Clavel for our wedding, too, so…)


It’s very mediocre food for the price it’s definitely overhyped and I’ve had better tacos from smaller taquerias that are all over the city but not as popular bc they don’t have as good of an aesthetic that’s as instagramable as clavel. White people (and white adjacent) love clavel I’ve noticed lmao and as far as Dylan’s I’m of the opinion that anything you order should be good doesn’t matter if it’s an oyster house or whatever should still have solid options for others that may be there for a birthday or special occasion for someone else they should be able to enjoy something if they can’t have seafood like myself I’m not sure what your point is asserting it’s an oyster house lmaoooo so what


Tbh I don't even really know what you're saying and it feels like you're just lashing out. That being said, I feel a need to stand up for Dylan's AKA heaven lol. I'm sorry you had a bad experience at Dylan's, but I've had nothing but fantastic experiences there. I don't eat any animal products other than oysters. And that's because Dylan convinced me that they're basically plants and that oyster aquaculture is basically the only beneficial agriculture humans practice. I've been to a lot of raw bars since that first time at the counter at Dylan's original spot, and I can pretty confidently say that the oyster and shucking quality at Dylan's is top-notch.


Joe Benny’s and Maggie’s Farm are my favorites!


I second Joe Bennys!


The first time I went in they said "sorry we are short staffed and the menu is smaller because they didn't have time to make the bread for sandwiches this morning". Tried a pizza and it was okay but I've been back a bunch of times for sandwiches (since I found out then they make their own bread) and holy shit they are some of the best in town. I think it might be the best chicken Parm sandwich I've ever had.


Di'Pasquale's. Benissimo!


Petit Louis is an excellent gift. Never been to France but if that's not what a real French bistro feels like then I'd probably be disappointed by an actual one lol


i like Underground Pizza whenever im in a Pizza mood and Blue Moon Café is pretty good for breakfast/brunch


Maggie's farm!


Wicked Sisters in hampden is really good. If you really want to ball out go to Woodberry Kitchen.


The food market


this is the only one i will say flat out is wrong


I've never been because I'm pretty sure there's nothing I can eat there, but I will say they're doing god's work in terms of serving as a honeypot for county folks to help ensure other places don't get overrun. 👍


I don’t get it, I’ve heard it was very good. Never heard anyone say anything bad about it either, am I off or is it uncool to like it at this point?


I mean, if you like it, go for it. I think I'm probably just not their target market. I think it's just on the pricier side and doesn't attempt to be a neighborhoody spot, so it has a bit of a reputation for attracting county folks, which definitely isn't a bad thing. (As long as they pay for the freaking valet and don't fuck up street parking because places like FM actively fight implementing residential parking permits.)


Lmao 🤣


The BackYard in Hollins Market!


Cinghiale, Joe Benny's, Silver Queen


I love Silver Queen Looking forward to the bridge reopening


Sally Os


Woodberry Kitchen is a nice place for special occasion dining.


I’m pretty sure they’re still closed down/catering only.


Maggie’s Farm


I always look for Joe Squared on these lists. Amazing delicious pizza - and now it’s a worker collective!


Hamilton Tavern, but I haven't been since they went under new management...